Over the Garden Wall Vlogs: Part 1

Doug and Rob talk about the first half of a highly requested special!

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  1. Do vlogs of evangelion and eoe.

  2. Awesome shirt Doug!

  3. You know what I would love to see Vlogs on? Nadia the Secret of Blue Water. Granted, there are 3 episodes I found pointless in the whole thing, but otherwise, I think it’s right up Doug’s alley.

  4. It kinda reminded me of the old Watership Down movie from the 70s. Kinda dark, kinda scary, but different and with a ton of atmosphere.

    And I thought the Beast might be played by James Earl Jones, too, but it was actually an opera singer named Samuel Ramsey.

  5. It’s really cool to hear your opinions about Over the Garden Wall. I watched this back in the fall, right after seeing a bunch of recommendations over the series as well, and I was so glad I did. Funnily enough, I watched this before Gravity Falls, so I had the brief thought of “Dipper’s voice actor sounds like Elijah Wood” so I definitely see where the comment about the voice acting is coming from. I’ll be interested to see what you two think of the ending in particular.

    Also, if you guys are going to do an animated show V-log soon, I’d probably recommend Steven Universe since that’s another popular show that sprung up a while back and is catching some major steam.

  6. I’m glad you both are liking the series. You’ve probably finished watching them now that this video has been released, so I’d like to recommend this podcast to you. It’s put together by my friends and it focuses on examining cartoons and the medium of animation. They did an episode on Over the Garden Wall and it’s really good: https://soundcloud.com/the-toon-goons/the-toon-goons-over-the-garden-wall

  7. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    I have to admit I loved this miniseries but my favorite parts were the songs. Especially ‘Potatoes and Molasses’. Best one.

  8. “How the gentle wind
    Beckons through the leaves
    As autumn colors fall…”

    It’s good to see you got around to watching this; OtGW is really something special. I’ll go a more in depth with my thoughts on it after you release part 2. Suffice to say, there were plenty of things I didn’t notice on my first watch.

  9. Acetylsalicilique

    Oh come on ! Please catch up with Adventure Time before starting a new series =/

  10. Funny this came out now as this just aired in the UK this week, and I really enjoyed it.

    Also since I know some people give their own requests/suggestions for future series vLogs I have one of my own. I wouldn’t mind seeing a vLog series for Thunderbirds (the original, at least for the time being) mainly because the show is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and like with Avatar it could lead in to a review of the live action movie (which I know people want to see reviewed!).

  11. You should try watching the anime “Shin-chan” it is weird animation but the writing and dialogue keeps bringing me back and laughing, not to mention some of my favorite voice actors star in it. It is a like-hate show for me. I want to see what you think of it.

  12. Cool your finally doing it!

    Now I gotta go watch the series because I have been holding it off waiting for the V-logs.

    It looks like a good mixture between Adventure Time (not surprising since some of the people that worked on that show worked on this one), Ghibli, and fairy tales. Which is a great combination.

    So should I watch the V-log first or should I start watching the show first?

    • Well the Vlog doesn’t really spoil that much except for one line. However I’d still think it best if you went in as blank as possible. There’s something fun about realising everything for yourself, even it it’s just the influences. I would recommend you watch it before their next vlog as I doubt they’ll be able to talk without spoilers; you do not want the ending spoiled.

  13. I loved this miniseries because it dared to be different, and I love variety and unique things.

  14. -I thought that this series would be bad but it turned out to be so awesome
    -Its a shame that there is no second season
    -When you see all of this episodes check Over the Garden Fall:


    -I saw a picture of how this cartoon looks and i was hesitating to watch it but i still watched it cos i couldn’t judge it until i watch it and i watch it and its awesome
    -Its like Steven Universe or Star vs The Forces of Evil they look like nothing but turn out to be very good

  15. Now you know how fullish you were not watching this sooner so i can say watch Gravity Fall’s shorts and Mable scrap book

  16. I just watched through the whole thing in one sitting… It didn’t confuse or bewilder me in the least. It was a bit odd, but to say it is random with no plots? No, not in the least.

