Over the Garden Wall Vlogs: Part 1

Doug and Rob talk about the first half of a highly requested special!

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  1. Haha! I had to go look to see if it was the same va as Dipper and was like “that’s Elijah Wood? Really?!” I love this series, from the first episode. I love how it’s unique different, a different flavor from what has been produced for kids like My Little Pony, Adventure Time, and even Gravity Falls. This is definitely a show for older kids and I absolutely love the atmosphere and the whole aesthetic of it! Definitely has a high rewatchability factor, and does best seen in one sitting, like a movie.

    And NO SPOILERS but OH GAWD THAT ENDING!!! OH GAWD! OH GAWD! BE PREPARED TO HAVE YOUR HEART GUTS RIPPED OUT VERY VIOLENTLY! Or at least that’s how it was for me. In my opinion, the last episode goes very dark VERY fast and I WAS NOT PREPARED AT ALL!!! I love how it keeps you questioning things up to the very end and even after everything wraps up, you’re still not sure what exactly happened. There’s one detail at the very end that still just confuses me and makes me question it all! I am eager for the next vlog and interested in whether you pick that up too or not!

    Also! FINALLY! THANK YOU! You really should have watched them earlier as the series aired in November, definitely encompassing the whole autumn/halloween/thanksgiving atmosphere. I am not at all surprised at how many fans picked up this series and how fast. People are hungry for something different, in America especially, where it feels like a lot of movies, shows, games, etc. have gone stale. And thankfully that is slowly changing with OtGW, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, even Star vs the Forces of Evil feel refreshing though still feel like something that would have aired in the late 90s early 2000s and omg this has gone on way longer than I intended and I should stop now! Thank you, stay awesome, and keep up the good work you guys!

  2. I understand what they’re trying to say about how the show tells it’s tale; but it’s hard to explain without something to relate to so here’s attempt:

    Imagine the story as a river right? Well most stories have a beginning and an end, sometimes they throw rocks in the river which disturb it slightly (rock’s being a symbol obstical or event.) and eventually the river stops at some point when they want to end it, like they block it’s exits so they still flow, but end abruptly.

    Over The Garden Wall’s story is a river that know’s it’s a river. It doesn’t throw rocks in to make it better, the river flows around the rocks already there and when it finishes; it doesn’t stop suddenly, it just flows out into the sea.

    Best way I can explain this show, it flows doesn’t tell. I really hope this miniseries gets a sequel. 🙂

  3. Hey one of the people that told Rob you should check out the series on Facebook here.

    I’m so glad you guys watched it finally because it is seriously one of my favorite series right now.

    I watched the whole thing in one night and fell in love instantly though part of that was because I was so creeped out by a lot of it actually.

    It’s just so fantastic both visually and with the music and acting. I really love the cast they got because while there are a lot of actors that are well known some are just complete nobodies (For instance the Beast is voiced by an actor that hasn’t done anything else I REALLY hope he get’s more work because his voice is fantastic)

    You are also right about this series being perfect for Fall which is another reason I love it, and because of that I can plan on watching this miniseries every fall.

    Anyways that’s all I have to say for now, I’ll talk more when you release the next part thanks again for doing this!

  4. The Beast was voiced by Platypus-bunny….true story 😛

  5. Man, I was supposed to start watching this before your V-log came out. Also, I need to see Song of the Sea but since I live in a little ghetto town in Washington, Seattle was the closest theater that was playing it.

  6. Great to see these vlogs finally coming out. I was a bit disappointed that we’re not getting an episode by episode breakdown, though from the way you describe your reactions I think it’d be like the first few Adventure Time vlogs. Once you finish the series, do yourself a favor and rewatch the opening montage. This is definitely a show that rewards rewatching. I shared it with friends and family over the Christmas season and everyone who saw it loved it.

    The most succinct description I’ve seen of the show so far is “Grimm’s fairy tale as written by Mark Twain”. Throw in the stylistic tributes to early animation styles and the turn of the century music and you have a series that is unlike anything else I’ve seen and really doesn’t care to try to reach to appeal to anyone. Easily my favorite piece of entertainment from 2014.

  7. “Oh potatoes and molasses
    if you want some, oh just ask us
    they’re sweet and soft
    like puppies and sock
    filled with cream and candy fluff”

    God, I love that catchy song. It really gets stuck in your head.

  8. I think part of the reason this caught on as well is because of the internet and communities as well. You are probably right that a lot of people who first saw the first episode or two were put off, but once you go online and see other people talking about it, people who did stay to watch more and were drawn in. Once you see their enthusiasm and how hyped they are, I think a lot of people went back to give it a try and were really sucked in by all the positive qualities you mentioned.

    Once they knew that there was a definite payout for their patience, then they jumped onto the band wagon and I think that it’s great that the internet allows for that now a days.

  9. As to some of the points raised in the last third or so of the video: It might just be the company I tend to keep, but I feel like myself and others tend to underestimate “most people’s” tolerance for weirdness.

  10. If I remember correctly there was a fair bit of excitement for the series among cartoon enthusiasts beforehand. Animated mini-series are a rarity in themselves and like you said, I don’t think we were quite used to seeing something like this.

    I also wonder, if for once, the whole show being released a week early on itunes actually helped. Curious viewers checked it out and positive word of mouth spread before the show had even aired.

  11. Ohmygod, yes! It’s really cool to hear both your thoughts on this beautiful and refreshingly original miniseries. Especially stoked to hear what you thought of the final handful of episodes; that’s where shit gets real.

    The wandering travelogue vibe of OTGW does really pull you in, along with its gorgeous backgrounds, clever writing, and top-notch animation. But on the second watch, after knowing how it ends, it doesn’t seem as wandering anymore. There are so many subtle hints and allusions to later events, and what ends up being a wonderfully dark and complex story ties into even the earliest episodes in ways not noticed on the first watch. All in all, a very solid piece of work!

  12. Why does Doug look at Rob like he’s about to shove something pointy into his face whenever he talks for an extended period?

  13. This show was a little weird but it held because I think it intrigued people into wanting to see where this was going

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