Pop Quiz Hotshot: Bat Nipples

NC hosts the brand new Pop Quiz Hot Shot! Whoever wins or loses, SOMEBODY’S not going home!

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  1. Whoah, it’s finally back!

    • Ok, first of all, this was a massive improvement over the first episode.

      I actually prefer Doug as the host over Brad since he seems to come up with wittier jokes based on the questions asked and Doug just seems to have more energy overall.

      I don’t know what kind of microphone was used in the first episode, but the microphone in this one looks cheaper worked a hell of a lot better. I could actually hear everyone clearer.

      I enjoyed the 2 contestants more than the previous ones, especially Ryan the Popeye guy. I thought Tom was also quite witty in his remarks to the NC and the questions. Good job on getting pretty interesting contestants this time around. I also liked how Fard Muhammad had more lines in this episode.

      The canned audience sounded a bit quiet knowing that the episode was filmed in an empty set, so maybe more dominant laugh tracks and cheering would help build up the illusion it’s not in a quiet set.

      Great job on listening to the feedback and making much better improvements to this episode in comparison to the first one. Looking forward to the next episode!

      • Actually, we did have an audience this time around. 😉

        Thanks so much for the feedback! Always glad to have more lines. 🙂

        • It was a bit hard for me to tell if it was an actual audience or if it was inserted during editing. But glad to know it was a real one!

          Glad you’re being more involved with productions since Dragonbored and hope to see you in more stuff! 🙂

      • Ryan M. Maxwwell

        Glad you liked my Popeye!

      • To explain the microphone thing from a technical level, the one in the first video is a shotgun microphone, it has a narrow but very long pick-up range. If you want to pick up distant conversation in a crowd but not the crowd itself, that’s the kind of thing you’d use it for. The problem is its narrow pick-up range, so whenver Brad moved his head from directly in front of it, his voice dropped.

        The one Doug has now is a more traditional microphone, could be one of several technical types, but is probably a cardiload or omnidirectional, which has a short but very wide range, so yes, we can hear them much better because this mic can pick up the sound from all over the environment, just not very loudly. But for a host’s microphone, pick-up range isn’t a concern since it’s a few inches from your face.

    • I feel sorry for Brad. To be associated with this juvenile 2004 crapfest must be humiliating. Please let TGWTG die without embarrassing yourself any further.

  2. BlipTV! BlipTV! NOT SCREENWAVE!!!

    • I’ve heard some producers are having problems with Blip at present (i.e. Blip not paying them) so many are looking elsewhere to post their videos.

      • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

        Also videos aren’t loading when watched directly on Blip. The site as a whole is deteriorating and everyone can tell. Even non-producers

        • Oh good it’s not just me. I tried to watch some of Linkara’s videos there today and just got a black box. And I hated Screenwave too, but then I found someone else’s comment on a different video saying to select a resolution and not leave it on Auto and that fixed all my problems (portions of video repeating, picture freezing while the audio played on, sudden drops in video and/or audio quality, and random aspect ratio changes). So yeah, don’t let Screenwave try to pick a resolution for you. The other problem I have is it’ll only load so far when I leave it paused, which sadly is the way of things with lots of video players these days and isn’t so great for people like me with crappy internet.

          • SailorRustyBacon

            Oh I’m glad it’s not just me, then (having the same problems with Blip, Screenwave and Youtube since last Thursday). My internet is just fine, it’s just that all of the flash players were having trouble loading for me :/ It felt like my dial-up days.

    • Blip TV sucks, they dont pay out ad revenue anymore. he links to Blip so whats the problem?

  3. Oh, my God, the game show clusterfuck continues. Brad Jones was the closest thing the first episode had to a saving grace, and now even he’s managed to escape. No, no, but I’m sure it was “scheduling difficulties,” right, and not the fact that this entire project has been an unmitigated disaster of colossal proportions from day one, wasting literally tens of thousands of dollars collected from dedicated fans.

    How many attempts at a pilot were filmed with Brad? Was it sixteen? I want to say it was sixteen. I know it was at least a dozen — at least a dozen desperate attempts to produce a workable episode, and from that batch, we got one. Now Doug’s stepped in to host the show personally, playing a character we all know he hates (A) to get more views and (B) no doubt because they can’t afford to pay someone else to host anymore, so, fuck it, why not?

    • Did you even watch the episode? It was a vast improvement over the first one.

    • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

      Of course the changes were about views, wouldn’t viewers want to see an improved show? And tell me, when did Doug say he hates playing the Nostalgia Critic. Are you sure you weren’t talking about Ask That Guy?

