Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain – Was That Real?

It’s one of the most despised team ups ever, but is it really as bad as everyone says it is? You might be surprised.

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  1. So what are going to do tonight, Brain?

  2. Just to let someone know now the “Tangled vs Frozen” episode is up instead of Pinky Elmyra and the Brain so hope someone can fix that ASAP.

  3. um, i did that you can’t let it go Doug, but I was promised pinky and the brain

  4. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    1) The embed is not the WTR of Pinky Elmyra and the Brain
    And now it’s time for another Good Timing/Bad Timing
    2) Good timing, Animaniacs was released to Netflix at the start of the month, 4 days before the video was released
    3) Bad/Unfortunate timing: Cree Summer’s father, voice actor Don Francks died on Sunday, April 3rd, two days before this video originally went up

  5. It would have been nice if you had put the lyrics on the screen. With all the sound effects I could barely make out what was being said.

  6. Please tell me Batman puts an AVGN brand on Supe’s forehead!

  7. I never really thought of it as it’s own show, really. I never actually put thought into it; I just mentally categorized it as just a flop final season of the Pinky and the Brain series. Shows add characters, and even add them to the theme song, without becoming a different show.

  8. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    OK so I didn’t k ow if this would be good headed in cause I saw Mr.enters atrocity on this one episode and he didn’t seem to really like it but I’ll definitely check this out now that yoy recommend. Also fun fact: this show got an Emmy nomination but I’m not sure if it won or not. Also the crossover teasing would have been annoying only if you wouldn’t have insulted the movie by saying Pinky,Elmyra,and The Brain cause I know how much you’ll exaggerate Batman in next week’s review but I don’t think he was that bad but I really hope it doesn’t get old. Make fun of superman though I don’t blame ya!!! Really interesting editorial though and will have to check this show out if I get the chance

    Finally one thing before I go i really appreciate this week’s charity since my father has to use Hearing aids everyday and I think its great that your spreading awareness to it. 😉

  9. I think you are missing the core issue of the fanrage, Your Nostalgicalness. It’s not just a bad concept; it’s a mutation of something many loved. THis show came out before ‘X raped my childhood’ was a stupid thing people said, but, if that phrase had been around then, many would have applied it to this show.
    I draw your attention to a similar fan response with Cartoon Network’s Teen Titans GO! series. I bad show is usually ignored or lightly mocked, but, this cartoon used the same characters, overall design, and voice actors of a series that affected many people in powerful ways, so, they see it as a violation of something sacred.
    I’m not one to rabblerabble over such things, but, I do know that the biggest issue people some people had with P,E &tB was that it mangled 2 continuities. The mice were no longer in their lab, and Elmyra suddenly no longer attended Acme Looniversity, and as far as I’m aware, never even made a nod to her previous incarnation with any references.

  10. Okay, this probably isn’t the right place to mention this, but is Doug gonna get back to the Adventure Time Vlogs? If so, when?
    He’s all done with Gravity Falls, all caught up with Steven Universe, and it’s been, like, a year since he last did an AT Vlog. I’m dyin’ over here

  11. I’m sorry but doing yet another clipless review after one just a couple weeks ago and doing a movie that only came out a couple weeks ago just makes you seem VERY desperate and lazy cheap grab for attention.

    • Wait wait, lazy? Desperate? First of all, how on earth is a clipless review lazy? Yeah he doesn’t have to edit the clips together and put his voice over them, but he doesn’t get to just sit in a chair for most of the video either. Plus this one will have Angry Joe in it, which means that Joe had to travel to Chicago (I believe he lives in Texas).

      And as for desperate, no desperate would be if clipless reviews were his most popular videos, and if he pulled some random movie out. But right now, Batman v Superman is currently the most talked about and argued film. And while I admit I prefer the reviews with clips in them, this is a good time to talk about the movie.

      • Yes, it is lazy and desperate. See the original MOS review, where he WAITED until it came out on dvd so he could use the clips.

        If I wanted to watch untalented clowns, I’d watch a Tyler Perry movie

        • That was BEFORE Copyright was becoming an increasing problem on Youtube.

