Pop Quiz Hotshot: Iron Man’s Coke

Nostalgia Critic sees who can help Robert Downey Jr. the fastest. Also, wanna know where we found that Chris Rock impersonator?

Check out Carey Anderson’s work here: https://xypherstudio.wordpress.com/

Give Minuto AKA Chris Rock from the Nostalgia Critic: Osmosis Jones review and contestant from this week’s episode a follow: https://twitter.com/SoMuchMinuto

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  1. This is one of the best episodes so far! I wish I could be on it, but I don’t live near Chicago.

  2. Another great episode, even better than the previous one.

    It was great seeing Chris Rock from the Osmosis Jones review as a contestant and Shader was mostly funny not for his outfit, but the way he tried to fight both Doug and Fard numerous times XD

    I feel the best part was more abundance of the crowd laughter that made it feel more interactive like we’re kind of part of the crowd watching.

    The show’s vastly improved with it’s reboot and looking forward to new episodes every week! 🙂

  3. ….he looks like Lord Vyce cosplaying as the Black Ranger.

  4. Based entirely on expecting guests like shader, I’ll re-watch all of demo reel before watching another episode of this.

  5. The Critic has so much hate for Chris Tucker.

  6. Shader mad,Shader smash

  7. I don’t remember laughing this hard in a long time. Please let there be more contestants like Shader. This was awesome.

  8. Shader is my favourite contestant! XD

  9. Really loving this show! 🙂 I watched back all four episodes.

  10. HAHA, this was my favorite episode so far. 😀

  11. Am I the only one who laughed his ass off when General Anesthetic started getting the shit kicked out of him by Shader? Because I did. I’m glad he lived.

  12. Yay, someone who works on the show knows of Oingo Boingo and loves them well enough to own a CD!!!

  13. I was kind of hoping Shader would win, just because I adore that costume.

  14. Badly Drawn Manchild

    I’ve gotta say this show has been a massive, MASSIVE improvement since the reboot. The jokes are sharper, the atmosphere feels more gameshow-like, the guests and the hosts are much more entertaining and it feels like it better hits the dark humour spot that the pilot tried to achieve but failed miserably to. It’s great to see that you took all the criticism on board and have adjusted things to create what is becoming one of my favourite shows on the site. Keep it up! 😀

  15. HermioneHotpants

    Shader sucks. He thinks he way too funny and tough.

  16. HermioneHotpants

    The $100 (or $150 in this case) as prize money also sucks. Can’t they think of a more entertaining and/or original prize instead of giving out some cash?

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