Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – Disneycember

Disneycember starts off with yet another Pirates of the Caribbean film. Should this series throw in the towel or is there still a little gold left?

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  1. How old is Jack Sparrow in the series at this point? Like, he didn’t come across as a particularly young guy in the first film, with an apparently long and storied career as a pirate, and now this one must be around 20 years later judging by the age of Will Turner’s son. Jack must be around late 50s or early 60s, and its been a hard life, how on earth is he still gallivanting around?

  2. I personally miss Will and Elizabeth, and the series hasn’t been the same since their story arc ended, so I’m glad they’re referenced here, although the series probably should have ended at that point. And yes, I’m in the camp that goes to see these films because they’re familiar and kind of have the same stuff in them, much like I do with a lot of stuff come to think of it.

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