    It is DEFINITELY set in America with very American folklore aspects there. Very halloween vibe for very good reason. This series is very much based on the format of the Odyssey, so its no like this kind of storytelling is new. The hero goes from one odd pace to another where there are troubles and he either rights them or escapes in the very least.
    Also, all the explanations are more or less given in the last two episodes (though there are hints sooner).

  17. I hope they realise that Greg is played by the same boy as Meelo from Legend of Korra

  18. The series definitely had a Fleischer vibe. Mr. Bug Goes to Town, Gulliver’s Travels, and of course Betty Boop. I saw a bit of Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks films of the 1930s in the series as well. It’s a great layer of depth to add on top of a fantastic miniseries. I’d love for it to be released on DVD, perhaps with its own feature film edit. 🙂

    • Over the Garden Wall is definitely just dripping with vintage Americana all over the place. Like for example, with the frog boat. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen something THAT picturesque. It’s almost like someone just drew up several vintage paintings fitting a specific time in American History and they just based the series around those settings and stuff.

  19. I’m so glad you’re reviewing this series, it deserves so much love. The animation, the songs, the characters, the plot, the twist at the end… everything about it is so great and I’m glad you guys like it too.

  20. Please please do a Vlog on Steven Universe. Not long ago, I was avoiding the show. I looked at it from the outside and just saw another dumb cartoon with a fat child bumbling about being the but of bottom of the bar fat jokes but then I saw the episode “Jail Break”.. and I had to see the rest. Steven may be a bit of a bumbler but that is all because of his honest innocent nature. Never do they take the low road. All of the characters are just gems (pun was not intended). Oh and Rebecca Sugar, who does all of the music from Adventure Time has worked on quite a number of its episodes. Just saying.

    • This.

      I recently saw the finale, too, and I wish I gave the show more of a chance. From what I’ve seen, which is pretty scattered, Steven Universe does a great job with it’s characters and specifically planning out stuff to be revealed later, making for some great moments and interactions. Also, the music is pretty good.

  21. Oh man this was a nice surprise. I admit as a fan of the show, you had me nervous with how serious you were at the beginning. I was expecting more emotional reactions (?) to things like character and plotlines but it turned out to be a good, analytical sort of seriousness. I very much enjoyed listening to you discussing the themes, influences and atmosphere. It’s obvious you’re not only enjoying the show but have a good deal of respect for what you’ve seen.
    Actually you’re spot on with a lot of your notes since the creators have confirmed it took influence from american folk and those OZ and Wonderland stories. Heck, the reason you found Chapter 4 reminiscent of Disney’s sleepy hollow is because they’re directly referencing it. The series is in part a homage to the early days of animation, especially Chapter 8. Whether you can “go along” with the first few parts can depend on your knowledge of 20’s animated shorts, in particular Walt’s Alice Comedies. It’s actually among my favourite Chapters but I get why it can leave people baffled.
    While I do hope to hear some thoughts on the characters and story, and I promise a lot happens from here, I also hope to hear a continuation of this sort of analysis. To be fair, there are a lot of layers in OTGW to dig through. It’s filled with details both thematic and context wise that make re-watching it a fantastic experience. I hope you have just as good a time watching the second half of the show and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

    [Just a note. There’s probably enough themes in this mini-series to pick on and create an NC editorial. It certainly got the nostalgia down pat.]

    • Actually there is a something I want to; there is a “moral” that turns up in every chapter that reflects the overall moral of the series. I won’t spoil it and I’m not sure if I’m even wording it right, but it deals with positive outlooks, negative outlooks, and hope. It’s more explicit over the last few episodes but it works itself into the story of every chapter.
      Another driving theme is the relationship between the two boys. I wonder if Rob and Doug have picked up on that?

  22. I am so glad you are now watching and VLogging this show. I really loved this show, and recommended it early on, same with Gravity Falls. I am so glad America is now producing such out of the box animation.
    This show grabs you and I could imagine if you are a child watching this at night around Halloween, how fun.
    Doug you probably don’t remember me, but last year I attended your Q/A and I was the short Asian woman, that asked a question. You asked me to stand up and I and the crowd said she is standing, you laughed and said “Oh, God she is short.”
    *Non Spoiler* It all makes sense in the end, and The Ending is awesome.

