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Chris Stuckmann teams up with Nostalgia Critic to see if the latest Star Wars spin off is worth being such a hit. Chris and Doug review Rouge One – A Star Wars Story!

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  1. Come the hell on! It’s not even been out for a couple of weeks!

  2. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    Fun fact: The Star Wars universe calendar is actually built around the Battle of Yavin. There’s BBY, Before the Battle of Yavin, and ABY, After the Battle of Yavin.

    Also, there really was a guy standing in as Tarkin. Tarkin wasn’t completely CGI. There was a body double

    • and they did “count down” (in minutes and seconds, no less) the time before the Death Star reached the Rebel moon base.
      I know, I know, don’t sweat the small stuff; otherwise, you’ll start to wonder why the females all have British accents.

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    May the force be with Carrie Fisher Rip to her :'(

  4. Sometimes, I wonder what the point of living is if everything I really enjoy gets taken away from me?

  5. RLM already tore this one apart. I really liked Rogue One. Can’t you leave it be?!

    • Just skip the video if you don’t like it. Just because something is on the site doesn’t mean that you have to watch it. I don’t get why people waste so much time complaining about stuff they don’t like when ignoring it is so much easier.

    • Opinions are subjective, and being able to pull apart and look at the inner workings of the things you liked or disliked helps with critical thinking.

      Few if any things are perfect, recognizing the failings in things, even things you enjoy, and knowing how to explain your issues with humor and insight is important to helping others understand what they like and dislike about things.

      Understanding each others tastes helps us to communicate with one another and refer to each other stories and other aspects of life that we want others to experience and enjoy.

      It is unwise to sequester things and make them untouchable for this sort of treatment, and will lead to them having less cultural impact and being less relevant.

      Star Wars is not just a good franchise, but one everybody has seen. It is part of cultural lexicon, analyzing it allows us to share common ground culturally.

    • The only way you know you truly like something is if you can brush it of when someone makes someone makes fun of it

  6. Seventh? I’ll take it! Follow up comment to come.

  7. Dedicated to the memory of Carrie Fisher. Our Princess now and forever. R.I.P.

  8. I think that Mads Mikkelsen was happy for not having to put shit all over his eyes this time.

  9. The stormtropper that shoots the android in the back actually had good aim.

  10. I will be honest. I enjoyed the spectacle of the ending, however, I spent way too much time wondering why everything worked out the way it did. Why didn’t they tell me their plan in the ship and then follow through with the plan so I can just enjoy the action instead of wondering why a master switch would be outside, and what a master switch does, and why aren’t X-Wings used in Empire and why don’t they have more ion torpedos or did the shield against them in the future, if this archive was so important, why did they just blow it up, and why didn’t Darth Vader just grabs the plans, the guy was right there yelling about them, just use the force and grab them, why is he playing around with all those other people when he can just grab the plans. GRAB THE PLANS VADER! STOP SHOW BOATING!

    • He didn’t know about the plans being in that guy’s hand. The guy wasn’t yelling about them for the most part, but rather was yelling about wanting the door open so he and the others could get in and escape Vader. It wasn’t until Vader was about to kill him, (and was distracted killing another guy), that he passed the plans through the door. They blew up the archive in a last ditch effort to stop anyone from stealing their plans. It wasn’t a light decision as it would have had major consequences, but the consequences of having important schematics stolen would be, (and ended up being), worse. The master switch problem didn’t arise until the Rebel fleet showed up and the shield gate was blocked off. The original plan was to steal the Death Star plans and escape the planet with them, or failing that, transmit them to Rebel Command, which would have been unhindered if the gate was still open. In addition, many times the “master switch” for things tend to be stored somewhere easily accessible for maintenance and such. For this reason, things such as the power and water meters on houses tend to be outside where technicians can easily get to them to monitor issues and switch them entirely off if there is a problem. Beyond that, it was likely just a master switch for the communication junction that they ended up plugging into, and not the “master switch” for all basewide communications. The shield gate and equipment required for it to function would in fact be shielded against enemy torpedoes. It’d be entirely pointless to build a giant piece of equipment meant to lock down an important archive, if the enemy could just blast through that shielding with ease. The Empire doesn’t use x-wings for the same reason that different governments don’t use the exact same models of weapons and military vehicles; namely that each one has a different view of what the “best” variations are for the needs at hand……

