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With a title like that, how can you go wrong? Doug checks out Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.

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  1. Totally agree with you about the second one.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Suprised there’s only one comment but I feel that some people will gt mad about some of Doug’s things he liked in this movie(like they always do but probably do). I could talk up a storm about how these movies got badder and badder but I havent seen any of them but it’s interesting to hear your opinion on it!!!

  3. To me, the 2nd one was the least of the first 3 (in scares and story), because it forgot the sense of purpose to what was happening.

    In the first one, we were exploring whether this was the one time that paranormal activity caught on tape by a random couple actually was real and whether it could then mean they were in danger and running out of time.

    In the third one, something as inconspicuous as an imaginary friend kept getting creepier and more threatening, in a scenario that could still have lead to anything. (Not that the wife flipping out over leaving cameras around wasn’t stupid.)

    But the second one let us know from the start that its story was just happening “to the side” of the first one, for the same reasons. We already knew what the demon was and what it was trying to do, and we knew that nothing dangerous could happen until it got close enough to Mica’s death (or else it wouldn’t be counting it down as though it were the only death in that time frame). So what are we supposed to be scared of, if not the mystery of what’s happening and where it’s leading?

    “Ooh, the demon took the pool cleaner out of the pool!”

    “Ooh, the demon threw open all the cabinets!”

    “Ooh, the demon annoyingly locked someone outside!”

    So what? The demon’s a prankster now? Didn’t you have to “invite” it to stay for it to take hold? If it doesn’t matter what the family does this time, why can’t it just get to the possession? Why should we care about it mildly inconveniencing these people first, which is so clearly all it’s doing?

  4. Good lord, they made SIX of these?!

  5. I dislike almost all horror movies even if objectively they are good movies but I was curious about your thoughts. Although, leave 3D alone. 🙁

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