  23. Something I want to say IMMEDIATELY. Doug, Rob, if you haven’t watched the rest of this series yet, you’re going to want to watch the next two (7 and 8), do part 2 about that, THEN watch the last 2 episodes and vlog about part 3. Seriously, trust me on this. 7 and 8 will give you enough to talk about, but you WANT to have enough time to specifically go over the last two episodes and give your final thoughts. I’d rather split the last 4 episodes up a bit than have you completely ignore 7 and 8 because the finale overshadows everything else almost completely and at the end it can be a bit hard to keep straight what happens in what specific episode.


    Now that that’s out of the way, I’ll probably make a better reply once the last part of the vlog is up, but, for now, I just want to say the show has some pretty heavy themes of implied death, faith, and generally keeping your courage as well as a lot of Americana centered around the show’s design, style, music, and everything else. And I can see Doug and Rob getting into some discussions about what specific things mean later on. This series defiantly has a lot of fan theories behind it.

  24. It’s funny since the last two episodes tie up the series in such a way that you’ll want to rewatch the show again from the beginning. This series is one of those that need to be rewatch to catch all the missed references. And it’s good you caught that the show seems to be inspired by the Victorian aged cartoons and Wizard of Oz styled motif.

    Here’s hoping the GF shorts are vlogged (I guess it can be done in a similar fashion as these, they’re a bunch of short stories after all), but they’re pretty funny, some being pretty hilarious and dark, though season 2 has been on the same level so it might not be as shocking.

  25. Kind of iffy on this after watching the first chapter. You guys seem to see something in it so maybe I’ll give it another couple of chapters.

    • Oh I highly recommend finishing this series! The last two episodes are what really hold everything together and I am so glad they decided to save the best for last! This series is not something you can take at face value, you have to sit back, savor, and ruminate on it to completely appreciate it. I am glad that they kept it a mini series (really the length of a decent movie and I recommend watching it as such), because it was a risky project and any longer than that it would have lost what makes it so unique.

    • Ok, so the first 3 are kind of just odd and occasionally a tad boring. Chapter 4 is much better and in chapter 6, shit gets real.

  26. Glad to see you’re liking it; it’s sometimes rather difficult to tell how people will respond to stuff like this. It’s a show that’s difficult to explain; a bit of Alice in Wonderland, a bit of Sleepy Hollow, and certainly a bit of inspiration from Miyazaki’s work… Ha, just wait ’till you see Auntie Whispers…

    On another note, is Steven Universe on the list? Please tell me Steven Universe is on the list.

  27. My reaction to Over the Garden Wall was somewhat the same to what Doug and Rob mention, except I knew what my reaction was: dumbstruck. The entire time I was just thinking “what the fuck is going on? Why did everyone tell me to watch this?” And then I got to the end, and THAT FEELING DIDN’T CHANGE. I still don’t understand why it became a phenomenon.

    • People loved the animation, atmosphere, and overall unique tone that is reminiscent of folk tales (I enjoyed all of that as well). It actually feels better watching a second time, and you catch all the details that were easy to miss the first time. There are also a few videos that analyze the hidden meanings and themes of certain episodes (like how the pumpkin town was essentially a metaphor for people who have accepted death, and how the main characters will “join them soon enough”). It’s just unique and fascinating overall.

  28. Literally just got done watching it, because I saw this VLog on my feed and thought “oh crap I forgot I still have to watch this, better go do it before watching Rob and Doug talk about it”. All I can say is….

    I love it. I absolutely loved every moment of it.

  29. Really excited to hear what you guys think after the last batch of episodes, especially the revelation of where the boys come from in the penultimate episode. You’re right about how Wirt reminds people a lot of Dipper in Gavity Falls. Fanartists and Fanfic writers have been depicting them hanging out since the series first aired.

    As for the next animation vlog series, STEVEN UNIVERSE! Please?

  30. I would love to hear your opinion of Steven Universe. It was created by Rebecca Sugar, a former storyboard artist for Adventure Time. I think the series has a very engaging story and the characters are some of the most multidimensional I’ve ever seen in a show on CN. And the relationships between characters seem very plausible and realistic. I know you guys are busy, but perhaps you could check it out some time.

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