Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain – Was That Real?

It’s one of the most despised team ups ever, but is it really as bad as everyone says it is? You might be surprised.

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  1. How is it the ads play fine but the video itself won’t appear ?

  2. TheGreatDeadpoolio

    I honestly can’t believe that I remember every show that appeared in this video. 0.0

  3. I had no idea this existed…but then again I had no idea Elmyra’s own solo show existed either…OR for that matter, did I hear that correctly, “The Plucky Duck Show”? THAT was a thing too? and what the hell is Toonsylvania? wow there there a lot more shows from that team than I thought there were….

    • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

      Of the 13 episodes of The Plucky Duck Show, only the first one (entitled “The Return of Batduck” in homage to the then-new movie Batman Returns) was original to the series. All remaining episodes of the show were compilations of shorts produced for Tiny Toon Adventures, though some of the shorts were aired on The Plucky Duck Show first.

  4. Plucky Duck had his own show? Why? He was such an annoying character!

  5. I feel like they did do this for a show in Pinky and the Brain or in Animaniacs. I just remember an episode where they pared different characters with each other. Still I can’t remember.

    • Yeah, they did that on ‘Animaniacs’. Although I don’t remember the rest I do remember that Rita the cat was paired with Pinky the rat. Put in a cage together that show was unsurprisingly short for an obvious reason.

  6. Steven Spielberg didn’t produce Histeria and had nothing to do with its production. That was all Tom Ruegger and Warner Bros executives demanding more educational content.

  7. I’d like to see an editorial on The Simpsons and how most audiences are divided on whether the show is still good. What caused it’s debated decline in quality and the burning question, “If it’s no longer a good show, then why is it still on the air?”

  8. I find it interesting how you thought Tim Curry being the owner of an evil carnival totally wacko. I myself find it totally plausible, hell I’d be more surprised if he didn’t own one at one time or another.

  9. I vaguely remember seeing an episode of this in the late 90s without knowing it was its own series. It doesn’t sound like it ever should have been a series of its own but the clips you showed make it look better than anyone would have expected.

    Thanks for the info, Doug.

  10. Why are you using the Waltz of the flowers dance from Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker ballet?

  11. Again why the hell are you using the Waltz of the Flowers dance from Shelkunschik The Nutcracker? That’s so bizarre considering your dark humor commentary words.

  12. I never thought the animation in those cartoons was very good. The lip-syncing was always way off, the movements were sometimes stiff… I wouldn’t call it “amazing” animation. The original Loony Tunes had some of the most incredible animation for a cartoon show I’ve seen. As well as Tom and Jerry. The characters were much more expressive in cartoons like that. That’s what made them so funny to watch.

  13. Bellowed the monster, “Chokit Pie!”

    I loved that episode!

    Now do the Mighty Max cartoon!

  14. God, I remember this show. Even when I was a kid I thought (in less eloquent terms since my vocabulary hadn’t developed yet), “This can’t be real. Why would anyone make a show on this premise?”

    I did watch a few episodes and thought it was okay, but I didn’t like it as much as the regular Pinky and the Brain or Animaniacs.

    To be honest, I HATED Elmyra as a kid–absolutely HATED her. I thought she was so annoying and obnoxious, and since I loved animals I wanted to punch her every time she violently hugged and squeezed and banged up all the animal characters.

    Now that I’m older I get that she’s just a kid and she means well (not to mention it was hypocritical of me at the time because I wasn’t that gentle with my pet kittens either–I tended to smother my kittens with hugs and kisses so much that one ran away and the other hissed and ran away from me for over ten years), but it’s still kind of hard to watch because I know many kids aren’t gentle with animals.

    Anyway, great review. Like you said, an odd choice for a show with a character that almost no one likes, but now that we’re older and can look back with a more objective eye, it’s not the worst show ever made. There are parts of it that work.

  15. ILuvGundam2001

    I seem to remember an anime about 2 girls (a school girl and some young woman with an eyepatch) who fought monsters called Viruses that would attack somewhere in Japan every episode. It was on Comcast’s on-demand service (before they became Xfinity) with Gundam SEED Destiny. I can’t remember exactly what it was called but it was called something like Venus X Virus, Venus VS. Virus, or something like that. Could someone please tell me the name of that show? It feels like it deserves a WTR.

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