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The Cinema Snob begins 2017 with a story that could happen to your children, or YOURS!!!

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  1. It’s a slow day today on Channel Awesome so I thought I’d check this out for a change. While I don’t approve of Marijuana, this movie is just so hilariously ridiculous. Haha

    • The movie isn’t pro-marijuana, but the movie became infamous because of how over-the-top that it was with dealing with it’s effects. Whether or not you condone the use of marijuana is irrelevant, as it’s not necessary to enjoy the film or a review of said film.

  2. I just had to rewatch the Nostalgia Critic’s review before this one, because I haven’t even heard of Reefer Madness until that.
    2:55- And I thought people just ate Cheetos and watch SpongeBob.
    4:51- Wait until it get’s to the part on how to make a pipe bomb.
    11:29- That guy didn’t get hit by the car. He just fell down and fake his injury so he can get collect the insurance.
    13:19- HEY!
    14:36- Well, as long as it’s not the rape drug from The Human Centipede, I’m okay with it.
    15:04- Oh no, the gunshot popped her zit.
    17:18- “What the hell? …I knew I shouldn’t have smoked all that pot.”
    18:49- Word of advise: NEVER call a crazy man crazy, …because they’re fuckin’ crazy.
    20:42- TELL YOUR CHILDREN the truth about marijuana! It’s less dangerous than alcohol but is still somehow illegal. It’s never harmed a soul in history except for the people we just made up. We give it to the sick and elderly, but that’s only because they’re going to die anyway. OR YOURS!
    I’m still thankful to this day that seeing Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue as a kid has kept me from using drugs and alcohol to this very day. BTW, your twin brother is weirder than you.

    • Snorgatch Pandalume

      Brandon T has also reviewed this.

    • “The inhalation of smoke is harmful to lung health, as the combustion of materials releases toxins and carcinogens. Cannabis smoke has many of the same carcinogens as tobacco smoke. Furthermore, while knowledge about the long-term effects of marijuana smoke is still limited, early research shows that it leads to chronic bronchitis.”

      -The Canadian Lung Association, Apr.2016

      Though it doesn’t lead to the bat shit crazy behavior displayed in Reefer Madness, smoking marijuana is still not good for you. I would like to see medical marijuana done only in pill form; It’s not fair for people who need it to have to ruin their health, or that of the people around them, just to get its positive benefits.

      I have Cystic Fibrosis and am a Status 0 on the lung transplant list: You can guess how much I’m looking forward to marijuana smoking being completely legal in Canada.

      • The problem is once you legalize it, than all the dumbass teens and slackers will see it as an excuse to just do it for their own pleasure instead of for the real reasons, to take away the pain from the sick and elderly. They’ll just forge notes from their doctor and use that to get it. Same thing if it does happen in pill form. Why do you think there are so many teens getting hooked on prescription drugs now?

        • Snorgatch Pandalume

          Just like they illicitly obtain alcohol and cigarettes now. There’s nothing pot does that those don’t do as well. The problem is America still adheres to the puritanical belief that pleasure = sin and abstinence = virtue. Man wasn’t put on earth to enjoy himself; he was put here to suffer for his sins. If you’re having fun or feeling pleasure, you should stop, or at least have the decency to feel guilty about it. Only animals enjoy pleasure without shame. We’re better than them, and we prove this by making ourselves miserable.

          • There are plenty of things that give pleasure which are good for you; Avoiding illicit drugs, such as marijuana, does not automatically mean you are denying yourself happiness. Quite the opposite, actually: You will live a long and healthy life by taking care of your body.

            It is not a “puritanical belief” to think less of people who don’t take care of themselves, who willing hurt themselves and others, just for a passing bit of fun. Smoking marijuana ruins your health and since second-hand smoke is a thing, regardless of what you burn, you get to ruin other people’s health as well.

            As for using it for medicinal purposes, those people who are dying or in chronic pain having to smoke marijuana to live a pain-free life is disgusting; It is horrific that someone who is suffering should have to give themselves COPD just to make it stop.Can we do no better for them?

            I think that people are looking too quickly to smoking marijuana as a panacea, without giving regard to the real and lasting damage it can do to the very human beings they are trying to help.

          • Snorgatch Pandalume

            I don’t deny there are health costs to smoking pot. My point is there are also health costs to tobacco and alcohol, so it makes no sense for one to be illegal but not the others. The bias against pot stems from a puritanical Christian mindset that pleasure = sin, the same mindset that led to Prohibition. The main advocates for Prohibition were the same pious, self-righteous, lying, moralizing pricks who made this film–Christian temperance crusaders.
            COPD usually results from a lifetime of smoking three or four packs of cigarettes a day. Nobody could smoke that much pot.

        • The Real Silverstar

          Following that logic, chocolate, glue and cough syrup should also be made illegal, since people abuse those things as well.

          Anything can be abused; outlawing it just ensures that only outlaws will have it. An addict is going to get their fix one way or another, so it makes no sense to keep one potentially abusive substance illegal but not others. Weed has been legal in Holland for years now, and last time I checked, that country wasn’t going to hell in a handbasket because of it.

          • Furthermore, there would no longer be a need for drug cartels and drug lords if people could just buy it at a drug store. The government could easily put restrictions on the use of marijuana, like the restrictions on buying cigarettes and alcohol which already exist. A 15 year old can’t just walk into a store and buy beer or a pack of cigarettes, why should purchasing marijuana be any different? If someone chooses to abuse a substance, that’s their business.

  3. Snorgatch Pandalume

    What can you say about one of the funniest PSAs/exploitation movies ever made? It’s so ludicrous and hysterical that it doesn’t need riffing. Ironic to think that in a few years most of those young men would be fighting in WWII. Bet they wished they had some reefer then.
    And I always love to hear pious moralists preaching about the evils of something or other in an era when much of America was racially segregated. I guess that wasn’t evil or something.


  5. I remember when Paw Dugan was on this channel and he reviewed the musical version of this.
    The movie is extremely hysterical mainly cause they got their drugs messed up! I’d say this is more like LSD or crack coccane than Marijuana. Marijuana is the kind of drug that’s supposed to relax you to the point where you don’t wanna do anything but sit down, forget about everything and just eat. That’s one of the many reasons they give it to termanilly ill people and elderly. They’re dieing anyway, and not only does it speed up the process it takes away their thoughts of pain. I think binging on either coccane or LSD is supposed to make you start to see things.

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