Phantom of the Opera – Nostalgia Critic

Shark Jumping joins the NC to look at the botched musical from Joel “Bat Credit Card” Shumacher. The Nostalgia Critic and company look at the Phantom of the Opera.

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  1. Why didn’t you show clips for the charity? Could you not even afford to show that clip? You should have shown that it has an 7.4 on the IMDb. I mean, you showed it on RottenTomatoes! I have never watched the Jump The Shark series here. There’s way too many shows here.

  2. I’m really sad they missed the perfect opportunity for a cameo from Paw…

    • Well, considering the guy hasn’t done a musical review in god knows how long, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have been interested anyway. I know he had an excuse not to make Music Movies reviews before, but considering he’s back to making videos now, I don’t think he has a reason anymore.

      • I know! I mean, every Friday I check to see if he’s come back yet! Seriously, how long can you take a maternity (or in his case, paternity) leave?! Honestly, what the hell happened to him?!?! There are so many musicals he has left to do!

        • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

          Hes been doing Let’s Plays

          • I know,. I meant when is he gonna go back to Music Movies?! Those were some of my favorite reviews on this site!

          • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

            He actually addressed this the day this review went up (and this comment thread was made). He needs to find a good video host. Also, he, Elisa and Grey are moving to LA

  3. flamethrower-guitar

    This is one of my new favorite reviews of yours! I’m a big fan of the Phantom Musical (the movie not so much), but I go to a musical theater school and the music majors have made sure to point out all of the flaws with it (and spend a lot of time laughing about Love Never Dies). I love how you were able to point out the flaws of the movie and the musical while still acknowledging the good parts. This was just such a funny and well-thought out episode. I mean, they all are, but this one in particular. Well done!

    (Also, I loved the return of Hyper Fangirl! I’ve missed her!)

  4. I like this review, most for the fact that I took Choir classes and we had to sing the songs from the original play, and then when we watched the movie we all realized that Gerard Butler sings off-key half the time and all of the singing was really bad.

    It is a mess of a movie.

  5. Sorry but i personaly dont like these musical reviews.
    Not that i dont like musical numbers in your reviews, the on in hokus pokus for example was entertaining.
    But by reviewing a musical this is blown out of proportion for my taste.
    Just to clarify, i dont like musicals and of course this would not change with a review of one. But hey i watched it at least ones.
    But in that one part at around 12:30 i was generaly supprised with the good singing from beth.

    Its just in general sad that you will/can not use clips from the movies anymore.
    But none the less i would like to see more from the Nostagia Critic with or without clips.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. I knew from the title card that this was going to be something I’d want to turn off fast.

  7. Lily of the Field

    I really don’t like these clipless reviews, but I wish I did, considering the copyright situation and I can tell some hard work went in to this. Won’t hide behind the excuse of not knowing what’s going on here since I did see the movie, and I watched the entire review just to see where they were going with this. And while I can’t exactly say that it payed off, there were at least some decent parts, not unlike the movie.

    I really do hope the fair use movement goes somewhere.

  8. I can’t help but feel a sense of irony for this review. At times it was just OK, and other times it just didn’t capture the moments it needed to. Just like the movie being reviewed!

  9. SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!! ANOTHER NC EPIC MUSICAL CROSSOVER!!!!!!!! While Moulin Rogue was okay, Les Miserables is my favorite crossover ever!!! And I adore the Glee episode!!

    Don’t worry Beth: I know someone who has the book and really likes it.

    NC’s Phantom sounds like Arnold Schwartinegger meets Tommy Wassu: so wonderfully weird

    I honestly like the singing in the film… some of it like in ‘All I ask of you’, ‘The Phantom’ theme ‘Music of the Night’ ‘Think of Me’ and ‘Wishing you were somehow here again’, which is my favorite (thank you Paw Dugan 🙂 ).

    Beth and Tamera sound amazing, especially in ‘Help me in Press Rewind’!!!
    Those first three actors made sense….lost me at Mconohey

    My favorite of these parody songs was the one for ‘Music of the Night’ and the one about the song when they talk over each other as that’s my least favorite (hilarious 🙂 )
    ‘Metaphor’ was the best staged.

