Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Nostalgia Critic

Audiences seem split on their latest adventures, some love it, others are left scratching their heads. What does the NC think? Well…it’s complicated.

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  1. Much like you said during the review of Bay’s first movie, there has been other incarnations and concepts of this franchise that has been far worse.

    Oh, I forgot. I am only allowed to comment like a millennial. Ahem…….


    (PS, looking forward to you trashing TTG!!!)

  2. Oh, I didn’t know that this was out yet. That opening is so stinkin’ cool. Also, I’m sorry for complaining about Megan Fox being April. She looks more like April than this April at least. She wore some yellow at least. Lastly, when you said it’s like Teen Titans Go, that makes this an automatic no for me. I can’t wait for you to rip Teen Titans Go apart. 😀

  3. Jeremy G. McLaughlin

    Old vs. New of Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go? I think we all know it’s Old winning the match 5-0. But let’s face, we’re all going to watch it anyway because of every vicious joke the Critic can pull out at Teen Titans Go’s expense.


  4. The Real Silverstar

    I was 18 when the original TMNT cartoon hit the scene, so I have no nostalgic fondness for TMNT; it’s just a time-honored franchise that gets relaunched every few years in order to sell more toys. I saw a single episode of Rise; it was OK; it didn’t rock my world or anything, but I’ve seen far worse adaptations. If I have any real nitpicks about it, it’s a) I wish the show would slow down and take a breath, I get that it’s an action cartoon for kids, but the episode I saw was just nonstop action and kinetic energy, it never slowed down in order for us to get to know the characters or the environment, and b) in this regard you could call me a Turtles’ purist, but I don’t like Raphael as team leader. At all. However, based on what I’ve heard, in future episodes the show seems to be hinting that Leonardo would make better leader, and there may be a shift in command somewhere down the line.

    As for Teen Titans GO!, I don’t waste my time hate-ranting about it. I’m not into it personally, but I don’t have the hate-boner that so much of the internet has for the show. At the end of the day, TTGO! is just a silly cartoon made to entertain little kids, so I say let ’em have it and enjoy it. Of course it’s worth mentioning that I wasn’t all that into the 2003 Teen Titans series, so again I don’t feel like GO! has raped my childhood or anything. All WB/DC really did was take all the chibi bits from that show and made an entire series out of them. The 2003 TT was pretty darn goofy to start with, so turning it into a wacky comedy wasn’t really that big a stretch.

  5. And April is a black teenager because…? MAH DIVERSITAH!!

  6. @14:16

    “Okay, you know there’s gonna be enough slashart of you guys, you don’t need to fuel the fire.”

    -Nostalgia Critic

    In all seriousness I am NOT a Lapidot fan… at all.
    Besides, what happened to Doug shipping Amedot? Am I the only one who remembers him mentioning that in his Steven Universe “Too Far” Vlog?

    Also, why is Steven Universe the only one that had its fanart shown while he displayed two screenshots for Adventure Time? Couldn’t he have just had all three of them in screenshots?

    Bottomline; using that fanart was unnecessary.

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