    • Doug has stated before that he loves overacting, and he does that all the time as Nostalgia Critic. I don’t know where you got the idea he hated it. Nostalgia Critic is basically just Doug anyway.

    • So when did doug say he hates the character you stupid idiot? Just because stopped doing it for awhile doesn’t mean he hates it but you’re too stupid to get that aren’t you? Secondly go watching something else if your gonna be so critical.

      • Easy now Rachel….dude just didn’t like it. I thought it was f’n awesome….but this dude just didn’t get it. The awkward laughter at try-hard Popeye Guy, but that Tom was a killer. Points wise, not really humor wise, which was fine, he still played well off the NC and NC played VERY well off him…I’m glad Tom won, though I want to see NC win. Of course seeing him lose EVERY time may be very opportunistic as a laugh for me, because I don’t remember a bit of those things, and seeing NC punished and lose is just a guilty pleasure….I mean he’s the king…and this episode was funny as heck.

  4. Very entertaining… for what I was able to see (first 5 minutes).
    The buffering on screenwave is a NIGHTMARE.

  5. I posted this on Doug’s Facebook page, but just to make sure the point is noticed, I’ll copy and paste it here:

    I think that in terms of pacing and so forth, this is much better than the pilot, although I’d have loved to see Brad return. There is one thing I would suggest altering: your use of the word ‘spaz’ in ‘Spazzies’ and ‘spaz attack’. I appreciate that this isn’t the case in American English, but in British English, ‘spaz’ (along with ‘spastic’) is an offensive term for a disabled person, especially one who suffers from cerebral palsy. Although I understand that no offence was intended, hearing it in the show is somewhat jarring.

    • People with cerebral and other neurological problems like epilepsy in the States consider it a slur as well.

    • Worse things have been said on this site, and you get offended by spaz? Guess Brits shouldn’t be allowed to call cigarettes [REDACTED] either.

      • First, you are attributing a view to me that I never expressed. I was not offended personally by the use of the word ‘spaz’ because, as with the divide in usage you note with the word ‘fag’, I was already aware of the difference in meaning between British and American English. This is precisely why I opted to put it forward politely as a suggestion rather than as a problem that must be immediately rectified as a matter of moral imperative.

        Second, the mere fact that offensive language is used by contributors to the site does not mean that the contributors should never be made aware when certain terminology could prove problematic, particularly where (as in this case) it may stem simply from not knowing that the relevant terminology has different connotations overseas. Indeed, I recall Lewis being alerted to this very example after using ‘spaz’ in a Linkara video, which he later apologised for, explaining that he genuinely did not know at the time that the term has such a taboo status in British English. This is not to say that Doug is obligated to follow Lewis’ example: rather, it shows how a contributor might not intend offence in the first place and choose to be more cautious in the future.

        Third, the term ‘spaz’ has a particularly unfortunate history in the UK, which is why its connotations are so negative here. There was a period in our recent history (especially the late 1970s and early 1980s) when it was, for lack of a better term, fashionable to make fun of the disabled. The modern taboo status of ‘spaz’ here results in large part from the backlash against this particularly ugly and mean-spirited chapter in our cultural history. As such, there are good reasons to avoid using the term, which Doug would be well-advised to take into consideration, even if he decides ultimately that any perceived insensitivity on his part will not be sufficiently significant to cease its use altogether.

        • I’m from the UK as well and am glad you said some thing. I know it’s not meant in an offensive way and I’m really enjoying the show but I don’t think I’m going to watch it after this episode. I know doug doesn’t mean it but giving our cultural context I feel that I shouldn’t watch some thing that uses that language. Yes , or course this site says offensive things, but they don’t use language that would be consider oppressive.

          • but it’s not opressive because as it was not intended to be by the speaker, a word has no meaning on it’s own it’s only when a human being aplies meaning to it that it becomes anything. so ultimatly the speakers intentions with the word are what really matters. you just have to keep in mind your watching an american show where the term means something else

            i do understand it can be jaring to hear a word with negative conotations. i have experienced this with japanese anime where they say the word hentai, which to western culturs such as USA means drawn porn. but ultimatly in their own language and with it’s intended use it just means pervert. now this particular situation seems bit more serious then that. so your stance is understandable. but considering the context of the show itself and the fact they arn’t even remotly related to disabled people within context. you taking a rather extream stance on this.
            when reduced to it’s simpleist meaning you basicaly said
            they said a word i don’t like so i won’t watch it.

            when frased like that it sounds stupid, hence the point. your stance is still you own and it’s your decision. so i’m simply giving you a new perspective to look at where you could possibly enjoy the show. which you may or may not have helped pay for.

