Rubber – Nostalgia Critic

A killer tire. It’s finally come to this. How can someone make a movie about a killer tire? The Nostalgia Critic looks at how and, more importantly, why as he reviews 2010’s Rubber.

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  1. Oh! I remember seeing a trailer for this movie a few years ago. I didn’t expect it to be so meta. O.O

  2. “First!” because i don’t care. Anyways, something about rubbermaid?

  3. All arthouse films do exactly 2 things. Call you dumb and show you a crappy movie.

  4. Jeremy G. McLaughlin

    Oh, Doug…why do you keep pissing off every Douchey McNitpick that comes your way?

    Granted, in the first Top 11 Nostalgia Critic Fuck-Ups video, you did acknowledge that you are a terrible editor, so you sort of acquit yourself a little. But when really stupid mistakes like the ones in this video show up, like getting the year of the film you’re reviewing wrong or misspelling your own name (not the first time either, “Raoul Puke”), it really makes me think that you should at least consider hire a semi-professional script supervisor to catch any mistakes you wrote down before filming.

    So many have popped up in the last six years that a fourth Top 11 list of Fuck-Ups is no longer feasible…it must be Top 26.

  5. 13:20
    hey, I’m a brony/furry/scalie and I find this offensive.
    Offensively funny.

  6. Blaze The Movie Fan

    Yeah, the concept is stupid, but to be fair it could have worked if they did something different from giving the tire fucking psychic powers. That was so lame.

  7. This movie looks Tiresome.

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