Power Rangers – Tamara Just Saw

Tamara and Cody just saw the new Power Rangers movie. Here is their thoughts.

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  1. SPOILERS: It was okay. I haven’t heard many people describe this movie as fun, per-se. The acting ranged from corny (which I liked) to good (which I also liked). They put a little too much emphasis on drama though. About an hour and a half in saying “Where is the action?! All we’ve seen so far is one fighting practice montage.” -_- That was a bit annoying. Also, the drama in the movie got a little too real which kinda took some of the fun out of the movie. I agree on the sexting subplot where it didn’t make the Pink Ranger likable. However, Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa was absolutely amazing. She was the best part of the movie. I loved it. She elevated the movie. Even the fact that they changed her backstory didn’t bother me because it made a lot more sense than her original backstory. She elevated a C movie to a C+. It became a D for little action. Then, hearing the theme made it a C and Rita made it a C+.

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