  11. That “Digital Grand Mal Tarkin” joke of Chris Stuckmann’s made me laugh so hard Cherry Coke shot up my nose lol XD

  12. Good review but a bit short. There are a lot more gags they could have made.

  13. R.I.P Carrie Fisher. I’ll be sure to make Princess Leia cupcakes for the next Star Wars day.

    Like I’ve said many times, the clipless reviews aren’t my favorite. However, I think that generally comes from if I haven’t seen the original movie. This wasn’t so bad especially since it marks the first NC and Chris Stuckmann review. 😀 So yeah, here comes a review of this review. Positives? The chemistry with NC and Chris Stuckmann, that squid scene made me laugh, and Malcolm as Saw, and this review was on a bigger scale than I’ve ever seen or at least that’s what it felt like. Negative(s)? This was kinda nitpicky, in my opinion. For example, I didn’t even realize that Tarken was CGI and I thought the CGI Leia was good. O.O Another example was I thought that the Darth Vader voice was good. One last thing: I can’t wait for January. Yay, yay, yay!

  14. Here’s my question: why couldn’t they just find look-alikes to play Tarkin and young Leia? A Cushing look-a-like was found on Twitter, and he has the same voice as Cushing. Heck, doesn’t Felicity Jones resemble a young Carrie Fisher? I actually thought she’d be related to Leia before the movie came out.

  15. Saw Gerrera is actually character from Star Wars Clone Wars cartoon. There are also some cameos and mentions from Star Wars Rebels cartoon in Rogue One so they are really trying to connect things.

    Also Star Destroyers are called that because of navy ship type destroyer so it has nothing to do with destroying stars. How ever Super Star Destroyer like one that was destroyed by rebel fighter crashing into it is dreadnought class instead of star destroyer class.

    How and RIP Carrie Fisher. 2016 took another childhood icon from us.

  16. Hayden Christensen is Canadian

  17. I think Tarkin’s in the movie more because he’s Vader’s superior. Vader as the uber badass second only to the Emperor guy didn’t show up until Empire Strikes Back, he spent most of A New Hope under the command of Tarkin, hell, Leia even said that Tarkin held his leash. So, it would make more sense for Tarkin to be the one.

    • Another problem I don’t get is why people wanted more Vader. We all already know how dangerous he is. He would have ruined the threat and suspense of the film since if Vader was down there, he would have simply shot the planet before they got there….

      the film was meant to be grittier and more grounded…

    • Vader also really didn’t care about the death star, and probably was not as involved in its development – “Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed. The ability to destroy a plant is insignificant next to the power of the Force”

  18. I wish this was on YouTube, the nerd rage would break the site… seriously though, the movie was fine, just like you guys said. Nothing that will stay in my memory forever (except one scene…), but there’s worse ways to spend two hours of your life.

  19. I actually did not notice Tarkin and Leia’s faces were CGI at all.

  20. So when can we see an HP Lovecraft/Nostalgia Critic crossover?

  21. I’ve watched this movie twice, and I found it much better in the second view. I found Jyn and Cassian plenty compelling, so I can’t really sympathize with Doug finding their performances weak.

    I also loved the Tarkin effect. Never found it distracting at all.

    Personally I think this movie outclasses Force Awakens, and Return of the Jedi for that matter.

  22. Awesome review guys.

    Can’t wait for Sequel Month the Sequel. How bad would it compare to Sequel Disneycember?

    • I know !!!
      First, the really bland Disney direct to DVD sequels, now the sequels too bland for the original sequel month.
      Doug really is asking for pain these past few weeks.

