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We all know Doug has never gotten into Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but could this movie actually win him over? Doug reviews the 2017 Power Rangers movie.

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  1. That’s the “I Donut Donuts!” donut!

  2. The Mysterious M

    …That was surprising.
    I’ve been a Power Rangers fan since the show began (Mighty Morphin is my favorite incarnation in the series), but I was unsure about this movie.

  3. The Mysterious M

    Also, Doug, to be fair, Goldar didn’t fly that much in the series either.

  4. The Mysterious M

    This review has been brought to you by Pepsi.
    Know any virgins?

  5. Is he sponsored by Dunkin Donuts or something ?
    It’s frankly ridiculous with how much he’s shoving it in our face…

    • Let me guess: you didn’t watch the review to the end, did you? Or at least you posted this before the end. Frankly, I got the joke from the very beginning: I already knew from other sources the product placement issue.

      • I hadn’t heard about it, didn’t know about the Krispy Kreme thing, but I STILL got that it must be a product-placement joke right off the bat. It was sorta super obvious. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Doug eat anything during a review unless it was for a joke.

        (Also, and this is totally unfair) I had just managed to convince myself this morning that I wasn’t going to add donuts to my cheat day, that I had quelled the craving, and then this!)

  6. LOL. I was actually eating a Krispy Kreme Power Rangers donut while watching this. There’s no Dunkin Donut in Washington state. I have a lot to say about this movie but I’ll keep it short-ish: I’ve been watching Power Rangers on and off since 2000. The movie was ok. The acting ranged from corny (which I liked) to good (which I liked too). I loved the dialogue mostly but the cow joke was the worst. At first, I didn’t like the juvie aspect but by the end, I did. Yep, too much emphasis on drama. Thank you! I was saying “Where is the action?!.” -_- The drama in the movie got a little too real which kinda took some of the fun away. However, Elizabeth Banks as Rita was amazing. She was the best part. I loved it. She elevated a C movie to a C+. It became a D for the little bit of action. Then, hearing the theme song (where a lot of people applauded in my theater) made it a C and Rita made it a C+. I was glad that it was slightly above average.

  7. Acetylsalicilique

    I haven’t seen the movie yet, but here’s a thing. Power Rangers fan aren’t just into costume fights. Most people are into the cheesy environment and the fascinating lore that is there without being there.

    As for Goldar’s wings… it’s because he has wings in the show…

  8. And so Doug turns into the Dunkin Donuts Monster. 😉

  9. How the hell did I see this movie and miss the Trini is a lesbian thing??? I guess I was hoping for the Trini/Zack relationship…

    My negatives were:
    Didn’t see the classic morphing sequence.

    The bully was too much of a prick. I’d rather see Bulk and Skull

    Didn’t see the zords coming together to form the megazord

    Goldar was just a giant liquid gold monster instead of the character he was in the series.


    The teens were written as actual teenagers with complex relationships and problems that weren’t resolved at the end.

    It’s explained why Rita had the green power coin. In the series it was some odd thing about how Zordon and Rita flipped for each coin and Rita only got one. Here it’s better explained as her betraying the Ranger team.

    The zord battle where the zords were actually useful. In the series the zords were pretty much useless, especially Pink Ranger’s zord, until Megazord was formed. Here she was rather vital in the battle and unlike other fights, they realized that anything could be a weapon, like cars.

    The Zeo Crystal actually gave a fucking reason as to why they kept attacking Angel Grove.

    Foreshadowed to other threats, such as Lord Zedd and King Mondo, without seeming out of place.

    In the future I would like to see Rita return (like on her moon base) with her old team with Scorpina since Goldar was pretty much ruined in the movie, and the evil green ranger. However, I wouldn’t want that to be the entire movie. I would like to see that end with the team up and all six rangers getting a non-comical defeat over Rita and a follow up movie with Lord Zedd stepping in explaining that he was the one who revived Rita following her defeat in this movie and instantly destroys Green Ranger and the zords. I don’t want a ‘zords get destroyed’ story in each movie. Let these have another movie or two before being trashed in favor of the Thunderzords.

  10. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    Should you have a “I Doughnut Dunken Doughnuts” T-shirt now? X)”

    But yeah, glad to see you liked this movie. As a moderate fan of the series (loved it as a kid, kind of grew past it for a while, recently started getting back into it casually), this felt like what you should have done with an “edgier” Power Rangers movie. I remember so many fans being afraid that this would end up like this one “fan”-film that theorized how a Hollywood-produced Power Rangers film would look like (Power/Rangers in case you’re interested), but no, this didn’t feel nearly as exploitive (shameless Krispy Kream plugging aside). I really hope they get to make all 6 of those movies and that they’re all just as good, if not better than this movie.

    Also, now that we know you’re heading to San Jose, you really aught to check out this local doughnut shop we have, Psycho Doughnuts, you’ll probably love it. It’s not even that far from the convention center, you can literally walk to it 30 or so minutes before your panel or presentation. “WE MUST GET TO THE PSYCHO DOUGHNUTS!” X)”

  11. I saw this movie and understood the doughnut reference. I kept thinking the same thing about Krispy Kreme. This was better than most of the Ninja Turtles and Transformers movies. It was still hard to judge as I’m not a fan. I’m going to just say it was okay. I agree with you on most points.

  12. It needed more cheesiness like the actual show. That was my only complaint. Fighting a giant donut would have been fucking awesome. I think they just want to really establish deep character concept before getting into the actual action which isn’t a cliche we’re not familiar with already, they just went the extra mile here. The last 15 minutes of the film. There ya go. Not enough? Want more? Give us a sequel then. I think I see what they’re doing here. Doesn’t bother me much, but I don’t know about how the die hard fan base feels. I grew up with the action figures more than the show. I was like 7, I just thought they looked cool. Didn’t give a shit about the story!

  13. Doug, you are a pig for eating those donuts on video. You should had eating a few donuts before you made this video and you could have eating the rest of the donuts, after you made this video.

  14. Let’s be honest, Krispy Kreme are just icing with a doughy center. You want a filling doughnut, filling or no, you go Dunkin’. That’s the important thing to take away from this.

  15. This review made me crave donuts too, so to prove nothing to anyone, going to get inferior gas station donuts out of spite of both Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts. It has nothing to do with the fact I’m too lazy to travel further than my nearest street corner. Mwahaha?

  16. Surprising how positive you were to it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhuxvCXNQbw

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