Pop Quiz Hotshot: Alf’s Penis Nose

Cover your 80s shame! Plus, easily the strangest answers we’ve gotten yet in an episode. Just try to make sense of the first one.

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  1. You know animals do have snouts to does EVERYTHING have to be phallic with you? It was allowed on 80’s TV because only you see it that way.

  2. OMG! I had that Alf doll!!!!

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Wow general anesthetic you seem way awesomer then before(but i bet you have a soft spot in there somewhere i just know it!). Cool episode though and it seems really sad that david is dead and won’t have his job at pixar (but he’s probably still alive just like ed was last week and probably all the other contestants that got shot by the general). But i have a question mr.general where do you buy all your guns cause i wanna go to that place and then i can say that i shopped at the same gun store as the general did?

  4. Interesting three Mel Brooks films and three movies that Dough has reviewed on here.

  5. I wouldn’t mind getting shot by the general. That is, you know, if I was going to get shot.

  6. Will you cover the (lackluster) ALF movie at some point in the future?

  7. That cheating rewind thing made me LOL. Also, NO! Not David! How will he get Pixar to stop making Car sequels?

  8. The wrong answer to the Blade Runner question had me laughing. Funny considering it’s my favorite movie.

  9. Acetylsalicilique

    If only he had responded

    “You will only make him…
    – Make my monster grow !”

  10. Wondering if there’s an Animaniacs themed Pop Quiz Hotshot episode coming soon. But here’s one thing, get only 2 people who remembers Animaniacs, not anyone who doesn’t.

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