Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa – Nostalgia Critic

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The worst Christmas Special ever? Maybe, and Critic has seen some of the worst. See what all the horror is about with this CG abomination!

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  1. Holy fuck, that’s scary as shit.

    It makes Foodfight look like the fucking Mona Lisa!

  2. hmm i think there using a 3d architect program to animate this

  3. I think this might be the best NC review I ever seen!

  4. Am I the only one who couldn’t get the Stardust app to work? Goddamn it!

  5. How is this even a thing? How does this exist?!!??!!

  6. The Jimmy Neutron TV show came out in 2002.

  7. We saw Mr. Enter suffer through this, we saw the odissey of Bobsheaux enduring it’s punishment, now it’s time for the ultimate drama queen to take this baby and tear it a new one.

  8. YOU utter FOOLS!

    The Chrsitmossians only LET you think you slaughtered them and their queen in an epic interdimensional battle!



    No one out-Christmases the Christmossians! NO ONE!

  9. I can already tell by the stillshots of this movie, and the 1.5 out of 10 star rating on IMDB, that it’s gonna even more terrible than The Christmas Tree. In speaking of IMDB, I already saw on the cast list that this movie stars the voices of Mark “Luke Skywalker” Hamill, Clint “Fuck My Donkey” Howard, and Walter “The Black Ranger” Jones. WTF!?!?!?

    In speaking of Holiday specials that only aired once, just by the look of this one alone, I’d rather watch The Star Wars Holiday Special.

    I was also gonna make a Trump joke, but thanks for beating me to the punch. I was also thinking of the “You cannot beat us!” Nintendo commercial.

    13:49- Speaking as a Star Wars nut, …yes, it is.

    15:22- If this were Santa’s Christmas Elm Named Calvin, no one would be moving, because THAT movie is made up of stillshots.

    18:55- Ah great, I’m getting flashbacks of Dear Santa, that Lifetime movie you and the Cinema Snob reviewed last year.

    19:38- Why, Debra Wilson? Why make the great grandmother speak in tongue? Was this just you practicing the Na’vi language for Avatar?

    God, I wish Nicole’s dad WAS the joker!

    “SHUT THAT DOOR!” to you too, guys.

  10. NC: I’m still trying to figure out if this is a troll movie or a mob front.

    Me: Neither! It’s actually a scam run by Scientologists~

    I’m not even kidding! The guy who made this piece of shit is a member of the Church of Scientology! RebelTaxi went into detail about the scamming bullshit behind it, lookit up XD

  11. How can eyelid guy sleep? How can Cookie Monster sleep?

  12. I’ve studied 3D Animation, as well as Modeling, for 5 years and I’ve never seen something this horribly put together. Forget Food Fight, forget Donkey Kong Country… THIS is just an insult. Like NC said in the beginning, Mainframe Entertainment was kicking it to high gear with ReBoot, Beast Wars, Beast Machines, Shadow Raiders and Weirdoz, but nobody somehow managed to replicate a viable 3D Animation style.

    – The characters seem to have been put together using shapes, not even modelled.
    – The characters don’t seem to have been rigged and skinned. That would be building a skeleton-like stick figure and assigning polygons and vertices to its “bones”.
    – The animation seems to be have been made using rotations and translations only, with no paths and no timing.

    Wow, you think your eyes were bleeding? Try having your heart being wrenched from such atrocious work when you’ve been studying in the same leagues as Ubisoft and Pixar.

  13. I need that grandma necronomicon scene in my life

    Whenever somebody I don’t like appears, I can just play that and use the forces of CGIThulhu to banish them

  14. I went animation school for college. I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that all of my classmates and I had homework assignments that all turned out far BETTER looking than this abomination.

    Art Students. At art school. in their early 20s. produced animations that look like god damn Pixar compared to this……”movie”

    that’s all I have to say.

  15. You guys are doing Muppet Family Chriatmas next week? AWESOME! That’s a family tradition for me and my kin.




    • “I don’t care if the Christmas turkey said that my dog is the turkey. My dog is not the turkey. The turkey’s the turkey, you turkey.”
      I still can’t stop laughing every time I think of that line.

      The Bat Family Crossover of Jim Henson’s creations. The first, last, and only time we had the Muppets, Muppet Babies, Sesame Street, and the Fraggles all in one show.

      Come on, Critic, give it a pass, just like you did “Ernest Saves Christmas”.

  16. The animation is right up there with “The Pizza is Aggressive.”

  17. this horrible animation makes foodfight looks like fantasia (1940)

  18. You didn’t end the queen rightly with your sword

  19. I decided to check some dates.
    This; 2002
    Jimmy Neutron; 2001
    the mask; 1994
    Jurassic park; 1993
    Men In black; 1997
    Toy story: 1995
    Money for nothing; 1987

    I specifically remember being into Poser at the time mecause everyone in my college computer class was talking about 9/11, also we were all huge fans of Toy Story because that’s what we all wanted to do.

    So; at a time when CGI was so good fairly decent CGI software was available for purchase to anyone, this thing looks like it was made 15 years earlier.

    Most of it looks like crappy animation we did while still figuring out how to use 3D Studio MAX.

  20. More than 3/5/6 minutes in, and I think this already tops Pan Pizza’s review. 😀

    I watched the special because of Mr. Enter, and that was last year. No reference to that Nintendo commercial here, but at least there’s a reference to Money for Nothing!

  21. Let’s D1ck Sum Azz!?….O_o wut that fawk?

  22. Funny review, but in retrospect I somewhat regret willingly exposing my eyes to perhaps the most atrocious “animation” I’ve ever seen. I can’t unseen it now. it’s going to be somewhere in the back of my brain forever…thanks critic.

  23. Aw, I’m glad the Grandma recovered from her stroke. This was just as funny as I thought it would be.

  24. lilith_ascennding

    Oh wow, it’s been a while since I’ve seen someone review this shit heap! I first was exposed to this nightmare through Critikal Gaming and while the plot definitely didn’t stick with me, the hellish animation did. Damn, it’s still as unpleasant the second time around.

  25. Kingofthedragons27

    How could a movie with a character called “Smithy” not think of crediting Alan Smithee for the work done by anyone in the production who regretted being involved with it?! (Read: everyone in the production, presumably)

  26. 19:36 I suddenly have the urge to sacrifice a small animal.

  27. This is scary as the Nintendo commercial back then.

  28. 22:40 Sister Brother?

  29. This was either just a paycheck for Mark Hamill or he never saw the final product.

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