Real Thoughts on Nostalgia Critic Reviews: Mamma Mia!

Why is this Rob’s #2 most hated film?

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  1. Super Mario Bros
    Star Trek III
    and Batman and Robin

  2. Swan Princess
    Alice in Wonderland, maybe?

  3. I would love to here your thoughts on Swan Princess Because i like that movie.
    But other
    Cat in hat
    Super Mario Bros
    Care bears in wonderland
    cartoon all stars
    full house
    Matildia(even know you didn’t review it)
    And Dougs frist movie

    • The Mysterious M

      Yeah I wanna see Swan Princess too. I remember him slamming into the villain song, “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” and that was one of my favorite songs.

  4. I’d like to see you guys discuss Waterworld. It was the first time I saw someone say something about it that was positive, and I was never interested in the movie in the first place. Or maybe go into your issues about Drop Dead Fred, which I was and still am even less interested in.

    And I’m glad you brought up the part about why the two couldn’t get married and STILL go around the world, especially with everything right down to standing at the altar was already done. I could see if she wanted to see the world first, but she’s going with him and they’re going (I assume) to spend the rest of their life together anyway. Just go for it then!

  5. The stage play is better. To shorten it to movie length (150 minutes to 108) they cut out the plot, song lead ins, and character development.

  6. The Mysterious M

    Before Mama Mia came out, I bought the soundtrack to the movie. Then, I saw it. The soundtrack was SO INCREDIBLY DIFFERENT from the movie. The orchestrations were different, the actors’ vocals were different (they sound like they performed differently on the soundtrack than in the movie), it was really odd.

    And I’d like to see your thoughts on … well never mind. I got nothing.

    • The Mysterious M

      I just bring that up because I thought it used to be (because movies are trying to do it differently) that movie musicals record the soundtrack first and then have the cast lip synch to it on set. But that’s not the case. The soundtrack in the film is completely different (same songs, but different orchestrations and their sung differently by the cast). And actually, Meryl Streep sounds better on the soundtrack.

  7. lol, poor Rob. He looks like he was going to have a vein burst throughout this whole video until his breakdown at the end!

    I say for the next Real Thoughts:
    Moulin Rouge
    Mortal Kombat annihilation
    Street Fighter

  8. The Mysterious M

    How about Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer. I remember watching that as a kid, and I enjoyed it (It’s not one of my favorites, but it’s watchable)

  9. sophronia_chaos

    I’m still shocked to find out that Rob can tolerate the live action Cat in the Hat more than Mamma Mia.

  10. Ok, I MUST defend this movie. Now I admit that I may be biased but I LOVE LOVE this movie! I’ve loved this movie for years. This movie got me into ABBA. I have the soundtrack for this movie. This movie has a loose plot. l first saw it when I was going to graduate from middle school so it’s largely nostalgic for me. It’s not completely explainable. The movie just makes me so happy! I watch this movie EVERY summer. The scenery is BEAUTIFUL! I thought that Meryl Streep was a good singer at least for the most part. Pierce… I get it. His singing voice sucked. I thought that Pierce and the short sister lady were the only bad singers. The black guy was in the bachelor party scene and one other scene but that’s from watching 500x and the commentary. I agree with the wedding thing. I LOVE the Sex and the City movie as well. That and Mamma Mia are some of the ONLY chick flicks that I like! I usually like dick flicks. However, musicals are my weaknesses, even bad ones! This is NOT as bad as Fifty Shades of Grey. That being said, I know it’s not a good movie (it’s so stupid) but it just lifts my spirits so much! Okay… I’m done now. 🙂 I’m a college student now by the way and I still love it. I still respect your opinions though!

    See? I told you this would be a long comment! 😀

  11. Last Action Hero
    Food Fight
    Last Airbender
    How The Grinch Stole Christmas

  12. My vote is on super Mario bros.

  13. Once again, I side with Rob more than Doug.

    …I mean, I realize that they both thought the movie sucked. It’s just that I hated it more than Doug.

  14. Do your very honest opinion on Garbage Pail kids (unlike the video commentary and the top 10 movies Doug hated). Or the first Animated Titanic.

  15. Les Miserables
    Last Action Hero

  16. blacktrojan3921

    Neverending Story 2 and 3

  17. The Haunting but more so because I’m interested in hearing Doug talking in detail about the original version and Robert Wise.

    Kind of the same with A.I. for Kubrick and Spielberg..