          And again I ask, if you really DON’T like his videos, then why do you bother watching if your just gonna belittle them?!

          • Steve the Pocket

            No it wasn’t. Copyright on YouTube was a problem seven years ago when he started this site. It’s only recently that he got stuck going back to posting there. But then this Vessel thing came along and saved his ass, and now there’s no excuse again.

          • Steve the Pocket

            My favorite thing about “Pinkie and the Brain and Larry” was that, to people who didn’t know why Larry was there (i.e. literally everyone in the audience) it would just look like they were spoofing the Three Stooges and how Larry was actually a pretty pointless character most of the time. Moe was the Straight Man and Curly was the Dumbass Who Fucks Everything Up… what was Larry’s purpose exactly?

    • Neo-stalgia Fan 1

      ….where exactly have you been for the last 2 years? This is just kind of how it is now, it’s not as bad as you think. Plus they did a review of Man of Steal so it’s only right that they do a review of this now.

  12. Wait, I’m confused. Are you saying that Extreme Ghostbusters, Rugrats, and the Godzilla show weren’t good, or just that they weren’t funny?

    • I gathered he was referring to the fact they weren’t always intended to be funny. Rugrats had a lot of mature stuff going on (I don’t mean like dirty adult humor, I mean like philosophical quandaries and morality, etc) while Extreme Ghostbusters and Godzilla were primarily about the action. He was saying in the era a weekly cartoon came out cartoons didn’t have to be funny all the time, which was predominantly the reason they existed prior to the Japanimation invasion of the 80s. Though why he seemed to be singling out this late ’90s era as somehow special in that regard, or why he chose to show those 3 in regard to his point does indeed confuse me.

  13. “I mean come on, it was a lot better than THIS crossover.”

    I get the distinct impression I’m being trolled…

  14. Such useless information… and it took me over 10 minutes to realize that. You win again, internet.

  15. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    I really hope there’s at least one Civil War joke in the next review. X)

    Also, I really hope that picture of Cartoon Network cartoons didn’t mean to suggest that you didn’t think some shows like Codename: Kids Next Door weren’t either good or funny, cause that was a totally awesome show *coughvlogitpleasecough*

  16. Blaze The Movie Fan

    Great review as always.

  17. Despite being much better than it could’ve been and giving Cree Summer work (which I’m consistently in support of), the network pressure behind it really was a reflection of the big TV shift that happened going into the Fall of 1997 (along with entertainment as a whole, I suppose).

    I mean think about it: While brand new things showing up then we actually pretty great, so many shows that had been great up to that point started to noticeably diminish in quality or resort to some poor retooling because of the success of shows like Friends, Seinfeld and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. When it comes to animation in particular, effort significantly diminished in the writing department, and of course this was only accelerated with the success of Pokémon and the return of the “half-hour commercial” format. Even though a Steven Spielberg produced cartoon series could give something of a higher quality even in that scenario, it showed that not even that universe was free of those late-90s TV hangups.

  18. Pinky and the Brain and Larry is one of my favourite episodes. I mean, c’mon it’s got Billy West in it!

  19. I remember this show being on Kids WWB, but I haven’t really watched it, and it’s because I was more interested in The New Batman/Superman Adventures and Batman Beyond.

    • Oh, and I hope you do kind with Batman v Superman in your crossover review with Angry Joe, and I hope to GOD you don’t use crap like “the Nolan Ray” and “I AM JESUS” again. Pixels deserved all the bashing, but not BvS.

  20. ilovethings andstuff

    i hope the nostalgic critic and angry joe’s review of batman/superman get’s put up soon

    • I hope the files for that review burn in a fire.

      • We get it, you don’t like clipless reviews. Your incessant comment trolling about it each and every month is stale though. I’d love to see you come up with a way on how to continue reviewing movies complete with clips twice a month without resorting to B movies that are not “nostalgic” or remakes of things that are nostalgic (and not to mention already covered by plenty of the other reviewers on this site) or get even more takedown notices, strikes, etc. from the production companies who would likely even start issuing them if the review was only using content from trailers. ::eyeroll::

        If you don’t like them, don’t watch them. You already don’t. But since you aren’t watching them, there isn’t much room to criticize when you have no idea how far they’ve come in the last year. Also, no one cares that you’re still grinding this axe. Go take a chill pill and come back when you have something worth saying.

