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Scooby and the gang are back and the Critic is back to rip it to shreds!

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  1. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    Welcome back Roger/Orlando!

    • Oh my god!! I can’t wait for the Amadeus editorial! One of my favorite films!! I lovveee Tom Hulce! Great job as always, Channel Awesome. These reviews are getting better and better!!

    • futuremoviewriter

      I get what you were trying to do with the gag, prove the point how you think it was cheap that they didn’t even try to hide the fact that Heather was the villain and then reveal she was Jacobo the whole time, but while clever it was at the expense of the interesting ideas that could have been developed with what Roger was trying to prove. The hints that it was Jules though (that most don’t catch until second viewing) were pretty clever though. And Jacobo got two lines in the beginning! So long suckers! and Help me suckers!

    • Alvin and the chipmunks is not on vessel yet. Can’t wait!

  2. Nope dude… your “Mystery” does not work.

    1) We did not know there is mystery until someone already told us the person behind this
    2) Your clues are more confusing because (look at the point 1) we did not know that was intentional
    3) It makes no sense. You did not make character with motivation or anything just clues.
    4) People act completly without thinking.

    You should start respect people inteligence and the fact you are not the center of the world dude.

    • The first clue was the name of the parody show, not the first clue given when they were explaining the mystery.

    • geez could be a bigger douche? it’s a comedy show and this wasn’t meant to be an agatha christie style mystery he was just trying to make a point

      • AND HE DIDN’T. He pretends to be smarter when in reality it is exacly the opposite. The movie has simplistic mystery with obvious villain like in second incarnation “New Scooby Doo show”, now Doug thinks he outsmarted the movie because he saw Gravity Falls. The mystery with noticing small detail does not work if whole mystery will be solved in 20 minutes and guess what? Classic Scooby doo clues were always easy to notice so it is also far from it.

        IT WAS MEANT TO BE AGATHA CHRISTIE STYLE MYSTERY. That was the whole point he was trying to make.

        This (looks at the video), is Cthulhu joke from the Devil.

    • Was going to make this comment – the “mystery” was ridiculous, as well as trying to get out of explaining it with “oh well nobody cares about motive”.

    • Even Phoenix Wright would look at this mystery and just be like “Yeah, this case isn’t worth my time….” I get what Doug was trying to do by one-upping the movie, but his final explanation simply doesn’t make sense even if he snuck stupidly subtle clues into the background. In trying to be better than this movie, all he did was inadvertently re-create it’s mistakes by pulling his own culprit out of nowhere with no real explanation for how or why they were able to do what they did.

      The idea isn’t bad, it just lacks much-needed substance to work as a good mystery.

      • Exacly my point(which I probably didn’t explain too well), Doug has to grew and improve his reviews because I wanna see him doing more stuff. In Linkara reviews you see storytelling so finding clues wouldn’t so wierd.

        Heck, I saw Power rangers reviewer which does it perfectly connecting by small detail in background with actual facts from the show, so if you wanna figure out the mystery you wanna watch same thing as he does.

    • Yeah, this is a comedy show. The mystery was supposed to be obvious. That was part of the joke.

    • I tend to agree with the “the mystery doesn’t work” side of the argument. Of course the video had to focus on the review, and the mystery is just a side-act, but that cut out the ability to actually have a ‘good’ mystery. Maybe if they gave it more focus they could’ve done it well, but then the video wouldn’t have worked as a review, which is its main goal. Then, of course, if they gave the mystery act more time and attention without changing the review of the movie, people would have complained that the video is too long and the act takes too much time, and people would just stop watching the video or skip the act altogether, missing all the clues they’re supposed to gather.

      In this case, I don’t think the act could have really been saved, partly because it didn’t get enough time to develop, but also because giving it that time would have ruined the video for lots of viewers. Personally, I would have enjoyed it, but I’ve seen enough “The skits are too long and don’t work!” comments to suggest that I am in the minority on that, lol.

  3. I was hoping he’d mention the funniest joke in the movie. “So long, suckers! Help me, suckers!”

    • This a fuck up on his part as he said in his review that the mad scientist had no lines whatsoever.

