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It ran over and over on Cartoon network, now Nostalgia Critic looks at the awkwardly animated Halloween staple, Scary Godmother.

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  1. David S. Pumpkins wants his jacket back.

  2. To tell you the truth, I never heard if the Scary Godmother specials back in the day.
    I’ve seen better animation on Jimmy Neutron (the movie and the TV show).
    Nice jokes on Whose Line is it Anyway, The Magic School Bus, and Doctor Strange.
    “Skeleton in the Closet”? OMG, that is funny.
    I’ve seen better Halloween parties in the Halloween specials of Power Rangers, and a majority of them are clipshows.

  3. I think I remembered that this was aired on Cartoon Network, but by god, what the hell is with the CGI? This makes Reboot look like a Pixar production! And what the hell is with all those faces!? Those are the stuff of nightmares!

    • Thing is… this was made by the people who made ReBoot.

      • Yep. Both this and Reboot were produced by Mainframe, which also produced the Weird-Ohs animated series that ran on Fox Family Channel. Another forgotten cartoon.

        • To say nothing of Beast Wars: Transformers.

          • TheGreatDeadpoolio

            Don’t forget Shadow Raiders. Mainframe Entertainment pretty much made all of my childhood shows.

          • I was flabbergasted for a moment, wondering how they (who did those really good, well-written shows) could have produced that…

            And THEN I remembered the skeleton. And the sign-your-soul joke. And then it made more sense, because it would seem in character for them to squeeze those in, even in an ostensibly a for-small-children throwaway thing they probably did for the psycheck.

            (Since in 2004, they’d be past the Reboot/Shadow Raiders/Transformers point. They may even not have had all the same team by the time they did this, of course.)

          • You guys are forgetting one other MainFrame Cartoon, Casper’s Haunted Christmas 😀

          • Mainframe Animation is now called Rainmaker Animation and they do the animation for the dreaded Barbie direct-to-video movies.

  4. I find bad animation (like, ugly art & terribly animated stuff) creepy. It makes me unconfortable

  5. I love the intro. I think Demo Reel was so long ago a decent amount of your fans might not even know about it. And I hate shitty animation. It always completely ruins a movie no matter how good the acting or story is.

  6. I honestly thought this was insanely charming and refreshing. Sure the style is….questionable, but for some reason, it works.

  7. Tabitha St. Germain, such a great actress in such lackluster specials.

  8. Can you review ‘Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School’?

    • The Real Silverstar

      The rosters for these theme months are typically picked out, shot and edited in advance, so the videos slated for this month’s Nostalgiaween are most likely already in the can; if Ghoul School is on the list for this year’s installments, cool, if it’s not, well maybe next year.


  10. Quick question for anyone who can answer: how long after he posts an episode here does it take for Doug to post it on YouTube as well? Because this Vidme player is just atrocious.

  11. Is anyone else surprised that “Melvin: Brother of the Joker” wasn’t in the “Joke Cemetery”?

  12. Hey, I remember this movie. I used to watch it when I was a kid. Ah, good times… Anyway, it was nice seeing the Nostalgia Critic rip it apart because, for how much I liked as a kid… Yeah, it is very awkwardly done. So… Yes, this was a nice opening to Nostlgia-ween. Looking forward to next week.
    Also, if you didn’t know, this film had a sequel made too. Hoping that gets reviewed too, either this Nostalgia-ween, or the next. I don’t care.

    • Probably next year unless it gets tossed into a sequel month.

    • I realize that he is (arguably) running out of “So Bad It’s Funny” material but I personally do not like when he reviews “For Kids” material like this one or “Cats Don’t Dance”. OK, we get it, you liked it as a kid; you don’t know why now-a-days. That does not mean that it is awful. It’s just……. “For Kids”!!!

  13. I’ve never seen this movie before, but I knew this was gonna get bad when I saw the first frame of the movie

  14. This is creepy as fuck. And not in the good way.

  15. Okay, who do I have to bribe or kidnap to get Doug to review a good movie? Like The Mummy with Boris Karloff or House Of Wax with Vincent Price? Seriously, he deserves a treat after reviewing this crud!

  16. It’s me, or the living room of the Scary Godmother is the one of Courage the Cowardly Dog?

  17. I guess I was 16 when they replayed these, but I do remember enjoying this even though the animation is bad. Kinda a sit and watch while munching on candy movie or background noise.

    Oh and there’s a sequel…. hope you enjoy that treasure.

  18. Never even heard of this thing and I’ve been watching CN since the mid 90’s

  19. Hi, Doug! Long-time viewer, first-time commenter. I look forward to Nostalgia-Ween every year!

    – Love the Simpsons intro! Very creative!
    – I remember this on Cartoon Network all the time when I was growing up. Never cared for it honestly, and I’m usually a fan of weird, off-the-wall specials like this. Glad you gave it a fair treatment, though!

    Couple requests – take them how you will 🙂 I’m sure you have all your Nostalgia-Ween specials picked out for this year, but maybe these could make their way into future years.

    – A collective review of Scooby-Doo animated movies (old like “Ghoul School” or new like “Zombie Island”)
    – Goosebumps (either TV show or movie)
    – Top 11 Simpsons Treehouse of Horror segments
    – Top 11 Halloween commercials

    Keep up the good work!

  20. There’s a sequel to this fun little animation, by the way. Honestly, I enjoy both of them. I know they’re not all that great, but I just had fun with them.

  21. “God, early CGI was scary…”

    Yeah, yeah some of it was…..

  22. Just letting you know, there’s a sequel to Scary Godmother.

  23. Funny enough, I loved this as a kid, and I still love it now, but seeing you react to it and give your honest opinion about it is HILARIOUS to me.

  24. Can you review House of Wax the 2005 remake? So full of horror movie tropes, plus…. Paris Hilton lol

  25. I feel like almost nothing happened. It’s like they took 3 minutes of a normal Halloween special and stretched it out.

  26. I never got the Closest thing until now, now that you mentioned it. Although I’m not sure if that was intentional, but I suppose it could have been.

    But that aside we shouldn’t just associate flamboyant male characters as gay, when they could just as well be straight or at least bisexual, or even having no sexual or romantic preference at all.

    But in any case, it’s up for the audience to decide for themselves; and personally I sometimes shipped him with Scary Godmother, as a surrogate mother and father couple to Anne; but if it makes others happy I can also say he’s probably Bi/Pansexual or even sexually or romantically fluid.

  27. No, Critic, it’s cool! Howard the Duck is good now! (When it’s not going on about politics, I mean!)

    And yet somehow, with the appearance of a Skrull-tainted shapeshifting girl with clothes sometimes made of flesh and female clones of Howard and Rocket Raccoon, it’s even weirder.

  28. I remember enjoying this special the first time I saw it.

  29. “John Waters wishes he was in something so kitsch”

    Best line in the review!

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