    Purely for reviews sake, Hook, Waterworld, Jurassic Park, Jaws 3 or 4, and A Kid in King Arthur’s Court.

  18. Please can your re-review the last airbender, Man of Steel, alice in wonderland and batman and robin.

  19. I’d like to hear your thoughts on The Lorax. You made some really good points in the review, so it would be cool to hear more of your thoughts on that movie.
    Also maybe Hook, the Jurassic Park sequels and the Cat in the Hat. That movie sucked.

  20. I’d like to see you’re real thoughts on Doug’s First Movie

  21. Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

  22. I would love to see your opinions on the Pokemon Movie, the Digimon movie & Alien Resurrection

  23. Strictly speaking you don’t have to be, like, sexually pure… or even a not-former-slut… to get married in a Catholic ceremony, but I think you DO need to have had some kind of indication that this will be a success. Something better than a dude she hasn’t seen for twenty years saying “You’re gonna need someone to boss around, so marry me, sweet cheeks!”

  24. I’d like to see you guys talk about Don Bluth, who really does have quite a story. Maybe Rock-a-Doodle, since it was where his failing streak started and probably the most interesting to talk about if nothing else.

  25. Jingle All the Way
    Judge Dredd
    Captain America (1990) (Think it could be rather interesting now that the superhero genre has exploded)
    Last Action Hero
    Rocky IV
    Independence Day
    Secret of NIMH 2
    Jurassic Park Trilogy
    Cop and ½
    James and the Giant Peach
    Moulin Rouge
    How the Grinch Stole Christmas
    Alien: Resurrection
    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
    The Odd Life of Timothy Green (Think there’s a lot to talk about this one considering it’s the one that brought the Critic back)
    A.I: Artificial Intelligence
    The Last Airbender
    Alice in Wonderland (2010)
    After Earth
    Small Soldiers
    A Christmas Story 2

  26. My top 15 choices for your guys to do.

    15. A.I.
    14. Inspector Gadget
    13. The Lost World
    12. Waterworld
    11. The Neverending Story 2
    10. Kazaam
    09. Fluber
    08. North
    07. Rock-a-Doodle
    06. Everything Doug related
    05. Ghost Dad
    04. Little Monsters
    03. Batman & Robin and Lost in Space
    02. Home Alone 3 and Quest for Camelot
    01. The Neverending Story 3

    • For The Never Ending Story 3, they did a commentary where they actually admitted they had cut jokes and even made some up during the commentary. I would look it up, because they might not do one of these for it because of the commentary.

  27. I saw the musical with my parents years ago, and I did not care at all. In fact, I was confused because I could not tell what anything had to do with anything. I had no idea what any of the characters were like, any stakes, or freaking ANYTHING. It’s this thing that exists with no real plot except for one created by stupidity.

    And then the ending, oh my lord the ending. It’s not the worst ending I’ve ever seen (which would have to retroactively ruin the film/show/game/story), but I think it is among the stupidest. “Let’s not get married! it’s too early! Let’s go backpacking instead of any responsibility!” Then, “No I want to marry the fling I had ~25 years ago, that’s a great idea!” And not a single character raises ANY complaints as to why this is stupid.

    So…how are marriage and backpacking mutually exclusive? You could get married and THEN go backpacking. What is the twist and reason here? Oh, there is none. Okay. Well this was an utter waste of 2 1/2 hours then…

    Man, that musical was stupid…

  28. I shall now horrify you. Greeks loved it for the sole reason of it taking place in Greece. That summer was ABBA hell; I swear you couldn’t escape the songs, no matter where you went.
    And Rob dear…we are white. The olive-skinned ones are quite rare.

  29. Not that there can’t be good chick flicks like they said (When Harry Met Sally, for example), but, eh, I just never saw The Princess Bride in the same light. Less than halfway through, it becomes all about the guys with swords fighting and sneaking into castles and coming back from the dead, and whatever other comedic fantasy things it can think of. It has a love story, but so do lots of Disney princess movies in which it’s a lot more prominent. Can I get a qualifier?

    • The Princess Bride isn’t a chick flick, just like Aladdin isn’t one. In both cases the concept which is usually used with a female heroine gets a male hero and is then tailored to boys by adding a lot of fights and actions.

      Mamma Mia isn’t a Chick Flick, either, btw, because it was never designed to appeal to woman in the first place, but to appeal to Abba fans. The movie is all about the songs, as it should.

  30. I would like to hear you guys talk about princess diaries 2, just to keep the chick flick train a roll’n.

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