    40:29 who were they?
    39:59 great face!!
    38:22 Best. Adaptation. Bar None. Viva la Claude Rains!!!
    38:27 38-65 demographic….?
    32:33 hey, Depp was amazing!!! Better then any of those actors!!
    17:25 you guys are so cute!!! Pity Tim didn’t sing: it would have been so much cuter in a weird so way. Still real cute
    15:28 you guys rock 🙂
    14:41 best line ever!!!
    08:01 I remember someone already said that
    07:30 I’m suprised he didn’t bring up the little matter of ‘Once Upon A Time In The Rainforrest’
    04:50 Best. Line. Ever!!!
    04:44 Best. Reaction. Ever!!!!
    04:09 Yaaaaay!!!! That was brillient!!! Hooray for Hyper Fan-Girl!!!
    02:00 And that was the most fabulous part of the reivew: I salute you, you weird but amazing human!! So great even though Tim is was my favorite part of the review: he’s got this subtle but affective comic timing that’s great. And I also liked the conclusion to Hyper Fan-Girl’s subplot….and Beth’s singing…and the corrpuate dudes…and Tim and Beth’s chemistry (between this and Maven of the Eventide and Pawdugan in Les Mis, is this a recurring thing in NC musical reviews?). And I liked Michael Crawford…and the end twist…and the horse…okay I just liked this review over alll, even though I’m not the biggest fan of these clipless reviews!!

    Even though I like some of the singing, I REALLY don’t like this movie (especially with the continuous singing over each other) and this review was great, even though you guys are a little bit heavy handed about fans of the musical and film and have some clunky lines stating the flaws of the film.
    Still awesome….just like horses 🙂 who was the horse anyway?

    But no cameo from any of the many vocal Phantom fans on the site? Any? It would have been so cool….

    Bat Credit Card: gone but not forgotten. Nice touch

  10. Personally, I was very disappointed in this review. It’s another clipless review and I liked your Hocus Pocus one but this was very lifeless. The jokes didn’t work, the songs were a bother and I was hoping for something more. I know that Doug has been fighting off Youtube’s issues of unfair fair use, but if they’re so worried about fair use why did they already review movies like Cats & Dogs, Spawn and their editorials with clips? It’s just confusing. This is my opinion, I respect and will continue to watch but this review was very disappointing. I’ve been seeing more recently how many people hate your clipless reviews. I don’t hate them but they’re becoming big let downs.

  11. I wonder how many more of these Nostalgia Chick reviews we’ll have to sit through. Although at least he’s not pretending the review would be the same if he actually used the real clips for once.

  12. You guys dropped this video on Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s birthday, ya know. Coincidentally, it’s also Stephen Sondheim’s birthday today. Weird huh? Oh, also Phantom was always a stupid stupid terrible musical. #teamsondheim

  13. An amazing display of destrucity that.

  14. I know everyone hates these clipless reviews, but you guys do remember why the clipless reviews are here right? It’s an alternative so they won’t get copyright strikes, which means they won’t get flagged and lose their revenue. I know this sucks, but go ahead and do a review with the clips and songs if you like, but I doubt movie studios won’t be so merciful.

    As for this review itself, I like how intentionally horrid it was trying to be, though I think it would help if it was a little shorter.

    • I actually liked this and laughed a lot, mainly due to the fact that I saw the Broadway Musical, knew just which songs they were parodying, and I loved Doug and Beth’s singing! Not to mention Chester A Bum and Tommy Wiseau again!

  15. This makes want to either read the original book or the version by Terry Pratchett called ‘Maskerade’.

  16. Ordinarily I don;’t like clipless reviews, but this one…I actually liked! Mainly due to Doug and Beth’s great singing! But, Doug…I love you, but don’t make this a hobby!

  17. Though it was great seeing Chester A Bum again!

  18. Oh dear god, im refusing to watch this. this should not be called a NC video. We hated Demo Reel Doug, if copyright is an Issue, review movies that wont have an Issue. There are so many public domain films that you would have years of content.

    we really do not like this. You do Editorials vids (the mask) every 2 weeks, we need a REAL NC video. You really need to fix this or you will have a very small fanbase. Look at AVGN, he does less nerd vids, but has other proper NON NERD content.

    we are not morons, we will go away & not come back

    • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

      You are a moron if you’re selective on what an NC video is

    • This one was actually…good. Yeah, I’m gonna say it, this one was good. Mainly cause I’m a Broadway fan, saw the musical, have the soundtrack, and knew just what they were parodying.

