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It’s the action super teens fighting the waffle eating trouble makers. Which one last years after they’re gone though? Old vs New returns with an episode on Teen Titans.

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  1. It’s been a while since we got a old vs new review. I miss these series.

  2. Sometimes I here people say, “remakes and reboots are fine, as long as they stay faithful to the source material,” and I wonder what that even means. It’s basically a pleasantry at this point, we say it because it’s the polite thing to say. I would like to see a critic tackle the simple question of:

    ‘What qualifies as disrespecting the source material.’

    To me this was accomplished, not by making the Titans wacky, or dumb, but by making them extremely selfish characters, which you mention yourself Doug.

    • Well a bunch don’t want it to deviate from the source all that much, it needs to be very identical to the source material. But it depends on who you ask how much leeway they get, as even The Lord of the Rings got bashed for some of the things not included or changed. Personally I’d say it is most often the characters that needs to be like the source material and some events usually goes with it, they need to happen.
      I’m also open for more variation, because if it’s going to be the same, then there’s no point, but it shouldn’t feel completely unrecognizable, like it was based on something similar but not quite the same because of all that is changed, missing or included but was never there.
      It’s still kind of a vague explanation, but it really depends on the specific source, what has to be there and yeah, these two series are a good example, also Doom which he recently reviewed is also very faithful to Doom 3, except for the explanation for the demons, but it just wasn’t directed well.

      P.S. Reboots can also be movie series that are continued, not remade

  3. Wait a minute. They killed Aquaman in one timeline and Bruce Wayne’s parents in another. These children are monsters.

  4. I was getting scared about your final choice for a second there. LOL. Although, I didn’t know that the New Teen Titans Go made fun of themselves. That must have been after I stopped watching. The last episode I saw they broke Jinx out of prison for a slumber party and I was like “Why?”. Oddly enough, my mom loves this show even though she watched the better one with me as a kid.

  5. I be next week will be a doozy based on NC’s shocked look. I bet it will be Dangerously Close because of how shockingly bad it is.

  6. The 2003 series was NOT abruptly cancelled. It was actually dragged on a season longer than the show staff wanted. A deliberately ambiguous ending isn’t a cliffhanger.

  7. I think another reason as to why TT GO! seems subpar to the original is not only because of the characters’ personalities having to be changed to fit the tone, but also just re-using the designs all-together.

    Teen Titans, as a concept, has very different iterations and designs throughout its history: you have the original comics, the Teen Titan series from 2003 and also the Young Justice show, which starts off with the original members of the titans in a different setting. There’s actually a very clever Teen Titans short that came out not too long after the first series ended, which showcased the different designs of the Titans through the decades of their history.

    However, with TT GO! re-using the designs of a show that had more variety and true character depth to primarily tell jokes and self-indulgent moments, it seems really out of place and makes one wonder why they didn’t just come up with new designs all-together. Another example I can think of is the Batman: The Brave and The Bold series.

    Batman TBATB focused on really zany scenarios and plots not dissimilar to the Adam West show, and had a design of Batman that matched. However, if the design of the show was to match closer to that of Batman TAS, it wouldn’t work because the tones of both shows are like comparing chalk and cheese.

    Honestly, I think TT GO! wouldn’t be getting as much flak if the design of the show was all its own. Their own designs for the characters and maybe a different cast of characters all-together, rather than transplanting the designs of the past show into a tone that doesn’t fit.

  8. I was in the right demographic, when TT aired and loved batman-related stuff (Beyond, New Adventures, JL), but this series just didn’t click with me, it seemed to me so pretentious, poserly and over-trying, bleh. TTGO on the other side is a blast. I like this “go fuck yourself” attitude the show has, it doesn’t care for anything, it can put whatever it likes, even the stuff more “mature” shows can’t allow (ahem, they can’t say “Death” in TT, like really?!). How about killing off all the main cast? Or teach kids about realtor business? They’ve got you covered.

    it’s always a surprise. And it looks better. Ok, animation wise, of course, it’s subpar, but the colors! the designs! the details! the my the god! The!