  21. Yeah, I knew you’d do Batman Vs. Superman eventually. I am indeed amazed that you said so many good things about this! I mean, this has a lower score on the IMDb than “The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!”. Now can you see how some people might like shows like that? I really liked this if only how kind you were in this as there’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing people defend stuff that normally gets railed against. Please do Goodwill next!

    • I also like seeing people talk positive that gets backlashed, like MoS, BvS, Transformers, the new Ninja Turtles, and so on. I just like to think positive so I won’t end up like an old man who hates everything new and complex.

  22. Well, who’s ready for next week’s clipless review of a movie with so many crazy, out there, stupid moments that deserve to be seen to properly make fun of but won’t get their proper treatment because why the heck would Doug ever re-make a review just to make his jokes about the acting and insane decisions actually stand up better? I know I won’t be watching it!

  23. Wow, that ending was forced!

  24. i got a way to fix it

    pinkie and the brain find out hummanity is more advanced and better defended; pinkie and the brain decide they need to find a recruit

    seeing how all the mice know they’re the most dangerous around so no shows….so pinkie and brain decide to kidnap a house mouse and train him the art of….taking over the world and shit…tell me that doesnt sound awesome

  25. Well, BvS is next. I’ll see you in three weeks when a proper review is put out. Have fun, Doug!

  26. Haters will not be happy with the upcoming clipless review, but bear in mind that he’s trying to make a living and YouTube is not kind to those who use movie clips, let alone a small chunk of it, otherwise NC will lose his revenue.

    • I get that, but that still does not excuse that he’s giving us HALF a review. He has my condolences for how shitty YouTube’s copyright rules are, but either way you slice it, these reviews are lackluster and annoying.

      • Actually I’ve enjoyed every one of them. And they aren’t “half” a review, they’re twice the review that the old standard ones are, because the commentary goes beyond just jokes, memes, and the occasional skit, but the entire review from start to finish is often satirizing the movie. These clipless reviews take all the good ideas from Demo Reel (yes, there were some, despite the poor execution and bad framing) and mesh them with everything good about Nostalgia Critic, leaving behind the bad stuff (yes, the old NC reviews as Doug even admits were becoming super repetitive and borderline obnoxious with the over-reliance on forcing memes at us and constant screaming and yelling). The fact you dislike them is fine. As I said elsewhere though most of us don’t really care and actually appreciate how Doug’s channel has evolved.

  27. You know, for all the people who want to defend the whole burden which has caused these couples reviews, he doesn’t actually have to use YouTube since other sites do offer ad revenue. And even then, it’s not like there can’t be a YouTube-safe version as an alternative.

    But all the criticisms for the clip less reviews are valid because without a frame of reference, jokes are esoteric to just plain not funny.

    • No frame of reference huh? Hmmm…interesting. So do you often watch “nostalgic” reviews of things that you’ve never seen, or remakes of things you have no nostalgia for? Why are you even here if there’s no frame of reference? I bet you don’t like theater either, there’s no frame of reference for it. lol

      • Your argument is incredibly stupid. 1) I originally only watched classic reviews that were on things I was familiar with. Most of that, however, was due to lack of interest in the things I wasn’t familiar with. 2) I try to watch the original where relevant. 3) The clips themselves form the frame of reference so that I can enjoy all the new reviews of things I haven’t seen.

  28. LOL, that Larry thing made me laugh. Also… well… at least Angry Joe will be in the next clipless review. That will get me through it, I hope.

  29. So, shockingly, this very-bad-idea-of-a-crossover (kind of a crossover, anyway) ended being the best example that you can take almost anything and turn it into a good/decent idea, if you try your best and put freaking effort into it? Wow!

    Is it wrong of me to want them do a crossover of Gravity Falls and Avatar: The Last Airbender?

  30. I always thought Annie Wilkes was the female Elmer Fudd.

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