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The remake surprisingly got a lot of respect, but is it any match for the original cult classic? Old vs New is back and Nostalgia Critic takes a look at, Evil Dead.

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  1. John Wayne’s real name was Marion Robert Morrison. Ashley was a guy’s name in the past. And part of the reason that Ash is so beloved is he isn’t the usual jock hero. He’s an average guy who comes out on top, which makes him far more relatable. Ash is far superior to Mia. Old wins.

    • But you’re essentially saying Ashley in the first film doesn’t become interesting at all until the end.

      • Frankly, I always found him interesting, but on the whole in the movie he’s the most relatable character. I’d be just as scared as him. Any sane person would be. And we’re all probably boring to someone.

    • I just posted this and had to take it down after I saw you beat me to it lol….well, the John Wayne’s real name part, anyway….

      • I was thinking the same thing, but the more I think about it, I think that not going with his real name, which would have fit the context of the joke perfectly, was a joke in and of itself. Marion’s not exactly a masculine name, but it IS a guy’s name. Daisy on the other hand… I think this was like an absurdist humor thing. Maybe Douchie McNitpick will clarify.

        • Well Sydney and Kelly are used often for guys despite being less masculine names and I even know one guy named Chelsea, in fact my name is Ashley (I’m a guy) and I was actually named for Bruce Campbell’s character from The Evil Dead.

          Oh a side note I liked the remake, it’s alot diffrent than the first one but it’s good. Plus you get the after credits scene of Bruce.
          I have actually seen more guys named Ashley than girls. Ash is just a shortened term for Ashley, because Ash is not a name it no more diffrent than calling someone named Stephanie Steph.

          However while I never expected to go for a old line or scene due to how diffrent the new one was I did wait for 2 things I really wanted to see, which was the line Dead By Dawn and the foreboding bridge hand pointing back to the cabin.
          Back to the original Ash is hero. Mia is a girl. Just saying nowadays girls are always the hero surviver in horror movies if someone survives 90% of the time. Even remakes like Evil Dead and Hitcher changed the hero from a guy to a girl. Not really important just always wondered why.

    • I was just about to mention that!

    • Nope. Ashley was always boring, and if all you’ve got is “average guy turns more masculine,” then you don’t understand good character. Mia wins.

      • Ash has even left his mark in the Marvel comic books. He even fought Freddy and Jason and came out on top in the best way possible. By the way I wouldn’t say Ash is the average guy turns masculine. Ash is more of the reluctant hero yet still manages to be a loser type character. Sorry to say but Mia wont inspire any sequels. Ash wins.

        • They don’t talk here about Ash who is awesome, but Ashley and he at that point was boring. So you miss the point.

          • Oh no I do understand that. I get why they said Mia wins in this video. I was just making a counter argument to Cirra’a point. There is a reason why there is a TV series. Everyone wanted to see more Ash. I doubt Mia will have that same fan base. I could be wrong but I don’t need to see any more Mia and I actually enjoyed the remake.

        • The entire point is that original film Ashley is lame. It’s not until Evil Dead 2 where Ash (and Bruce Campbell) become the actual iconic wisecracking character that’s lasted for decades.

          And were this a comparison between Evil Dead 2 (which was itself a remake) and the remake, ED2 would have just won hands down.

    • Honestly, I can’t choose, I love’em both!

    • Howard is also Anne Rice’s real name. Her full name is Howard Allen Frances Rice (nee O’Brien). It was also not unusual historically for parents to give their sons a feminine name along with dressing them in feminine clothing because folklore told that fairies and other supernatural creatures were more likely to steal boys than girls. Even among people who (hopefully) did not still buy into this superstition the practice continued such as Victorian England.

      Average guy protagonists are more relatable and it is inconceivable that anyone would think Bruce Campbell is anything but awesome!

  2. I like both movies

  3. No, as I said on youtube, I still hate this new opening.

  4. The ending was great.

  5. Well, that was interesting. Kind of knew the old would win since since the remake can’t top the odd nature of the original.

    The new opening is cool, but it’s a bit too busy. I know that’s the point, but I feel like we get what we are looking for with the Johnny Quest opening homage

  6. -8:40
    “I’m sure the original actors…”

    Pretty sure you meant to say remake actors there, given the context.

  7. I don’t know, I think that Eric is a great supporting character, and I don’t like how you favored the original just because… It’s the original…

    But hey, I think most agree that the remake was surprisingly good. Taking the basic premise of the original and delivering a great package for new generations.

    • The problem is that originals are originals for a reason, as they are the ones that usually start a trend in movies. I do like most of the cast in the new movie, but they are for the most part character types we have seen in every other horror movie and the utter lack of comedy kind of cements it even more as just another horror movie.

      • The problem with that is that it completely contradicts the “we must judge a film on its own quality, not the legacy it left behind” statement made during the Ash bit. This film won purely with nostalgia points. I know it’s ironic to complain about that on a Nostalgia Critic video, but still, this should be about quality.