          • now i’m wishing i read my previus comment befor clicking post. basicaly what i was trying to say was.

            just because they said a word you don’t like you probably shouldn’t not watch it at all. it sounded like you still enjoyed the show despite the word “spaz” being in it.

            and considering in context the use of the word spaz and spazies seems in no way even remotely related to the british meaning it seems like a somewhat odd to abandon the show your “…really enjoying…” simply because there’s a word you don’t like in it.

            but again the decision is yours but i think given the right information you might want to reconsider. although now i’m wishing i could delete these commetns because it’s not realy anyones place to judge another but i already posted the first one can’t delete it and need to furthar explain my reasoning

  6. Yea, if we could have that on a video hosting platform that actually works that would be great…

  7. InfinitySorcerer625

    I must admit, this episode is a Vast Improvement over the previous one. Tighter editing, better lighting, an actual audience, lack of Tamara as Miss Stockholm, etc.. While some may be saddened by the departure of Brad Jones as host, I think I prefer Doug’s hosting better. He seems to have better chemistry with the contestants and seems engaged in hosting the show, something Brad I think was lacking. Overall, this gives me hope that things are improving for this show.

  8. Greatly improved over the pilot episode. This was actually fun!

  9. This awesome!!!!!!!! I can’t wait for more episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Shorter, studio audience, letting the contestants get in on the humor, themed questions per episode, all these things are HUGE improvements from last time. Although I kinda miss Miss Stockholm, and I’m not sure about the spazzies, but we’ll see.

  11. DarkenedWolfEye

    I’m liking this better; there’s more of a rapport between everyone involved. I realize that we can’t have perfect contestants every time, but it’s noticeably better when you find good people. Doug as the host makes more sense to me, not that I didn’t like Brad, but (and I mean this in the best way possible) Brad always seemed above kidnapping people, while the Critic certainly gave the impression that he was not ‘too stable’ to do that.
    I do miss Tamara and Malcolm, but seeing as they’re in the main show, it isn’t as though we don’t still get to see them a bunch.

  12. I wish I lived in America so I could apply to join in on these…

  13. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Way better than the last one and the audience was genius it made it way better wnd i think I’ll watch more. I loved the game at the beginning and i loved the nipples being put on Joel Schumacher(the man who ruined the batman films with batman and robin). Love the commradere between you guys and i wouldn’t mine if Doug hosted more then Brad (plus wouldn’t mined it being shorter like the length of this episode). Also had parts of screenwave pause on me but the audio was still playing so if you could fix that it would be fine but none theless screenwave works fine onvthe tablet im on now.

  14. I liked it! The questions were just the right amount of difficulty. Not too hard, not too easy.
    At first I had to get over that feeling like “It feels like a NC sketch/gag.” Probably just because I’ve seen so many.
    I do enjoy the premise of the host kidnapping the contestants. You could build story arcs around that. Like have NC show up with a bleeding arm after failing to kidnap someone or have the set gradually deteriorate “Redlettermedia” style as it becomes less a fancy show set and more a smiling-faced dungeon.
    The contestants may have been picked for their trivia knowledge rather than comedy value, but they did get a few laughs out of me.
    It’s funny to me (has a lot more going for it than Demo Reel did). I just don’t think it’ll set the world on fire. I definitely look forward to more. (BTW I don’t know anything about the stuff going behind the scenes and was going into this relatively blind).

  15. That’s a nice looking SPAS-12 shotgun.

  16. It’s nice to see a new series! I guess you’re most active in Finland than you thought. Okay, this was obviously filmed previously. It’s still pretty funny. I was hoping the Nostalgia Critic would die at the end. You can just force Malcolm and Rachel to be your friends.

  17. I know it’s better than the last one, but this was still painful to watch. I don’t know where they found the contestants, but watching them try to interact with Doug was making me cringe. Even Doug seemed uncomfortable and unable to get any decent dialog going between questions. The whole thing felt forced and under developed (I know it’s only the second episode). It’s like there is no interest in producing this show, but promises were made so they are force to shoot a few episodes.
    I hope there is more improvement with the game show. Maybe just simplify things a little. Try to remove the character personalities and shoot it straight. Instead of Nostalgia Critic lets see Doug Walker (or Brad Jones again). Instead of those spaz animations just have an alarm go off to prompt them to hit their buzzers. I would rather see a simple and solid game show first, and then add all the bells and whistles later.

