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Bryan, Walter and Aiyanna continue the vs series as the better alternate Spider-Man is debated. Who is better Spider Gwen or Scarlet Spider?

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  1. Wait wait, there’s a question here? I’d totally get it if the question was Spider Gwen vs Spider Girl (Mayday Parker) but really, there’s a chance that Scarlet Spider is better than Spider Gwen?

  2. I’m not very familiar with Scarlet Spider (However I think Linkara has talked about it before) and the only reason I’m familiar with Spider Gwen is because I used to play that Spider Man App temple-running/swinging game. I think that Walter with Scarlet Spider won.

  3. Um…Is Spider-Gwen her actual superhero name? If it is then how does she not tip people off to her secret identity? Granted, lots of people named Gwen in the world, but still, why give the bad guys any clues to her civilian identity at all? Also, why are there so many different alternate Gwens these days? Nothing against Gwen mind you, I just grew up during a time when she was long out of the picture in Spiderman stories so I don’t really get the sudden resurgence & multiple copies of her as of late…Spider-Gwen? Gwenom? GWEN POOL?! So many puns! XD

    • No, she’s called Spider Woman in universe, but since there’s already a Spider Woman in the main universe with a fanbase (and a Spider Girl with a VERY devoted fanbase too) they call the title Spider Gwen for clarity’s sake. As for the resurgence in Gwen Stacy popularity, I think it’s because of the Webb movies and Emma Stone’s excellent performance. Certainly the various new Gwens resemble her more than the original, 60’s comic Gwen

    • you joke, guyver, but there is actually a gwenpool. I’m not sure how much she has to do with gwen stacey though

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