Powerpuff Girls Movie – Nostalgia Critic

The show was a big hit, but can the film match it’s popularity? The Nostalgia Critic takes a look at Cartoon Network’s first cinematic movie, The Powerpuff Girls Movie.

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  1. Now you’re doing good movies?! What?! Although, I haven’t seen this since I was a kid and yes, I am one of those people who doesn’t like the new one. Funny story: My mom never let me watch Powerpuff Girls because she felt that it was too gory. Me begging her and giving up my allowance for a month is what convinced her to let me see the movie and from then on, I was allowed to watch Powerpuff Girls. Lastly… maybe this is where my fear of certain eyes came from.

    • Doug doing NC reviews of good films isn’t a new thing. He’s been doing it for years. In fact, if I recall, the first time he did an NC review of a film he considered legitimately good was Commando, and he reviewed that on his first year. This year alone, he’s done quite a few NC reviews of good films.

  2. I remember to like it very much.

  3. Did any 1 know, that Mojo-jojo, is voiced by ghostface from scream?

  4. I’ve been waiting for next week since forever…

  5. Did Nostalgia Critic just adopt a cat?

  6. This is very amusing.

    Have you ever seen ‘Tom and Thomas’? It’s a bizarre children’s film that looks as if it was WRITTEN by children. Some parts aren’t explained, horses can’t go on aeroplanes in a story that is supposed to be taken seriously and Sean Bean doesn’t die.

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