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Is it possible for a sequel to be worse but also somehow better than the original?

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  1. Why’d he skip Pooh’s Grand Adventure: the Search for Christopher Robin?

  2. Wolfgang Von Frankenstein

    Jesus, I didn’t even know this one existed.

  3. Is there a reason that at the end of this video there is like thirty or so seconds of it just being a blank screen with no talking or anything? Was he going to explain why he skipped Pooh’s Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin? Was it an editing mistake? Were Pocahontas and John Rolfe sucked into a black hole? What the hell?

    Now that I commented on the end of the video, I must say that I LOVE the original movie, despite its flaws and I think it’s genuinely good. Anyway, I don’t think this sequel was a bad concept because the idea of her going to London is an interesting idea and continues the story. But it’s still bad because I thought it was weird that she went to Rolfe instead of with Smith (She had better chemistry with Smith in my opinion), it’s trying to seem more historically accurate to please the cry baby historians that complained about the original but is just as (if not more) historically inaccurate as the first movie, the villain is still lame, it makes NO SENSE that the villain would be in power because he said he was never popular among the King or the court and the settlers were sure to pronounce him as a traitor, and just sucks. I know most complain about it because of her ending up with Rolfe and I agree with that but I think about it a little deeper than that. It kind of questions some choices. Smith seems more like a jerk to make Rolfe look good, Pocahontas was mourning him for so long and went through so much trouble for him that it seems weird that she’d go to Rolfe instead of Smith, and really is a slap in the face to the fans of the original just to please those cry baby historians. Good concept but poorly executed!

  4. I applaud this mediocre but still better sequel tried to stick to history, with Rolfe’s introduction.

  5. Everytime I watch the first one I wonder why the hell they made Smith the love interest. I’m at least glad for some semblance of historical accuracy they put in Rolfe as her love interest. Though, I still think the sequel should have ended with her death after returning to the Americas.

  6. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    Again, who is this audience you’re referring to? There were tons of kids who love Pocahontas and many adults to this day still love the movie. Maybe now a days we’re recognizing the flaws a bit more, but it’s not like the majority had no love for the film whatsoever. And by Hercules it was pretty clear that there was no intention to make a historically accurate story, just an interesting entertaining one. I can’t help but feel that there’s just this subtle divide of 80’s kids vs millienials kind of mentality with these things. It’s not the fact that he says he didn’t like something or why he didn’t that bugs me, it’s the fact that he speaks as though everybody knew or felt this way when clearly there’s a whole generation that says otherwise.

    • Well, from what I can gather, the film barely broke even at the box office and wasn’t well received by most critics when it came out, so maybe that’s what he’s referring to. It was also a similar case with Hercules. While most people my age I knew loved it, I was shocked when I did some research and discovered that it was Disney’s first box office bomb since Rescuers Down Under.

  7. Bear Baiting is indeed a thing. So, good for them on their history.

  8. I didn’t know that people didn’t like Pocahontas. O.O I loved it as a kid. On the other hand, I remember hating Pocahontas 2. I thought it was too depressing: I hated that they broke up John Smith and Pocahontas and the bear torture scene horrified me as a kid.

  9. If you want a great film about Pocahontas, check out “The New World” directed by Terrence Malick, with Colin Farrel, Christian Bale, and Christopher Plummer

  10. It’s actually interesting that he mentions that some of the best parts in this movie happens in the middle. I saw this movie as a child and to this day, I really only remember up to the part with her saving the bear.

  11. thatchickwithlonghair

    Huh…..that DOES sound more interesting. lol (no, I didn’t see this one)

  12. I think Doug watched a different film because in my opinion from child prespective and current me, this sequel is so terrible that it’s a comedy. The romance appears out of no where, there is logic in most areas where it is just missing, character development is eh. From what he says, this film is not as predictable as the first? It is soooo predictable it’s a story that has been tread on before. Character A is introduced to Character B’s world and attempts or is forced to adapt and must struggle with losing their morals and identity to something else they disagree with. I will give it to the movie in that some of the quiet expressions of no dialogue are good, but there is so few of them to give the movie proper credit. Pocahontas really drops her “love” of John Smith from the first film to this film. Sure she believes he died, and maybe she moved on, making her relationship with Rolfe a possibility, yet we don’t see that sadness, struggle, or transition at all Rather “Oh noooo J.S. is dead… aw that’s sad… oh this other Englishman is nice to me occasionally though does not take the time to learn about me as much… I so love him.”
    If anything watch P2 with a group of friends and some drinks, have a good time.

  13. Um, why is there a minute of nothing at the end? Oh well, this was still nice. This review was kind of interesting. I don’t care much for the original. It’s just okay. This looks the same way.

  14. You mean the Old World to White or Caucasian ones which you know you are one like me or most people online or so it seems.

  15. Find out about and please review Pooh’s Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin (1997).

  16. Can somebody please tell me what’s supposed to be so awful about Disney’s Pocahontas? Historical inaccuracy? A focus on mysticism than can’t really happen? It’s a goddamned adventurer’s lies turned into a pretty involving fairy tale. Nobody calls Anastasia or Disney’s Hunchback “the worst” for inaccuracy!

    No, seriously! I’m not asking rhetorical questions! Did all the kids pass on talking about what they felt about this movie and it was left to cynical movie critics? Don’t get me wrong– I’m a cynic and a critic. But I REALLY don’t get the hate for this movie. In fact, I hear SO few opinions about this movie that I am going to guess that “everyone hates Pocahontas” is a straight-up fabrication perpetuated by reviewers and critics and that most people either thought it was alright or good, and most people just don’t say anything.

    Pocahontas does what it set out to do just fine and– just like with Space Jam, goddamned people– it SUCCEEDED at capturing its target audience. Not as MUCH as Space Jam, but whatever. Pocahontas isn’t one of the BEST traditionally-animated movies (I attribute that title to The Secret of NIMH, Lilo & Stitch, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and a few others), but I am hard-pressed to find one thing that actually irks me about it.

  17. It’s a shame it didn’t pan out.

  18. People didn’t like the first Pocahontas? Seriously? I mean it’s racist as hell, adn that dog and racoon thing should go, and the….oh. . .Okay, I get it — but man Paint with all the Colours of the Wind and Savages were fucking great songs.

  19. BTW: Bear-baiting was still legal at the time, yes , it was totally a thing. Also, the kings of the day were nutjobs, having Pocahontas pass as “civilized” is easily broken because. . .you met a racist?

    This movie feels like an apology for the first — except it’s just boring. The only interesting bit is the character interaction with the world itself – -the plot is just…bah.

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