Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Sibling Rivalry

The first Star Wars spin-off movie is here! Does it live up to Force Awakens or is it as bad as the other prequels? Rob & Doug take a look at Rogue One.

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  1. I liked this more than The Force Awakens tbh.

  2. The second Darth Vader scene alone makes the movie worth seeing. Not that there isn’t other good parts but if the the whole movie consisted of that one 1 minute scene then just ended i would said okay i’m happy.

  3. Did you guys saw the creepy Wookie grampa from the holiday special with the dancing hologram? I’m the only one in the theater that got that.

  4. I’m going to skip this one because I don’t know if it’s spoiler free or not. I’ll come back when I’ve seen Rogue One on Monday.

  5. I think they didn’t do the story crawl because the movie WAS the story crawl from A New Hope. Why make a story crawl for a story crawl? Storycrawlception (dated reference, I know).

  6. I don’t think the Prequel Trilogy is nearly as bad as it’s cracked up to be.

    • GreenGoblinsOckVenom86

      I never liked the prequels that much. I hated the whole Jedis can’t be married thing. I think Linkara in his review of the comic that gives an explanation about it spot on. The thing that happened to Anakin could’ve happened if it was a friend that was dying and not his wife. I don’t know. I just never cared for the way they did it.

      On the topic of Rogue One, I just saw it and it was cool. Those Darth Vader scenes were awesome and so was the movie as a whole. I agree the Text crawl wasn’t necceasry since it is a tie in to New Hope.

  7. No Ewoks, but Warwick Davis was in the movie.

  8. Just saw it, i thought it was quite good. Donnie Yen and his friend with the chain gun laser were definitely my favourite characters. It was really cool to see Tarkin which I wasn’t expecting, he was noticeably cgi at points but it was a convincing effect overall. The final scene with Vader was incredibly cool. It feels like they made the whole movie just so they could shoot that one scene. I wasn’t really a fan of the soundtrack tbh. It had its moments but It felt a little too upbeat and whimsical for the more somber tone of the film. And while I do enjoy x-wing space battles, super weapons, and cantina scenes, they’re really going to have to start changing up the formula with these films moving forward.

  9. Not to say I thought the CG faces looked completely real, but I didn’t think it was Polar Express bad or anything. In fact, if I may be frank, the only thing that could have made it better in my eyes would have been to send a film crew to 1977. I feel like a big reason a lot of us poke fun at this effect is because we aren’t convinced, so we see the effect as “unconvincing” and therefore, a failure. It goes without saying that these people aren’t the same age they were 40 years ago, and we know that Peter Cushing is no longer around to act, so why *should* we be convinced. How can we be? Well… we don’t have to be. We knew the CGI dinosaurs in Jurassic Park weren’t real, and that Gollum wasn’t really there as he was presented on screen, but we didn’t reject them. We appreciated those effects back then, and many of us still do now. My favorite part of the experience of seeing Rogue One in theaters was watching that character turn around in that final scene, and noticing a girl in front of me, maybe 16 or 17, audibly gasp and attempt to contain her excitement at seeing what must have been one of her favorite characters, in 2016, untouched by time. Pure wonder. I’m pretty damn sure she didn’t care that it didn’t look 100% absolutely perfect, and I don’t see why we should either.

  10. Hey Doug will you ever do Bum Reviews again with Chester?

  11. Bring back Chester A. Bum for his Bum Reviews, what the hell happened to that or to him?

  12. I actually saw Rogue One today with a friend. Great movie!

  13. If I had known that this was spoiler free, I would have watched it earlier. LOL. I generally don’t like war films (you know what I mean) but yeah, this movie is a 90 out of 100. You guys pretty much said what I’m about to type. The battles are great, the 3D was great (unlike the crap 3D in Episode 7), and all the supporting characters are great. The leads are boring. The first 20 something minutes almost made me fall asleep. The early music was overly soothing. The Darth Vader scenes were so awesome. My favorite characters were the Empire robot and Donnie Yen. (SPOILER?) To me, the Princess Leia CGI was great. I was like O.O I won’t talk about the ending just in case but I expected about 90% of the ending. I thought that everyone would die expect for the main girl that I thought would get a missing leg or something.

  14. Personally I liked The Force Awakens more ‘cos of the more likeable characters. Force Awakens was fun from start to finish, this was interesting (not much fun) at finish.

  15. I had to see this before watching your review. Again, there were no jokes about the prequels. Do you wish there were? Yep, Darth Vader’s final scene was the best part. Do you even do Spoiler Corner anymore? RIP Carrie Fisher.

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