Ride to Hell Retribution: Parts 12-15 – Lotus

It’s time to take the fight to Triple 6! This is an actual proper fight, and not a bike chase, but it’s still delightfully ridiculous.

We infiltrate a casino and meet women who totally have names, I swear. Bonus points for the weird graphical glitch we can’t do anything about.

We deal with King Dick, but you’re more likely going to remember the insane audio glitch we have early on.

We have a race, infiltrate a mine, and then see some wackiness on our way out!

About Lotus Prince

I enjoy playing video games, and I particularly favor survival horror games.


  1. Part 13 was especially hilarious. Yeah, it was especially Room-like in that part. Also, it’s ironic that the only woman in the game who’s mostly naked and that’s when the game doesn’t have a sex scene.

    Wow, I feel like you don’t hear about audio glitches that often in video games. Also, that boss battle was insane. O.O

    The second time you did the helicopter scene was hilarious. ? I didn’t expect that either.

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