  23. You guys know that Princess Leia at the end is played by an actual actress right? Ingvild Deila, she was slightly “enhanced” of course

  24. While I agree with you on the jumping around planets (though that only really happens in the first half hour) I could not disagree with you more on your issues with the indifference of the acting and the investment in the characters. This film honestly had me more interested in most of these characters that most of the Star Wars films because they were much more grounded. They were more relatable. They weren’t nearly as cartoonish or over-the-top. I didn’t find their actions as an exhibition of indifference, they were just more subtle. I still saw plenty of investment in the performances and, because of that, I was invested in the characters and the story. They captured the atmosphere of the original trilogy INCREDIBLY well with the designs of the ships and interiors of many of these environments, but they also made these characters more human and more grounded. It’s an improvement on the original formula. Because of this, I feel like Rogue One might be the most well made film of the series.

  25. Well, that was a rather boring review. You all just rushed through the review :/

    A lot of the jokes like the Vader sequence overstayed their welcome. I get the idea of the jokes, but I don’t think they were as funny as you think they were. I mean, that’s how I felt. Just a ho hum review that while had a lot of good points like the choppy beginning and some of the characters could have used more development, but you all make it sound worse than it really was.

    These days, good should mean GOOD. not Good= okay, which doesn’t make sense

    It’s a fun movie with a lot of great sequences and fun if simple characters. I think the big problem I have with the complaints is with how Vader wasn’t in the movie much.

    If Vader was more in the movie, it would ruin the tone of what is essentially a war/espionage film set in the Star Wars universe. it was meant to be more grounded and gritty. If Vader was more of teh villain, then nothing would have stopped them and Vader would probably have the Death Star just shoot the planet before they could even think of getting there :/ It would ruin the suspense if Vader was the only villain in the film since at that period in time, no one could stop Vader….

    so sick of that stupid issue since apparently you two don’t get it…

    I also found the acting to be clunky, but only with the two leads. Everyone else was humorous and entertaining.

    To me, this review was just okay. Not worth the hype…and really? you all complain about butt jokes being in poor taste and do a butt joke with Vader? it wasn’t any funnier the way you all did it…

    • The Real Silverstar

      Yeah, the review video that *you* did for this movie was so much better; you really captured all the subtle nuances, hit all of the vital talking points, wrote some killer jokes and scathing observations. Oh wait…you haven’t produced jack squat. Plus, you didn’t have to pay a dime to watch this, so quit yer bitchin’.

      I mean this in all seriousness, if anyone really thinks that they can produce a better video than the people who do it for a living, then those people should put their money where their collective mouths are and try making their own so they can show all of us Philistines what we’re just not getting. As the expression goes, don’t spite it, fight it.

      • oh man look at the edge lord here! You really hurt me with your angry piss post. Oh man, i should really rethink my way of living thanks to your whiny pathetic post . Please, get over yourself.

  26. This was awesome. My next favorite skit review after Hocus Pocus.

  27. There’s a guy where I live that dresses up as Darth Vader and plays the violin XD

  28. While I agree with some of the points made on this review, I think it lacked on quite a lot of points – such as Forest Whitaker doing his best Blue Velvet’s Dennis Hopper impression, or how little sense does the plot make – Madds Mikelsen’s character is able to send a ‘disc’ with an hologram file but couldn’t be bothered to attach the schematics for the Death Star in it as well? Why? Because this would make the movie way shorter and way less people would die?
    But I have to say: You guys summed up the movie the best (it is kinda meh but has a great climax).

  29. The thing with the books and the comics and the games is that they can kind of be in the background and not really noticed. A movie however is a lot more time and effort and people involved so it needs to make it’s money back.

  30. I did not expect that ending. I was hoping that at least what’s her name would live.

    • Snorgatch Pandalume

      Yeah, I know. I cared about what’s her name so much.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Then everyone would’ve been wondering why she wasn’t in A New Hope, Empire and Jedi. That’s the problem with prequels: the conclusion is already known, so even if one makes up a ton o’ stuff that supposedly happened beforehand, it still has to fall in line with the original work.

      • She was off screen leading commando raids.

      • You know the award ceremony at the end? By that point in the filming process, Lucas had basically used up the film’s entire budget and then some, and they couldn’t afford very many extras, so only the handful of rows closest to the center isle were played by real people. The rest, which you can’t see clearly because there’s people in the way, are played by cardboard cutouts of generic soldiers. What’s her name is one of those guys.

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