Real Thoughts on Nostalgia Critic Reviews: Mamma Mia!

Why is this Rob’s #2 most hated film?

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  1. You should do The Odd Life of Timothy Green, your review of it was great and I’d like to see what got you motivated to do it as your return video as the NC

  2. Talk about some old vs new, I’m curious where you and rob agree/disagree or if some of those opinions hold up.

  3. thebestoftherest

    can you review avatar
    or honest thoughts on patch adams

  4. Super Mario Brothers! And for goodness sake, mention something about the mistake you made about them not being brothers!!!!! Gah! I still watch that review and it annoys me! lol

  5. TragicGuineaPig

    As a friend of mine put it, if you’re going to do a movie tribute to 70s dance music, you need to have a machine-gun toting raccoon and a walking tree.

  6. I don’t have a specific request, instead I ask if next time you could talk about whichever movie that you liked the most while still having the Nostalgia Critic give it a “bad” review.

    Not only because it would make for interesting discussion, but to also explain to viewers how and why the Critics views are often played up for comedy. A lot of people seem to not realise that the Critic is a fictional character and take what he says as Doug and Rob’s honest to God opinion.

    So not only would it be interesting discussion, but also a peak into the thought process behind an episode.

  7. Let’s see: Casper, Doug’s First Movie, Cat in The Hat, and Quest For Camelot.

  8. Right To Censor


  9. I’d like to see your real opinions on “The Last Airbender”.

  10. TheDeviousHoneyBadger7

    The Lorax would be a good one for real thoughts. The Odd Life of Timothy Green would be good too.

  11. Uh, guys… Greeks ARE white.

  12. I am with Brad on this one. I don’t want to hate Abba so I never saw the movie.
    To Rob, I strongly suggest you see Muriel’s Wedding. It’s an australian chick flick full of Abba songs with a good story.

  13. Could you give us your unfiltered opinions about Man of Steel? I am most eager to hear them.

  14. Well, here’s some reviews for consideration. This is my Top 11 Future Real Thoughts on… Because I wanted to go one step farer.

    11) The Christmas Tree (I just love this review)
    10) Congo (Agreed with Ebert that this movie was suppose it be bad)
    9) Howard the Duck (Found it to be so-bad-its-good)
    8) Milk Money (I’m still wondering how the flying f*ck this avoided the ‘Worst Movies Reviewed’ list?)
    7) Small Soldiers (Still like this movie. Would like to hear more about it)
    6) A.I. (Have always liked it. Do you think the hype destroyed this movie?)
    5) Bridge to Terabithia (One of my favorite reviews)
    4) Full House (Has always been a guilty pleasure and wondered if it was one of yours too?)
    3) The Haunting (To see Doug pissed off)
    2) Cat in the Hat (To see Rob pissed off)
    1) Doug’s 1st Movie (If only to see if Rob hates it as much as Doug. FYI, Nick’s Doug is still one of my favorite cartoons. Hated the Disney version and thought the movie was dumb.)

  15. I do wish you would have a video program on your site that didn’t use youtube.
    I watch your shows at my work (midnight shif) and we cant get youtube here
    oh well

  16. Here are my Top 11 Next ‘Real Thoughts on…’ Because I wanted to go one step farer.

    11) The Christmas Tree
    10) Congo
    9) Howard the Duck
    8) Milk Money (Seriously, how the f*ck was this not in your worst movies reviewed list?)
    7) Small Soldiers
    6) A.I. (Do you think the hype killed this movie?)
    5) Bridge to Terabithia
    4) Full House (Is this a guilty pleasure for you guys like it is for me?)
    3) The Haunting (to drive Doug crazy)
    2) The Cat in the Hat (to drive Rob crazy)
    1) Doug’s 1st Movie (I always wondered if Rob hated Doug [the cartoon] as Doug [Walker] did? Nick’s Doug is still one of my favorite cartoons. Disney’s Doug I didn’t like and the movie was stupid.)

  17. last air bender

    • i’m going to add a list

      1. the last airbender
      2. rampage
      3. the room
      4. pail kids
      5. doug’s first movie
      6. small soldiers
      7. milk money
      8. foodfight
      9. ferngully
      10. free willy
      11. Zeus and Roxanne
      12. moonwalker

  18. I remember seeing Mama Mia in theaters. It was one of the most boring and awkward movies I had to sit through. It’s like the people making this movie had no clue how to handle it or put little to no effort into finding people who could sing or had no clue how to direct the actors. Like I know majority of musical movies want A list actors/ actresses to bring in the big bucks but hell what is the point of having them if they’re obviously out of their element?

  19. The 2 that come to mind for me are AI and Jaws 3.

  20. Being a bitch, I really find insulting the generalization that “all women like chick flicks”. Gods no, they’re an abomination – even the so called good ones. The so called good ones even try to be smart but end up stupid. I can’t even relax to them as I could to moviesl ike “Commando” or “Jason X”; I constantly keep being irked by this notion of “the Director thinks I can enjoy something THIS idiotic because I have a vagina”.

    Unrelated, I wish Doug talked about Moulin Rouge in the “Can hype destroy…” editorial? I’m curious if that affected him to hate it so much. I personally hated the movie for it’s plot and idiotic attempts of being “deep” when it’s really being just shallow, but even unwillingly I have to credit all the effort put in the costumes and coreography and holy shit the sets and I really do have to confess all of those people (even the extras!) are very talented artists… but GODS did I HATE how everyone LOVED that movie!!!!!!

  21. I’d love to see you comment on Dungeons and Dragons.


    My Top 11 Films I would like to hear you guys’ real thoughts on:

    1. Eight Crazy Nights (speaking of which, when are you going to devote January to Sandler Month?)
    2. Food Fight
    3. The Odd Life of Timothy Green
    4. A Christmas Story 2
    5. North
    6. The Cat in the Hat
    7. Son of the Mask
    8. Doug’s First Movie
    9. Batman and Robin
    10.Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer
    11.Maximum Overdrive


    Easily Home Alone 3. Someday you’ll do a Nostalgia Critic of the INFAMOUS Home Alone 4.
    French and Saunder’s Comic Relief Version of Mamma Mia
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    This explains what is completely wrong with the movie, also, it has better singing and it’s really funny.

  24. thesabertoothedunicorn

    Jurassic park 3
    where you really so upset when they killed off the T-rex

  25. i liked it fine. it made no sense, it was pretty nice to look at, the songs made no sense, the plot was all over the place and lacking any coherence. but its like someone grabbed his crazy dream they had one time after watching shcindler’s list, an abba concert and the room back to back and threw it into a papper. it all makes sense when you watch it that way.
    also, the dudes going full retard while jump walking were hilarious

  26. I’d love to see your real thoughts on the Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. It looked fantastic but god the plot was stupid!

    (By the way, it’s hilarious how when you say ABBA, you sound like you’re saying APPA and now I’m imagining Appa singing!)

  27. Can you guys do Hook next?

  28. Would love to see you talk about your review of NeverEnding Story 3.

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