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This week The Horror Guru, Count Jackula and The Wire review ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY!

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  1. Batman-Credit-Card

    Before watching the video: You all be ashamed not leaving a comment!!!! First and only!

  2. Snorgatch Pandalume

    It didn’t have any space wizards or princesses in it? What do you call Darth Vader and Leia?
    It didn’t just FEEL like Force Awakens was re-treading old ground. It WAS. Fortunately this movie tried to do something new. I think my wife put it best: this is the movie where Star Wars grows up.
    I have to agree with Brad Jones. I didn’t care about Jyn Erso. She was a paper thin character and I don’t think she grew at all in the course of the movie. Everyone else in the movie was more interesting than her. I really enjoyed it when she got all pissy at Andor and told him: “You can’t talk your way out of this,” and he replied, “I don’t have to.”
    I agree that they really made Vader terrifying in this, as he should be, and restored his dark sense of humor.
    You’re certainly right about one thing: Star Wars fans will bitch about anything.
    I agree that Forest Whitaker was hamming it up and his character is superfluous.
    Overall, I liked this movie better than Force Awakens.

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