        • if that were true the original version of True Grit would have won when he did the comparison of that.

        • They’re speaking specifically to the character of Ash. Who grew and became more wisecracking and iconic and chainsaw wielding and Bruce Campbell-ey in the follow up films. If you’re dealing with *that* character he wins by a mile, but he wasn’t that character yet in the original film.

  8. I do believe john wayne had a girls name… marion or something like that.

  9. I feel that I must point out that Evil Dead 2, which I consider a remake, wins.

  10. I made a horrific mistake… Watched this review while eating.

  11. Calling it! Sage’s the one who kidnapped the Nostalgia Critic! It’s for the Pokemon movie review!!!

  12. Going through hard times; and as always, your videos still manage to put a smile on my face. Thank you so much!

  13. I didn’t get into watching the Evil Dead movies until the first trailer to the 2013 reboot was released, but I was interested in seeing them when people like James Rolfe, Linkara, and Obscurus Lupa mentioned the franchise most of the time. Thankfully, since it was getting to Halloween at the time the trailer was out, I was lucky enough to get all 3 of the original films on DVD. I watched them, enjoyed them, and watched them every weekend up to Halloween. Later, I went to see the reboot in the theater, and I really enjoyed the hell out of it. I consider it as one of my favorite films of 2013, and one of the best horror remakes next to John Carpenter‘s The Thing. I haven’t yet watched the TV series Ash vs. Evil Dead, and that’s mostly because I don’t get the Stars network, but I’m getting around to getting it on DVD/Blu-ray.

  14. I haven’t seen the remake. I have seen all of the originals. I personally thought it got better with each passing movie. The first one’s still good. Glad there was no killing pokemon this time around. I loved this episode’s set up.

  15. Sorry, I lost it when Critic made that noise when Bennie joined Hyper and Boner.

  16. Angryatthecritic666

    awwww…..I was expecting these guys to do the jingle book. This is the last thing i would expect to be the subject of an old vs new. Also I don’t like the new intro, there’s too much going on to follow it.

  17. Angryatthecritic666

    I like the way the gore in the old looks, it has a very hammer horror look, especially with the blood, its so bright red

  18. Once again, Bill solves everything.

    • Bill is just awesome and he’s been around for so long it is hard not to like him. Plus he is so developed and just thinking about his emotional backstory always brings a tear to my eyes.

  19. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the remake.

    Also I felt that stinger should have been a tease for what’s coming next.

  20. Yup, nothing beats the original, period. But nevertheless, I do like the newer version as well. Either way, glad to know Bill is a great shrink. Maybe he can help some of my problems as well.

  21. Nice one and I love the ending.

  22. I never really liked the original. Or any of it’s sequels. And I didn’t dislike the remake.They were all pretty meh. Originals have terrible acting and this insanely campy feel with slapstick humor(the sequels anyway) and I can totally get the cult following. Remake wasn’t a bad movie, just completely forgettable.

  23. Bill. Always helping people to better themselves since that memorable Van Helsing review.

  24. So, first it’s stated that we can’t let nostalgia cloud our judgment of the quality of the film with the Ash bit. Then, the next 2 points go to the original due to nostalgia. Seems a bit unfair. If we’re going to judge movies strictly on their own product, we can’t talk about the legacy it left behind. Thus, I don’t think saying “The original did something never done before” is a very valid point to make here. The original won because of nostalgia, and while I can appreciate The Nostalgia Critic sticking to his title and favouring nostalgia over actual quality, this bit is only valid when it’s not a contest of, you know, quality.

    • He’s however right that the remake is a little forgettable.

      • I disagree. That’s kinda how I feel about the original. The “remake” (I don’t even think it’s fair to call it that, but hey, whatever) is much more memorable to me. Again, the original has a cult status, so of course it’s going to stand out to people. Why? Status, NOT quality.

    • They’re speaking specifically to the character of Ash. Who grew and became more wisecracking and iconic and chainsaw wielding and Bruce Campbell-ey in the follow up films. If you’re dealing with *that* character he wins by a mile, but he wasn’t that character yet in the original film.

    • But he wasn’t just talking about the legacy the original left, he was saying it was innovative in a way that no one’s ever been able to completely duplicate.

  25. I have no opinion since I have no interest in the franchise and I haven’t seen either. Either some of the scenes (mostly from the reboot. The original didn’t look quite as real to me) made my face look like: ? That was almost more gore than I’ve seen in my entire life. Although, the one with the happy ending is the one I’d probably pick.

  26. Well, Ashley/Ashleigh used to be a guy’s name (and sometimes still is). I should know; it’s my name (I’m a woman, and mine is the -leigh spelling).

  27. I like the Jonny Quest style intro!

  28. Great video, as usual. One minor nit, though. Your wording makes it sound like Sam Raimi married Lucy Lawless, when she’s actually married to Rob Tapert.

  29. I honestly love both of these movies and would have been fine with any outcome, though once you had atmosphere at the end I knew which one was going to win.

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