Pop Quiz Hotshot: Episode 9 – Star Wars

How big of a Star Wars nerd are you? Test your skills in our special Star Wars edition!

If you’d like to be a contestant and live in the Chicago area, send us an email with a link to a short ‘about me’ video here.

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  1. Bothons are more prominent in the EU they are a race of humanoid canines. Think werewolves from the original Teen wolf but with a more dog like face.

  2. lol, I was expecting Rob to play the Emperor since he played the Executor in To Boldly Flee, but Doug did a pretty good job, although I can’t imagine what wonders doing that voice did for his throat. 😛

    Both contestants were pretty knowledgable which made for a far more entertaining show than the last one. I’ll be looking for John’s failed YouTube channel now. 🙂

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Yeah the link to the devintart page is as followed:
    I will definitely check his work out but let’s hope he’s not deaf(probably not but still general anethestetic probably forced choked him to death(which in my mind I’m imagining is awesome).

  4. I would of mopped the floor in this episode. I knew every single answer.

  5. I don’t even consider myself a huge Star Wars fan but I knew all but 2-3 of these questions. So are these questions just easy or is the bar for being a huge Star Wars fan just that high?

    • I don’t consider myself a huge Star wars geek either, but I knew them all except for a couple of the Threepio quotes I wasn’t sure about.
      Guess the bar may well be a bit low.

  6. “Moff” is his rank, not his name.

    • Grand Moff actually. (His first name is Wilhuff) But yes, those questions really weren’t even remotely difficult. Also, Threepio is usually how it’s written out.

  7. Well, this is better than the last one where they purposely gave wrong answers.

  8. Late Nakagawa Ryou

    I don’t know where it started or if it’s official, but Threepio is used all the time in books and comics and whatnot. It seems to be an accepted alternate spelling. Same with Artoo for R2-D2.

  9. This is the perfect episode in time for The Force Awakens. 😀 Good job. Also, I learned something scary about myself. I got most of the prequel answers right. O.O

  10. This show could be somewhat decent if the contestants weren’t trying to come up with “funny” answers. I found this episode a lot more watchable than the previous one simply because the contestants were at least trying to give the right answers to the questions.

    • This was an episode that was pretty watchable. Mostly due to contestant John I have to say. He wasn’t constantly trying to be “funny” and he wasn’t acting over-the-top and annoying.

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