  18. QUESTION: Why is there cartoon depictions of Tarson strewn about?

  19. This player doesn’t work for meeee ! Can’t watch the video 🙁

  20. While it is a massive improvement from the first. (They seriously shopped that around to networks… that is a hilarious lack of awareness) With that being said this show still sucks hard, the production value went up but still looks like an arts and crafts nightmare, it is still as insufferable as ever though I am glad they gave the contestants the chance to get in on the humor. I would rather see Brad again and not see the Nostalgia Critic doing the Nostalgia Critic, the shtick is old and tired.

    Please don’t let there be another episode.

    • Oh shut the hell up you stupid asshole and watching something “waah please don’t let there be another episode” it’s not your damn show stupid! And stop asking for Doug NC is fine just shut up and watching something else!

  21. I'mVeryAngryIt'sNotButter

    One rule change I’d like to suggest: Do a Dare/Double Dare/Physical Challenge type system of passing, but with a comedy twist.

    Each question starts at a value of 10 points. Giving the right answer earns you the points, giving the wrong answer gives the points to your opponent. However, giving a funny wrong answer causes the question to instead pass to the other player and double in value. After a question is passed two times in this manner, the player can opt for a physical challenge.

  22. Well.. not bad.

    I’d still love if the question was actually written on the screen instead of just being read out, it would let the viewer participate more by having more time to answer before the contestant.

    Also, I kinda think the hostage thing might get really old really fast. But we will see. Looking forward for more!

  23. Anyone else experiencing this? It’s really weird.

    Video played just fine for the first five minutes, but then it suddenly went all 2005 on me. (It went to full screen instead of wide screen, then went poor quality/blurry) And then it started skipping around. It’s possible it’s my internet since it’s been kind of janky lately, but I want to try and pinpoint the problem… Is that Screenwave, the site, or me?

    • thats what happens when you leave the screenwave resolution on “auto”. it decides to start jumping around between them which leads to those problems. pick a resolution for it, and the video should play smoothly

    • Screenwave. As soon as you watch a video with it, lock in your resolution instead of leaving it at “Auto.”

  24. Ehhhh… The kidnapping/murder gimmick is kinda… stupid.

    Also, the opening game thing… Double Dare was entertaining for kids.

  25. We need more positive comments on here so heres one. I highly enjoyed this episode, i laughed my ass off at it. Seriously, im sitting here without an ass now! Thanks Doug, thanks a lot!

    Nah but if you keep up the humor like you did in this episode, id gladly watch more of these. Much better than the pilot, thats for sure

  26. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance. That’s why I tried to watch this quiz show again.
    I find it vastly superior to the pilot, but still, I don’t like it.
    I can see that you listened to the suggestions of the viewers and that’s good. Maybe you can refine this into a proper show and find the audience for it, but for me it doesn’t work.
    I wish you the best with this project, but I will walk away, burn the bridge and never look back at this again. It’s not for me.

  27. These aren’t so bad. This was pretty funny. It was SO improved.

  28. I was born a bit too young to get some of the references off the top of my head so I’d probably fail horribly having to rely only on my own horrible sense of humor.

    which is funnier for the little people question?

    The Smurfs

    or Leprechaun back in the hood.

  29. Not too bad but could you either insert a laugh track because it only sounded like there was one person laughing. also could you next time turn up the contestants microphones we can barely hear them over doug’s microphones kind of loses the laughs if you can’t hear the contestants responses to make doug laugh.

  30. The Masked Donut

    This was better than the pilot, but looking through some of the comments, I feel like one remark is notably absent: the structure of the quiz show is too repetitive.

    It starts off with some cool physical activity [I appreciate you can’t do that every 2 minutes or anything], but then it’s just 20 minutes straight of questions. There was the Spaz attack, and someone had to wear a popeye costume [credit where it’s due, that was genius], but that doesn’t change the nature of the game. Questions are still worth 10 points, and the guy who had fallen behind had little chance to catch up. I feel like there need to be more strategic elements in play for the contestants to play the audience can still have a sense that things can still change. Fair or not, it just makes a more engaging experience. It could be as simple as having lightning rounds where they have to outbuzz each other for a few questions, or being able to bet points. In fact, free idea, instead of betting whether you’ll get a question right, bet whether the other person will get one wrong. It would be more mean spirited than jeopardy, but that’s kinda the point isn’t it?

    Anyway, hope to see more and hope that things keep evolving.

    • bingo. therein lies the problem with this show. they changed a lot of the other problems but not one of the biggest and most glaring (what even was the point of the opening game?). the show isn’t very interesting because it’s the same thing for about 20 minutes straight. if one person gets the lead early then there’s very little reason to finish the episode (except maybe for the occasional funny joke, i guess).

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