Planet of the Apes (1968) – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara checks out the original Planet of the Apes on a new episode of Tamara’s Never Seen.

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  1. We need more Horse-head Tamara. Who’s with me in thinking every future video should feature Horse-head Tamara?

  2. Ooh, I kinda like your style in this video. I’ve been meaning to see this movie all the way through. One day I soon I probably will. As a kid, I walked in on my mom watching this movie and I just saw the ending but I didn’t know the context.

  3. 1:21 Yes there was! It’s actually has a rather well known score by renewed composer Jerry Goldsmith who was nominated for an Academy Award for more than 15 movies including this one! Admittedly some of the precision choices are a bit odd, but it’s there. If you want to find a movie with no background musical at all I’d look for The China Syndrome.
    1:32-:47 I’m sorry, but the makeup still look more convincing to me than the horse mask. If for no other reason you can see the actors eyes. At the time it was actually pretty groundbreaking for the facial features flexing through.
    2:05 I’d actually forgotten about that completely!
    3:47-4:15 I don’t know if it was in the original script, but it was defiantly planned ahead. Even though one of the actors got sick from the heat. The director wanted an “unsettling” feeling of this unfamiliar world to linger.

  4. 5:23 I believe that was meant to be fruit.
    7:45 The g-rating didn’t even exist until the fall of 1968. This movie came out in spring of that year. They didn’t start limiting g-ratings to kids fare until sometime in the early 70s. Parent were complaining about to many “adult moments” in g-rated films. Even Gone with the Wind got a g-rating when it was rereleased at that time, which it really wouldn’t have gotten now.
    9:08 Judging your reaction I don’t you say that parody from The Simpsons.

    For the record I’m more interested in the experience of movies you’ve seen for the first time than hair-flips. In all fairness, I found this video to be rather unfocused. Too much talk about the aesthetics and not enough about story and characters. I wouldn’t worry if everyone already knows them. If it’s new to you, I’d want to get the feel of what it was like for you.

  5. I think the attention span and tolerance for older films really wore on Tamara and millenials for this one.

    It’s going against everything that’s been put in front of their face that’s fighting for their ever fleeting attention and dollars, so they find it difficult to let a scene “breathe” for more than a few seconds let alone two minutes!

    They could be seeing if somebody “liked” one of their social media streams on their phones in that time instead of wasting it on a movie that wants to establish atmosphere.

    • Whoa, you pulled no punches there.

      • Tamara is great, I love her energy and sense of humor…but I’m being real here about millenials.

        It’s not really their fault either, considering it’s people my age and older that raised this generation on the easy baby-sitter of electronic entertainment, and the giant media companies that deliver constant distraction and addictive feedback loops over social media.

        • Well I still remember when people were calling us the MTV generation. I don’t know whether I’m too old to be considered millennial. Does that apply to Generation Y or Z?

          What I do know is that one of the best things that happened in my teens was discovering a whole world of movie beyond the big new releases and hits of recent past. I tried to absorb as many older film regraded as classics, as I could. Both in English and in the Foreign market.

          If it weren’t for this, I might not have developed a tolerance for slower paced film until I was little older. While I may not have liked everything slow paced, it taught me to appreciate for how much more a movie could be when it didn’t just really on excess stimulius.

          This is why I hope Tamara will continue to reach beyond what kind movies she’s accustomed to. She may be starting sooner than I did, but she’s still being adventurous. She’ll learn.

          • I was born in the 90’s, yet as a teenager I watched old films and TV shows, and honestly I found a lot of them better than what was on TV and Cinema during the 2000’s, which also gave me a tolerance for slower paced media as well, and probably lowered my reactions to shock value.

    • Or maybe Planet of the Apes is just a shitty movie.

      • If you watch the video, she doesn’t hate it at all.

        However, it’s considered a classic of science fiction.

        So…while it may go over your head, and you have every right to dislike it…that’s certainly a minority opinion. There are a few movies everyone loves that I think are terrible.

        • Tamara has said in other videos that she really doesn’t hate anything…or at maybe she can’t seem to remember hating anything. I don’t know.

          Part of the reason I said this review seemed unfocused is that is was hard to tell what she how she felt about the movie as whole, only in parts. I had to really watch again to get this and even than seemed a little spotty on details.

          Also I’ve always said that an opinion that isn’t based on facts, doesn’t really mean anything. That’s the very essence of prejudice.

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