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Just a quick update video on the new Nostalgia Critic episode, theme month, and our charity drive that we did.

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  1. I’m kind of hoping for a Muppet Month one of these days. I know he’s done Christmas Carol, Treasure Island, The Muppets, and Muppets Most Wanted as part of Disneycember, but that still leaves at the first three and In Space to do. 🙂

  2. YES. Please rip into the live Beauty and the Beast remake. Fucking hate that film for existing.

    • YEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The dickish thing to say would be surmising that it may turn out a simple Old vs New between the original given the historic Oscar nom compared to the $1 billion gross of the live action one (plus Doug’s fanboying for Belle).

      I’m more curious whether he considers 101 Dalmations to be one since that was back in the 90’s…

    • I make no apologies for saying I loved the Beauty and the Beast remake despite coming in with no high expectation.
      I even with back and so it a second time in part BECAUSE of all the bad mouthing, just to see if I really was missing something. Well I’ll admit some flaws were a little more apparent the thinking time, I think overall it was pretty good movie in it’s own right.

      I’m glad it exists both for helping to think of the story in new ways and for creating a pretty cool tie in book of literary quotes and I’m really getting sick and tired all this overwrought trashing! It’s not like the versions you prefer were ever changed by it.

      I’m hoping Doug is at least going to be a little more that this asshat about in at least giving both sides a fair say like he did with AngryJoe over Man of Steel. (For which my feeling are more mixed.)

      • 9ansean

        Why my anger for the live-action Beauty and the Beast exists, while I have little for Cinderella, is because the team behind the marketing and the film itself were dedicated to tearing the original down: Emma Watson’s “Welcome to KFC”, Belle is Modern Not Stereotypical Swooning Princess™ (which she oh-so-definitely was in the original EYE-ROLL), empty-headed nonsense blathering on about how the 1991 film didn’t explain this or didn’t do that was this whole project in a nutshell.

        “It’s never explained why the town doesn’t like reading” Uh, yes it is, Emma; Several times in dialogue and song. ‘The whole town’s talking about it: It’s not right for a woman to read: Soon, she starts getting ideas…and thinking.’ ‘With a dreamy far off look, and her nose stuck in a book, what a puzzle to the rest of us is Belle’ Belle is an intellectual woman and is not grounded the in the way that the old-fashioned country town thinks that she ought to be; The audience knows that she IS grounded in the right ways (loving and supporting her father; taking care of the farm while he’s gone) and is thus on her side. Damn it, the whole opening number and first scenes are dedicated to establishing this!!!

        I could have lived with it being an insipid, “Deep, man”, re-interpretation of the original story, even with it falling flat on its ass (I simply would have shrugged and moved on) , but the whole damn thing exists to be aimed at people like me, who love the hell out of the original movie, then flays the original for being the perfect vessel of simple, sophisticated storytelling (Rewarded with a Best Picture nod) that it is-Wrap your head around that bit of stupid.

        • First of all I’m sorry if you think the makers of this movie were trying to tear the original down, but nothing I’ve read from anyone who worked on it has lead me to believe this so I have to disagree. In fact, I recall Emma Watson describing a great fondness for the character growing up. I only got the impression the wanted to expand upon certain character elements and to that extant I think they succeed. You clearly see something that I don’t see.

          I’ll admit the original was never my favorite so this may effect my judgment. I will say that nothing you’ve described about the opening of the original seems contradicted. The town’s people still think it’s improper for a women to read. I got the impression they would be this old fashion with or without a mind wipe. I don’t think Belle’s character is really any different in terms of motivations or priorities. So your one odd quit from Emma seems an point of contention to me.

          I can’t really say I prefer either version and I completely reject this notion of “shot-by-shot” remake. There isn’t one scene that plays exactly like it does in the original. If people want to say they didn’t like the changes or there weren’t enough fine, but I can’ buy the notion they didn’t bring anything new or interesting. I’ll admit there parts I enjoyed more in the original and there were parts I liked better in the remake. I won’t bother to go into a point by point here, but I will say this.

          If you’re angry about supposed attacks on everyone “loved the hell out of original movie” I’m angry at the overwhelming sentiment that people like were WRONG for loving this one! As if everyone swept up in the emotion of the moments was a just a sheep or an idiot who would just blinded by hype or glitz! I did not come to this movie with high expectation, but I can honestly say of all the Disney remakes this is the one I’ve enjoyed the most. I’m just a little tired of this implicent notion from so many people online that I’d have to be a fool to feel this way because it’s not original enough or that you have to hate one to like the other. I feel it’s just one more version of an old narrative not that different from countless version of A Christmas Carol.

          If you’ve felt you’ve demeaned for loving the original, well I’ve felt by demeaned for liking the remake.

          • So your one odd quit from Emma seems an point of contention to me. (I meant to say mute point of contention. Sorry.)

  3. Well, I look forward to tomorrow then. 🙂

  4. Most people liked the Beauty and The Beast remake. It just wasn’t great. We were all pretty shocked about the Jungle Book thing. I thought you were a Disney fan! These were some of the most acclaimed live-action Disney films of all time! You sort of already did Cinderella.

  5. So THAT’S why there’s no Theme Month this January. I see, I see. Oh well, looking forward to March then. I hope you “enjoy” the Live Action Disney remakes.

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