      • futuremoviewriter

        Yeah, Jacobo had those lines right in the beginning. They were actually subtle about saying that it was Jacobo the whole time even though yes, they threw Heather in our face almost every second. This has funnier moments than the first one, but that one was a guilty pleasure because it had some idea of Scooby Doo and was otherwise unapologetic about the rest. This had the same feel, but too much toilet humor weighed it down.

  4. The Psych parody made my day~

  5. I confess, I actually like this movie. It’s not great, and maybe it’s just the beneficiary of lowered expectations after how awful the first one was, but I actually really enjoy it. Certainly don’t think it’s worth a review, but everyone has a right to a different opinion than me 🙂

    • It is better to watch first few animated movies instead but still this film is huge improvement over last one and it is much better tribute.

      • The animated movies are crap. All of them. The Scooby-Doo-formula just doesn’t work, if you try to stretch the mystery beyond the 20 minute mark.

        The live-action ones were wise to strive for a different approach (even if it doesn’t work all the way through).

  6. PSYCH IS pretty fantastic. We all have to admit it.

  7. Don’t retire again Critic!

    • He won’t. Or his bills are going to make him stay.

    • Doug, you’re really running out of ideas…
      And making fun out of Pokémon yet AGAIN for no goddamn reason whatsoever.

      You know, fuck it. You know he jumped the shark when he repeat the same “joke” in a multitude of episodes in a row.
      (Through yet again, NC’s fanboys will justify it, like every time.
      Even when he throws shit at them, they like it and even want more of it.)


      • If repeating jokes in multiple episodes is what jumps the shark for you, than i’m surprised your still watching since the original episodes used to do it all the time (doug’s even parodied this fact in the Christmas with the Kranks episode). Honestly it was one Pokemon joke that I didn’t even remember he used, and I just finished watching the episode. It you didn’t like the episode or the show in general that’s fine, everyone has their opinion, but really its rather petty to get so sulky because one joke didn’t work for you.

      • The joke got about as funny as it was ever going to get when he was literally feeding off of the angry comments. One of the basic rules of comedy is that if you want to keep using a joke you have to shake things up every now and then or out-do yourself every time. That’s something the old videos actually got more often than you’d expect, so it’s weird that he’s just throwing the joke out there after it’s been pushed about as far as it could logically go. Like if you do something like that, you can’t just go back to it being small and still expect it to be as funny without any changes!

        • He did change it. Just like he did in the past. This time, it was an offhand joke about making sure the millennials were still on board, and a callback to a previous review.

      • NC jumped the shark when he started overusing painful cringy skits like in this review.

      • Doug probably keeps making anti-Pokemon jokes because he knows that over sensitive fanboys are going to overreact, like they do every time. You’re reacting exactly the way that he thinks you’re going to react, so he keeps on doing it.

        And if you really feel that Doug has “jumped the shark”, then why are you still watching his videos? If you prefer the older NC videos, than just watch the older NC videos. No one’s got a gun to your head forcing you to click on these videos. You can leave anytime that you want.

    • Great to see Orlando back again.

      I never saw this movie because the first one was such dogshit and can’t believe they actually made a sequel to it.

      The Scooby Doo live action movies are like taking Scooby’s turds and attaching them to a blank film reel that’s played in theaters.


    Super Shag!

  9. Oddworld Inhabitant

    I worry a million other people will also comment this, but the animated suit at roughly 18:45 is the Miner ’49er, the prospector ghost, not Captain Redbeard, the pirate ghost. What have I done with my life that I know that…

    Also, to be honest, I didn’t really suspect the reporter when I first saw the movie, mostly because I didn’t recognize the actress and thought she was just some mouthy extra, and because I was certain it was Jonathan, since why else bring him up? Guess I get half points, then.

    Finally, if I may go further into fanboy mode, it annoyed me that they had an OOC Mr. Wickles as the fake-out. He was just a crooked museum curator, for Pete’s sake. Dr. Jekyll would have worked far better, since he was an actual mad(-ish) scientist. But that getting pretty nit-picky, I’ll admit.

