Penny Gadget Goes Insane

From the Nostalgia Critic review of Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas.

Watch the Nostalgia Critic review here

The original Penny Gadget voice, Cree Summer

Check out the animators YouTube here.

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  1. Okay, but why does she still have the same hairstyle? It’s not very intimidating unless… that’s exactly what she wants. O.O

  2. Hey friend! You should have someone else take a look at your script next time.

  3. This was fucking glorious! GLORIOUS!

  4. Not anything new (the concept of “Penny is evil genius” is old hat), but fun that the VA got in on it.

  5. ISignedUpJustToSayThis

    I was hoping Tamera would play this role…But I am happily disappointed.

  6. Penny for your thoughts BITCHES!

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