Pop Quiz Hotshot: David Bowie’s Codpiece

Let’s make our pants a little tighter!

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  1. Wait, is this episode 2 or 3? Is the pilot with Brad Jones episode 1 or was the previous episode a reboot? I’m confused.

    Pretty good episode, although the contestants weren’t as interesting this time around. I would have liked to hear Ian do more Yoda voices. I’m glad Pop Quiz Hotshot is now a weekly show and looking forward to the next episode.

    Seeing Doug as David Bowie really makes me miss JewWario too…

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Good job Doug good episode(though I didn’t like it as much as the last one but still pretty good). I believe I heard Barney in the background but I can’t be sure was it him me.Fard Muhammad. Also mr.muhammad will you be in any nc episodes and can you ask the critic what the next movie he will be reviewing?

  3. Doug you should try a special episode where you get some comedian friends to come on down. Maybe Team4star would be up for it.

  4. That was awkwardly delightful & disturbingly funny! xD

  5. Chicago? I have to live in the Chicago area to be on this show? Shoot.

  6. This…looks like something a grade school would put on for a play. Some background music or something might help liven it up? Also, are you trying to channel Marc Summers in the beginning? Maybe 90s kids game shows aren’t the right feel for this show. Perhaps try modern day Family Feud, or even some of the late seventies shows.

  7. You had me at “David Bowie.”

  8. Critics on medication?
    …never mind, that makes sense….
    (Good episode! The opening always makes e feel sorry for the critic though: ‘I had no friends’…)

  9. Who's That Girl?

    Overall, I think the show premise is pretty fun and silly. I like the costume/voice gags/punishments. I’m not good at movie trivia, so the questions are boring to me; I like the “make me laugh” part if you get it wrong. That usually entertains me. I do feel like Doug is working really hard in this show to keep it moving, keep the energy up, continually talking so there’s no dead air. Doug is made to be a performer! He just seems to know what it takes and is willing to put himself in it 100%. I totally respect him for that! That being said, sometimes his constant jabbering annoys me :P. In any case, I’m happy that the crew is trying something different, breaking away from just reviews. But, I’m someone that loves the skits in the NC reviews, loves the features they’ve done (Dragonbored, etc.), so I’m totally craving more stuff like that.

  10. Who's That Girl?

    Oh, and I agree — more Fard in the Channel Awesome world!

  11. I’m loving this new show critic! Please, make more and I WILL watch AND enjoy the crap outa them (not that it HAS any crap, but you get the picture)!

  12. Nope, still not feeling it. I mean the show has clearly improved, but it’s not very interesting. I’m glad I didn’t sink any money into this project. The game itself just isn’t very interesting. It needs more variety. The physical challenges or whatever they are need to have more effect on the game, and if you’re going to have them have more than one.

    Here’s an idea. Actually watch a variety of game shows and see how they mix things up and keep things interesting, especially quiz shows. I mean for example, Jeopardy. It has Daily Doubles. The questions get progressively harder and are divided by category and have different point values (which contestants can choose so there’s a strategy to it). The first round is different than the second round too. Points are doubled and categories changed (making it easier for other contestants to catch up).

    Or take Who Wants to be a Millionaire (I clearly don’t watch a lot of quiz shows…. maybe another problem with this project). In that show you have different Life Lines which kind of spice up the game play, the categories get harder. And you can choose to keep the money or risk it. Also the host talks with the contestant about the question quite a bit.

    Or take something that’s not a quiz show, Wheel of Fortune. Puzzles are divided by category. They have different puzzles that are played different ways (like the Before and After). You can buy vowels or get money for consonants. Plus you have things like the Bankruptcy which keeps everyone in the game by not letting anyone get too far ahead (the more they are winning, the bigger their chance of losing everything).

    Even Double Dare (which this seems to be most inspired by) is a bit more interesting from a gameplay perspective than this. Where are all the comments on these videos BTW? They seem to be fewer and fewer with each video.

  13. HermioneHotpants

    I only saw the first episode of this, then horrible, show. This is the second episode I watched and I have to say they managed to make the show a lot more fun to watch. Well done.

  14. Yeah, these are now pretty good. The spazzy cartoons are kinda stupid but besides that, I completely approve. 😀

  15. Kris Stark-Holmes

    Seriously, what’s the one thing you can’t say online?? Was that a joke or ??

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