  10. Oh god. I actually watched this movie as a little kid. Hell, I even remember quite liking it. I feel so old all of the sudden.

    The worst part is that I really didn’t finish high school.

  11. “Alicia Silverstone is obviously the villain.”

    Obvious how? I couldn’t tell she was the villain. I know that makes me sound like an idiot, but Nostalgia Critic didn’t even explain why her role was so obvious.
    If the character was acting sneaky like that guy from Princess Diaries 2 then it would make more sense, but she was acting more like a reporter until Daphne pointed her out.

    I have two theories as to why Nostalgia Critic said this;

    1.) He might be talking about Alicia’s career and she usually plays the villain in the movies she’s in. But I’m not familiar with her career, so I don’t get it.

    2.) It’s just an excuse to use that “They can’t figure out it was Roger” running gag… that’s it?

    Yeah, as you can tell I don’t get the purpose of this criticism.

    • Its obvious because the film seemingly goes out of its way to try and convince you its -not- her while simultaneously pointing the finger at everyone else. Its like if I told you I’d hidden a solid gold ingot somewhere in your house, could be absolutely anywhere…except under your bed. It is most definitely not under your bed, don’t even bother looking under your bed because its really not there. Hey go try looking in the freezer because it could be there, since its not under your bed or anything.
      Your first reaction after all that is naturally to go look under your bed, because I couldn’t be hinting any more obviously that thats where its gone

      • …That doesn’t explain anything!

        If it was from right AFTER the masked guy stole the costumes then that argument would’ve made more sense (although that wouldn’t say much until later), but he just accused her of being the villain as soon as she appeared which DIDN’T make any sense.

      • Oddworld Inhabitant

        All true, but he says that she’s the villain from the moment she appears on screen. While it’s true that the first notable character in a Scooby episode is often the culprit, I’m not sure why it’s clearly the reporter from moment one of her appearance. As I said in another comment, when I saw that movie, I thought for sure it would be Jonathan from the moment he was mentioned (which I though would mean the reveal would be even more anti-climactic than it turned out to be).

        • Doug’s using Meta-Knowledge.

          Basically: If a famous actor is playing a role it’s a major role and therefore in a movie like this one where you already have multiple heroic characters clearly the villain.
          They did also get Seth Green in and in a role that pretty commonly ends up being a villain i.e. fake love interest for a main character {only this time he was actually a real love interest instead} so there was the option for him to be the villain too though so I’m not sure it really works with this movie.

          There’s also plenty of other villainous options in this movie so again I agree that Doug’s fingering of her as the villain straight and refusal to accept any of the alternatives is forced.

          Most Kids {who this film is actually aimed at} will not have any of the meta-knowledge that Doug and his fellow critics have.

    • Because she’s the most famous actor in the film and they made a big deal of focusing on her when it would otherwise make no sense to do so. The second she appears on screen, she’s the center of attention. Not a typical reporter role where they are just giving exposition.

      She has to have some important role, and being the villain is the only one that fits. Everyone else is either barely shown or has a clear purpose to the story besides being a villain.


    As I have never seen the movie I will not be watching that Amadeus video. I mean most of the movies and tv shows he talks about I’ve neever really seen but I still watch because well most of them are crap anyway and some are more interesting than Amadeus even if it’s bad like the Ewoks cartoon. I’ve never watched it but it makes sense for me to watch that video because I watch the Star Wars movie as well as the Clone Wars and Rebels shows.

  13. Err, millennials are in their twenties and thirties.

  14. Good review, but you’ve officially pissed me off with the THIRD “PokĂ©mon sucks” joke in a row. For that, I hope Darkrai visits you in your sleep and torments you with perpetual nightmares.

    • you realise the punchline of this joke wasn’t mocking pokemon itself, but both the reaction from people when pokemon is criticised and lazy writing that takes cheap shots at things like it?

