Planet of the Commercials – Nostalgia Critic

Sexy bunnies, creepy pandas, and a guy in a red rabbit suit. Of course this is how people advertise to us! Nostalgia Critic looks over the latest batch of commercials.

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  1. First!
    I’m scared of Pandas now.
    Also FIRST! (last week review) LET IT GO!

  2. I thought he only composed the music. Why is he talking about writing the whole commercial?

    Cadbury Eggs use to be really good but they changed the recipe and made them more disgusting in the mid to late 90s.

    I don’t see the Devo comparison. But that Chargertron jingle fits perfectly with Elektronik Supersonik.

    A classroom of kids. Only a classroom of kids? That doesn’t really sound like it’s that many.

  3. Aw, any excuse to use Chaplin is okay in my book. That cat toy was SO adorable. Yeah, I’m probably like 20 years younger than Doug and I remember having Flintstones vitamins until I was in college. The Flintstone vitamins interview was kind of pointless. I think I learned about My Buddy and Kid Sister from another Nostalgia Critic video. Also, the panda commercial WAS creepy and the monkey commercial was TERRIFYING. Even though I knew the kid commercial would be dark, I didn’t expect it to be THAT dark. O.O This was the scariest NC commercial video ever. O.O You KNOW I’m busy when I forget to post a comment.

  4. I’ve been watching NC since the early days (the days of shaky, low quality cam and massive swearing). I viewed almost all the NC’s work – good/less good reviews, collabs, specials, all the changes in video players, PG reviews, etc. But the work since his “return” has not managed to pull more than a chuckle (or two), maybe a laugh, except for the Commercial reviews. Today though the Ireland safe driving skit broke me and I was almost in tear laughing. It’s comedic gold.

    So thanks for reminding me of the old NC.

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