  9. My main complaint is how that the first series can was “Screwed By The Network”,
    whereas it was shown just once a week
    (early Saturday or Sunday morning, alongside the GL series),
    not to mention it had erratic scheduling
    and would go on hiatus for several weeks
    and their movie (as Doug said) was shown only on TV
    (barely a handful of times)
    and then just a few years later, the second series is “Adored By The Network”,
    shown at least 8 times a day (sometimes even more),
    new episodes being shown on primetime,
    and their movie (of course) is shown in theaters
    (and no doubt eventually will be shown several times on CN).
    and it is not a question of ratings, because the ratings for new episodes of the former
    were just as high as new episodes of the latter.
    Cartoon Network just truly prefers comedic children shows over action anime shows.

  10. I won’t deny that I’m one of the people upset by this series being a bad remake. But I wouldn’t hate a show because of that. I didn’t HATE the Looney Tunes Show. I just didn’t like it.
    And believe me, I don’t try to watch Teen Titans Go, but it’s always on. It pushes practically everything else off the schedule and even when it’s not on, it gets promoted like crazy. I can’t avoid it and still watch the channel anymore.
    And it wouldn’t be so bad if it was just unfunny. It’s annoyingly unfunny. It relies so so much on the lowest common denominator. Fart jokes and yelling stupid nonsense aplenty. It’s like “Really obnoxious third rate youtuber the show”. It gives me such a headache just hear a tiny bit of it.
    And I acknowledge that this is just how I feel, but all that meta garbage to me isn’t the show being humble. It feels more like they’re just rubbing it in your face that they’re getting rich off pumping out trash and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop them.
    The show just puts me in such a bad mood, hatred just seems natural.

  11. The following is said with all understanding that the original TT show is pretty severely dated, with a bunch of elements which, in retrospect, don’t really work all that well. It certainly was a bold experiment, and could be genuinely dramatic, funny, cute etc, and had many stand-out episodes and story arcs, but much of its attempts at humour fell flat quite often, especially Beast Boy who would be quite annoying at times. But the effort, some sophistication and visual quality was pretty darn good.

    However, with that said…

    I’m sorry, but the Teen Titans Go show is just pure intolerable garbage in my opinion. I tried to watch it, pretty much an entire season, and it was loud, annoying crap pretty much 100% of the time. I despised this type of show as a child, and it’s the kind of thing that depresses me still exists as an adult.
    The animation is cheap with garish colour palettes that physically hurts my eyes, the “jokes” are just obnoxious yelling with no wit or intelligence, and the fact they used the basic design concepts, voice acting and references to the 2003 show is just insulting. There was literally only one reason to do that, to appeal to older fans who were familiar with that older version. But if they were going to do something this radically different, they should’ve just come up with something that had no associations with the classic show. Hell, that’s what Marvel did for their Superhero Squad Show, and the fact that thing is childish, silly and purely kid-appeal is fine, but why hearken back to the 2003 TT show in TTG if all they’re gonna do is take a dump all over it?

  12. Oh and as for why people are watching it, have you freaking SEEN the line-up of shows on Cartoon network and other kids networks? On CN, it’s between 50% and 60% of the programming block.
    The movie is practically unavoidable, the memes are everywhere, and let’s not forget a lot of the old fans are now adults–adults who have KIDS who force their parents to watch the pile of turds that these writers and animators made of the show they grew up with and have fond memories of.
    Ten seconds of the TTG series shows off just how little effort went into the majority of writing. Just have them yell whatever random crap they scribbled on a napkin and maybe something funny will dribble out of the mouths of the voice actors who are made to say these moronic lines.

    Again, if this was entirely its own series, with new actors, no connection to the old show with only sparse reference to it, and its own character designs which didn’t try so damn hard to hearken back to the 2003 show with visual tropes inspired by it, I don’t think the old 2003 fans would care that much. But they made it like this, so they made it frustrating for many of those fans specifically, seemingly on purpose.

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