      • And here we go again with NC’s fanboyys justifying his shitty jokes…
        You know, repeating the same fucking joke is a proof of laziness.

        And lazy writing with cheap shots? Yeah, it’s not like Doug Walker himself could make the same mistakes…
        Wait a minute…

      • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

        Except he’s not talking about the anime, he’s talking the franchise as a whole, a franchise that he’s only explored ONE movie of. None of the games, no other part of the anime, none of the manga. He said it to rile people up

        • funny how he likes to piss off an entire fan community based on 1 thing that he did, even though his tends to overreact every single time someone brings up the Bat Credit Card. life is funny sometimes.

      • Yeah, but it’s still getting old. I like running jokes, but this joke was never funny to begin with.

    • Seriously, that’s a jab at the community. He knows he’ll get booing from too-easily-pissed pokĂ©mon fans and that’s what he’s aiming for.
      It’s a similar jab to how he made a series of jokes on how mentioning the word “pony” in a review would automatically grant him thousands extra views.

    • The last two times, he wasn’t even actually insulting Pokemon. When he compared the CGI stadium in Spy Kids 3D to Pokemon Stadium, he was more comparing the CGI of a Nintendo 64 game, and Pokemon Stadium just happens to be one of the most well know N64 games set in a stadium, and he knew People would mistake that for him saying he hated Pokemon, so he just went with it for a joke.

      In the Jem and the Holograms review, all he did was list the anime with other animated series that were nothing more than tie-in material yet are fondly remembered. Hell, he listed that alongside shows he absolutely loves such as Transformers and TMNT, showing he understands the appeal of it!

      People who over-react like you are the exact reason he made yet another joke in this review. He only made it because it amuses him how many people take it seriously when it’s obviously tongue-in-cheek.

      • Ha, looks like I was right!

        NC fanboys will always justify everything, even his shit.
        Look, your God is maybe trying to rile up people on purpose (and it’s really pathetic to do so) but re-using the same fucking joke just proves that, since for a while, he’s coming short on material to do jokes (hell, his SJWs jokes in the Blade review were quite low-blow, and I hate SJWs). Lazyness and uninspiration should never be justified. And yet…

        • So you think giving Doug the exact reaction he desires is the best way to stop him provoking you? :3
          How cute! You don’t understand how trolling works.

        • Also, by no means to I think the Nostalgia Critic is perfect. For this very review, I criticized how he din’t put in a sketch for Tamara to play Velma in when she would have been great for that role.

        • Seriously, Blayshy, what is your problem? You and Yin Knight look for any opportunity to piss on Doug Walker and his videos, so why exactly are you still watching them? Are you a masochist with a psychological need to punish yourselves? Or are you just lonely? Why even watch these videos at all if there’s so much about them that you don’t like?

          I just don’t get why some people continually bitch about something, but still watch it week after week. If I wasn’t enjoying these videos anymore, I would stop watching them, but some people will keep on watching and watching and keep bitching and moaning every week. i don’t get that.

          If you don’t like the NC videos anymore, JUST STOP WATCHING THEM. It’s not brain surgery.

  15. Awesome to see Orlando back! And he’s as great as back then!

  16. Poor Roger. Even when he’s a badass in SK he gets owned by Ma Ti.


    What show are they parodying and are those seriously real guns in the background? And please tell me those swords aren’t from GOTs. It’s everywhere I go and it’s getting on my nerves.

    • Oddworld Inhabitant

      The parodied show is Psych from USA, and I very much doubt those are real guns. That, or Doug is getting really paranoid about Trump possibly winning the election and turning all of Chicago into a hotel/casino/golf course.


        Never heard of it.

        • It’s a mystery show about a goofy eccentric private detective with incredible deductive skills that are so good that he’s able to pick up on minute clues to fake being a psychic detective. Usually, he’s racing against the police to see who can solve the crime first. Basically, imagine if Sherlock Holmes liked to screw with people and was an immature guy with an obsession with the 80s and pop culture references.

          I’m probably making it sound bad, but it’s actually a pretty good show and I’m pretty sure it’s still on Netflix, so it’s probably possible to see it wherever you are to give it a chance.


