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Let’s get the comments into the thousands. Tell the Copyright Office your issues with the DMCA! It’s time to take a small step forward and try and begin to start real change. This is really only the first step, and while this whole battle won’t be easy we must try and fix these problems at the source. Even if you don’t live in the United States, you can comment on the form anyway!

Original comment form link HERE!

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    1st RockmanX3 is me

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Oh my god I gotta do this express how I feel and whoever did this movement you are a genius and I’ll retweet this andn tell everyone about how the DMCA is abusing YouTube and make my voice heard and everyone hear I suggest you do this too we will not be bullied by the DMCA we need to get with the times and tell the government and everyone around the world how this can change and #WTFU

  2. Left them a comment!


  3. Is the guy who uses Nazi-imagery really the best example for “creative users” you could find for the video?

  4. Unfortunately the internet didn’t stop SOPA and PIPA. They were combined and re-branded as the Freedom of Internet Act. Then the public was prevented from learning the details until after it was passed.

  5. Too bad the copyright offices have nothing to do with youtube being a broken piece of crap with an automated system that doesn’t register fairly that is constantly abused by indie developers on a site that has a monopoly on videos hosting…but sure, let’s keep trying to fix something else and see if that works.

  6. Doug… the site says the date is March 31, but if you click on the link to the official federal site it says on the side bar that comments close on March 21… Please please please tell me I’m mistaken because it would be horrible if I’m not

  7. It is shameful how the simple rights we have such as free speech is being suppressed by the DMCA!!

  8. Well, I know what I’ll be doing/letting other people know about. #WTFU

  9. Completely missed this

  10. Maybe I didn’t

  11. How did I miss this video earlier? I’m not sure…

  12. BrianisaFuckingCunt

    Dumb fucking Kikes.

  13. “The First Amendment? What’s that?” #WTFU

  14. Just signed. Thank you for spreading the awareness.

  15. Signed.

    I did just go with the form letter because the ways in which this issue affects me directly as a viewer aren’t particularly easy for me to sum up since I know far less about all the technicalities. I do understand what was said about the DMC and how it has created problems, so I signed in good conscience.

  16. How do we know the US Copyright Office isn’t pranking us and Doug? It’s suspicious that they give us very little time. Why pick April Fools Day to do this? No one finds this all suspicious? I have a feeling once the countdown on the site hits “0”, a big “April Fools Day” screen will pop up. If this is a big prank, then it would be a messed up thing to do.

    • Just signed. I hope this is legit.

    • If the US Copyright Office did an “April Fool’s Day” on this, it will have signed its own death warrant in terms of credibility. No real Government Agency of any sort would really, sincerely, do anything like this, as it would stain EVERYTHING they would do in the future. It would show them taking one side where they are supposed to be impartial – and have them going completely against their mission statement.

      There’s a small possibility it could be a fake entity posing as the US Copyright Office, but the chances of that are VERY small.

      I don’t understand the very limited time to post comments and stories, but for now, we just have to go with what we have. This is just one battle with many other battles to come.

  17. Just signed. I went with the provided letter, but I also added a couple of sentences to clarify a few details.

  18. Too bad every other content creator here decided to do rubbish April Fools Day uploads. Fewer people would probably think this was an especially cruel prank.

  19. I made my comment and shared to everyone on FB. Hope this helps! #WTFU

  20. Holy shit! Comments on the site have now been increased BY 1000 TIMES!

  21. Yeah, I thought this was an April Fool’s Day joke too. You didn’t make one again this year. Maybe it’s a prank THOSE guys are making? Nah, they’re too corrupt. I love how serious you are. You stick up for us.

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