Playmate of the Apes – The Cinema Snob

You maniacs, you blew them all!

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  1. 0:51- We’ve instantly walked into a nightmare here, people. Be very afraid.

    1:55- Along with Rick Baker’s makeup, and Michael Clarke Duncan being a badass, I also love the opening credits music to Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes.

    2:52- Yeah, I also wish this was Passengers.

    4:40- The guy on the left isn’t wearing an ape mask. Instead, he’s wearing a fake beard.

    I don’t know if the ape version of Mount Rushmore is better or worse than Ape-braham Lincoln from the 2001 movie.

    11:23- Is this rap song here, because Mark Wahlberg use to rap?

    14:00- Holy shit, an actual funny joke. There is hope in this world after all.

    Well, this was a weird porno spoof, but I guess that’s expected for a movie from the same director of “The Bloody Video Horror That Made Me Puke on My Aunt Gertrude.”

  2. The Snob should team up with Linkara and Sage to review the Planet of the Apes Doujinshi by Sindoll

  3. What you did not find Misty Monday’s response to Dr. Cornholeius saying I love you funny? “I may be a lesbian but I am not a swinger!”
    An the built with snot reference is homage (or rip off) of Val Kilmer’s first movie Top Secret!.

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