Pop Quiz Hotshot: Ed, Edd, and SHUT UP!

Has NC met his match with his most aggravating contestant?

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  1. Best episode yet!

  2. It’s sad because I’m watching this while eating a jaw breaker 0_0

  3. Crossover Princess

    I don’t what’s better: Ed… or the fact that when he was Batman he used THAT quote…

  4. The guy playing Ed really did a great job.

  5. That Ed cosplayer guy was spot on!

  6. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Hailrious love it when the ed contestant showed up at the end and loved how you put a link to his facebook. This has been the best pop quiz hotshot yet but i hope you get the other edd brothers on here. I loved the contestant who even won just because he had my name and hes probably my twin clone. I hope the contestants next week are way funnier and way to go!

  7. I know that guy! He was at Anime Midwest for the last two years as that cosplay. Holy shit, it’s great that he’s now going places.

  8. You should give the answers when they don’t know it… I had to google a couple of them… awesome show otherwise..

  9. I get the feeling Doug doesn’t genuinely like Ed Edd n Eddy which is said cause i considered it one of the greatest slaptick cartoons ever.

    Makes me really worry what he really thinks of shows like PPG or Dexters laboratory

  10. This made me nostalgic and this was also hilarious

  11. This is honestly the most realistic future for Ed, a trivia show about movies.

  12. Good episode, the pacing has much improved.

  13. you’d think that after the first round the guy would quit his act.
    but no, omg he just kept going!! couldent bring my self to watch the rest, to much cringe.
    hope he diden’t win >.<

    • Ethan here. He actually kept his act up between cuts. We also had lunch between round one and round two and Ed kept his act. Critic finally had to tell him to tone it down. He didn’t care if he was in character on set but not outside the set.

  14. Sorry, this isn’t working. I suppose I’ll just skip this series.

    (I know I’m of the complete opposite opinion as everybody else before this comment, but well… I suppose people are different and have different tastes. For me, it’s just not working, sorry.)

    • HermioneHotpants

      I don’t particularly like this show either. I’m still watching it sometimes when I’m bored but it doesn’t give me much enjoyment. I don’t really know why I keep watching. It’s pretty boring and slightly annoying. It has gotten better since the beginning I have to admit but it’s still not very good.

  15. Nostalgia Critic, I think from now on, you’re gonna need to check out some of these people’s backgrounds before kidnapping them.

  16. Cringeworthy… I guess at this point I’ll stop watching.

  17. This is the first time I’ve watched an episode of PQH. I really like that Ed from Ed Edd n Eddy is in this one.

  18. OMG, that Ed cosplayer was childhood. Also, Antz. Ooh, I also like the Rock, Paper, Scissors idea.

  19. I don’t think shooting Ed in the head would work. You have to have a brain for a headshot to kill you.

    Maybe they should’ve just used a wood chipper.

  20. HermioneHotpants

    Too bad Brad Jones (Cinemasnob) isn’t hosting the show anymore. It’s not that Nostalgia Critic is bad but it’s nice to see some variety.

  21. HermioneHotpants

    I’m torn about the guy who is roleplaying the character from Ed, Edd ‘n Eddy. On one hand I kind of admire him for doing it and trying to make the show more entertaining but I absolutely HATE how it turns out. It’s not funny. It’s just annoying.

  22. The General wields a SPAS 12 and yet we hear full auto gunfire. Ed lives.

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