Pop Quiz Hotshot: Bunny Boobies

What kind of a looney name is Lola anyway?

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  1. Note to people who want to go on this show: please don’t prove your an NC fan by just using random NC jokes as answers. I don’t care if I got a laugh from them, it’s just not going to save you for long.

  2. Never had to kill Santa Claus, huh? I guess beating Santa Christ to death doesn’t count….

  3. I always enjoy this show for the most part, but after last week’s episode which was really good since it was Stat Wars based (which should have honestly been this week), this episode seemed tough for Doug and Fard since the Pony guy was a bit…. off. Even Santa seemed a bit irritated by him.

    Maybe do better prescreening of the contestants before choosing them because sometimes you never know what kind of wackos you might get.

  4. I think what this game show needs is a qualifying round. This is where they can weed out the contestants so you can have two that just might know more and were not stuck with another “Ed” if you know what I mean.

  5. where do you get these people? one has never seen a movie, while the other is a creepy brony.

  6. Hang in there, Doug LOL Not sure if double troll or both that dumb .-.

  7. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Love the brony guy since I myself am a 16 year old brony(and a single handsome bachelor in the 10th grade thank you very much) but man I’m glad that Santa guy died but I’m surprised Doug didn’t compare Alex’s Santa sound to rob since he sounds like Rob’s Santa Christ character(or am I just the only one missing that)!!!

  8. ♪ Her name is Lola, she is a cartoon, with big old yellow ears and for mysterious bunny boobs. ♪

  9. Wow, Brony Fanfic Guy was the absolute worst. Sure, the other guy is an idiot for signing up for a trivia gameshow while not knowing any sort of trivia, but Brony Guy did, too, on top of being extra stupid and annoying. Thankfully, he probably doesn’t have any friends or close family to be embarrassed by this. Unfortunately, Nostalgia Critic fans and also probably bronies do exist to be embarrassed by him.

  10. I’m surprised that Alex got the Jessica Rabbit question wrong. Christian can really think on his feet though. O.O I’ve never seen Predator so Alex is better than me in that regard. I actually answered the Mask for the Eternal Spotless mind question, too! These episodes have been especially funny lately.

  11. I fucking love how this episode displays how cringe-worthy the whole Channel Awesome fandom is.

  12. WTF did I just watch?

  13. Damn, that Christian guy is annoying and not because he writes pony fanfiction. He does the same thing that a lot of contestants on this show do: They are desperately trying to be “funny” but it just comes of as contrived, unnatural, awkward, forced and annoying.

    • Personally I don’t have much of a problem with people watching shows that are not written for their age-group or gender. They are not hurting anyone so whatever. It’s not my cup of tea but to each their own as long as they don’t hurt other humans or animals.
      I found Christian annoying for the same reason I think many of the contestants are annoying. Because they are desperately trying to be funny and 9 times out of 10 they fail miserably and annoy the audience by doing so. It’s not that just this Christian guy is doing this and it has nothing to do with him watching My Little Pony.

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