Return to Oz – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara has not seen many movies from the past. Return to Oz was one of them. After finally seeing Return to Oz Tamara gives you her impressions!

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  1. You should watch The Plague Dogs next. It’s Great.

  2. Great stuff! Hope to see more reviews like this from Tamara.

  3. I think you’d like Watership Down… You should totally do that for the next episode.

    Or maybe The Dark Crystal…

  4. Another recommendation for you, or any critic here, is Something Wicked This Way Comes.

  5. Ugh, I hate this movie. It came out way before I was born but I bought it off of ITunes after hearing Doug talking about it. It makes no sense for being a sequel. Yeah, somehow Dorothy is younger than the first movie. I did like the nurse’s dress though. Also, yeah, the scarecrow looks really creepy. He never blinks! O.O I found very little to like about it and I usually love odd things and vaguely gothic things but this movie just rubbed me the wrong way I guess.

    • The film follows the book instead of the previous film. In the film, they changed stuff like the Scarecrow’s creepy painted-on eyes, Dorthy was played by someone way older than she was supposed to be, the Cowardly Lion was an ACTUAL lion who was actually a pretty huge badass that was just too aware of his fear despite actually doing brave things all the time, and then there’s the Tin Man…. In the original book, the Tin Man’s origin is that he had a curse put on him so that every time he tried to cut down a tree his ax would bounce off of it and cut off a part of his body and he would just make a mechanical part to replace it until, eventually, even his heart was replaced. In other words, the Tin Man was a straight-up cyborg!

      I can see how this would seem weird if you were only familiar with the original film, but that’s just because it follows the book which is kind-of messed up and weird and crazy. When you see the Tin Man he even has clearly robotic arms and, unlike the film, they kept the detail from the book where the Scarecrow becomes king of Oz and the Cowardly Lion becomes king of a ceramic village after clearing out a group of giant spiders. Which is where “Oz the Great and Powerful” got the idea for the village with the little fine china girl.

      I swear, I’m not making this up. If you want to know more, look up The Dom’s video on comparing the movie to the book because he does a great job presenting this stuff with visuals to make it easier to follow.

      • Also, Dorothy is believe it or not the “correct” age in this movie according to the books. She was too old in the original because they couldn’t find a young enough girl who had the singing chops required for the role. (Shirley Temple was originally planned for the role, but had other commitments. Thank god. I don’t think it would’ve been as much of a beloved classic with her as Dorothy.)

  6. It’s ok Tamara, I haven’t seen this movie either.

  7. Fun Fact – Acteress that plays Dorothy plays Nancy in “The Crafts” not that gets weird.

  8. The Raving Cinephile

    I saw the first ten minutes of this movie. It didn’t capture my interest. But now that I know just how bat-shit weird it is, I may give it another shot!

  9. True Perception

    Has Tamara seen Big Trouble in Little China?

  10. Excellent show, Tamera. I hope this is just the start of an ongoing series.

  11. If you want to see a weird movie that you haven’t seen before look up “Raggedy Ann & Andy A Musical Adventure.” You can find it on YouTube for free.

  12. More. Just more of this.

  13. Great stuff!
    I’m curious how much of this is a forced act/persona vs a genuine reflection of Tamara’s personality and opinions. Entertaining stuff though and I hope to see show continue.

  14. I remember seeing this on TV when I was a kid. I didn’t really find it scary, I just loved the new crew Dorothy assembles. Gump was my favorite; I was so upset when he got broken up.

  15. I just saw this for the first time too! Honestly, I didn’t think it was that dark. I mean, there was no blood or anything. It wasn’t like “The Secret Of Nimh”. That’s probably the darkest kid’s film I’ve ever seen. I liked it.

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