RoboCop – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara checks out the 1987 action film, RoboCop. What does she think of this 80s classic? Find out!

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  1. I actually have seen RoboCop. However, I have only seen the TV version which I’m fine with since I know that I couldn’t handle the full version. But yeah, it’s a great movie.

  2. Alright! Tamara saw one of my favorite movies.

    Oh no. No no no no. It is not a comedy, dear Tamara. But, it was made in a different time so I can forgive your interpretation of it.
    I first saw the televised version of it within just two years of it premiering in theaters. It immediately became one of my top five favorite movies and is still in my top ten. I love how dark and brutal it is, and if you lived through the 80’s you can tell it is a product of that time.
    I guess you just have to have been there to understand it properly.

    You youngsters have so much more to watch these days that you just can’t really enjoy the classics as they were intended.

    • I think part of what makes something classic is a range of enjoyability that transcends “intent.” Most of the appeal of Robocop is the comedy, even if it’s mostly dark comedy. It’s a classic (in part) because it can be appreciated on multiple levels. As action spectacle. A cat and mouse triller. A social satire of corporate greed. As allegory for how humanity survives in dehumanizing conditions. A buddy story that transcends even the death of a partner. etc.

      I didn’t need to “be there” in the 60’s to understand how Planet of the Apes was a product of it’s time.

    • While it’s not exactly a comedy, it’s got a lot of satire and dark humor. It parodied gun violence fantasy, the dumbing down of America, consumerism, corruption, and militarization of the police.

  3. One of my all time favourite movies, with one of the best villains in films.

    “Can you fly Bobby?”

    I used to quote that to my old boss (Bobby). He had no idea what I was talking about.

  4. Oh Tamara, I am so proud of you! You’re really getting a more refined and objective palette for appreciating cinema.

    As I predicted, anyone will enjoy this movie based on how much of the satire and social commentary you were able to separate from the violent action fare.

    I saw ED-209’s inability to climb stairs as a glaring flaw overlooked by greedy contractors more concerned with gluttonous overkill and making money.

  5. I could not take my eyes off of your obvious infected gumline. The gums between your 1st Incisor and bicuspid tooth on your right side is very infected. PLS see a dentist.

  6. My parents showed me this movie back when i was a kid and it was the unedited version and damn did i love it and it certainly made me the man iam today LOL

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