      But I still agree with you about everything else. Doug, THIS one was good, but please do NOT make this a hobby!

  19. An awesome take-down of the Shumacher movie. If the anti-fair-use jerks object to this review, that would be hilarious. In an epic face-palmy way.

  20. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    100thcomment. Yahoooo

  21. If you’re killing off Chester, you might as well call it or something

  22. So, was the auctioneer The Devil, just not in his suit?

  23. Great review! Loved the music!

  24. “Where does a guy who lives in the sewers learn how to sword fight?”…. biggest missed opportunity for a Ninja Turtles joke ever

  25. Coming from someone that actually loves the clipless reviews (most were brilliant) this one did not work…For the points you had to make you need to show the clips and show the singing…Otherwise it does not really say anything. I know the movie and I actually like it enough to remember it and still could not follow half of the times..It must have been impossible if you do not know the movie.

    Its really a shame that the tramping of fair use laws force you to make such reviews in this cases that it does not work.

    Secondly…I feel you bashed this movie a bit too much…It felt a bit mean spirited. Maybe it was the lack of clip that did not really helped the points and jokes to come across. It was not great by any chance but it was pretty ok. And although critic did not like it audiences seems to think it was ok…Look at the audience ratings for example. IMBD, metacritic and rotten tomatoes audience ratings are decent. I think this should be commented upon at least

  26. lilith_ascennding

    I got to say, for a clipless review, this was really damn good. I’d go as far as to say that it’s the best of them (although I would put Mad Max at a close second). Maybe it’s because I’m a huge Phantom fan and also a sucker for musicals, but I found this review entertaining and a lot of the jokes and jabs spot on. Also, I actually saw a production of Phantom recently that had spectacular special effects and made it look like the Phantom could realistically cast fireballs (the way they rigged the stage up really helped. Also having the special effects guy from the third Harry Potter movie be in charge of the effects helped too. Seriously, the special effects were fucking god tier.) Anywho, I got to say that I disagree with Beth about the book being better. I’m usually one to say that the book was as good as or better than its film adaptation (providing I’ve read said book and seen said film, of course), but I really did not like the personalities of the characters in the book. Christine was such a bitch and the other characters were completely whiny and useless that I actually had to stop reading it (even if oddly enough, it was the Wishbone version of the book that drew my attention to this tragic story in the first place.). I personally preferred the story and characters of the musical more because they were generally more likeable and therefore, easier to love, hate, or some weird mixture of the two. Though I think we can all agree the Phantom sequel is the stupidest insult to classic gothic horror since Dracula the Undead eviscerated all that was good about the original Dracula (seriously, DO NOT READ THAT BOOK if you loved the original Dracula. It will shit on everything.)

  27. For someone that never saw the movie this review doesnt make any sense. Im skipping this.

  28. So… is Chester really dead? Like, did he retire the character? It was a little unclear and as you know you always must give clear answers. So sayeth in the charts.

  29. beth has an amazing singing voice! does she do any singing professionally? cuz she should!

  30. I don’t really have a problem with clipless reviews, and I respect the no-doubt massive amount of effort and work that has to go into them, but this one was all over the place. This is the first time the NC tried combining his Moulin Rouge-style “epic” musical reviews that range 40 or minutes with the new, still-in-progress clipless style, which he clearly hasn’t mastered yet. It’s ambitious, all right, but falls flat in some areas. I can’t recall the name of the guy from the Shark Jumpers duo (I don’t watch them), but good Lord almighty, his singing was HORRIBLE! He makes Gerard Butler sound like Frank Sinatra! I think Doug realized this and was too nice to admit it, since he dubbed over his voice later on. And the subplots kinda fade in and out of existence, without any rhyme or reason. The Les Mis review interwove the stories really well, in my opinion, and there’s a very distinct difference here.
    In short, this one ain’t perfect, but Doug, don’t listen to those assholes who whine and cry about clipless reviews. You’re slowly getting better at it, and with practice, I think you could create the greatest reviews the Nostalgia Critic has ever done. Keep ’em coming!

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