  18. You know, I watched this A LOT when I was a kid, and I graduated high school, I know what the number 2 means, and I haven’t eaten my own brain. I know that they were jokes, but you were still very keen on insulting people who watched it as kids.

  19. Ah, Doug? How old are you? Millennials (or Generation Y) were born between 1979 and 2000. We’re all in our twenties and thirties now.

    Nowadays kids are the Generation Z (born between 1995 and 2009).

    • am I the only one who thinks the whole Millennials argument is kind of stupid, childish, & utterly pointless?

      • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

        Millennials mostly voted to keep Britain in the EU. It’s the older folks that voted to leave and now look where they are

        • again, why should anyone care how old you are or what year were born? you can be both old and young, and still be either smart and/or dumb. from the way I see it, it ultimately doesn’t matter because stupidity doesn’t pick sides. that’s like saying because you’re born with blonde hair, you’re automatically dumb. even though I’ve seen plenty of blondes out there who can be smart. it’s all complete and utter nonsense that means absolutely nothing.

    • Emperor.Hampton

      So, what are people born between 1995 and 2000? Are they part of the Millennials, or are the Generation Z/iGen (another name I’ve heard for them/us).

      • just people. it really doesn’t matter what you were born because that don’t determine how intelligent you are as a human being. all of it is pure nonsense. to quote George Carlin: “at what point does this all start to break down as a bunch of bulls*** that somebody made up?”

      • Year of birth has nothing to do with generation. Generation X were the children of Baby Boomers, and Millennials are the children of Gen X.

        • yeah, but a generation is defined as all of the people born and living at about the same time. but now a days it’s being use to continue to judge and label people. and it’s an argument that’s being used more and more in a rather obnoxious degree.

        • another reason why none of this makes any logical sense is that not every single millennial were born from gen x parents. some people can be born during that time frame and yet one of their parents were born in a generation that has no definition. yes, my father was born in 1944, and no where does it say that he would be considered as apart of the Silent Generation nor the Baby Boomer age based on the information I read. and again, does it really matter? no, it doesn’t. the longer you think about it, the more your brain is going to hurt. maybe instead of judging people based on what their skin color is, what sex they were born with, what hair color they have, or what generation they were born in, try judging people as, you know, people. it’s just becoming a bunch of empty words with no real meaning and no real life significance attached to it.

  20. Blaze The Movie Fan

    Great job as always.

  21. So…is this the last episode of the Nostalgia Critic? For real? You didn’t even mention that! I would have given you the full score but I can’t because of the “PokĂ©mon” joke. It still has more results on Deviantart than God. Speaking of which, I liked the use of crosses in your charity shout out!

    • The Real Silverstar

      “So…is this the last episode of the Nostalgia Critic? For real? You didn’t even mention that! ”

      There’s a reason why it was never mentioned…because it ISN’T the last episode. No one ever said it was. Some people might have assumed that because when Doug reviewed the first Scooby-Doo movie, that was originally intended to be the last NC, but of course that didn’t happen. We all know what happens when we ASS-U-ME….

  22. Okay, while I did enjoy the review itself, the side story of the Critic playing detective to solve the case was pretty weak. Am I the only one who’s sick of the gag of the critic being a hypocrite when complaining about the characters in a movie, only to act the exact same way? I felt it got stale when he reviewed Fantastic Four. I know he explained it in the review, but I still felt it was pretty stupid and kind of tiring. Also, it was a miner ghost, not a pirate ghost, and a tar monster, not oil. There, that’s all I wanted to say.

  23. I love Psych so much- everything saterized was true

  24. This was actually ok.

  25. anonexistentuser

    How do you do a parody of “Psych” and NOT INCLUDE A FRIGGIN’ PINEAPPLE?!? You could have had Malcolm play Jules for all I care, but as long as a pineapple was featured in speech or sight, that would’ve been the only thing that mattered to me. Unless the pineapple behind Shaggy in that one scene from the movie was supposed to be it, in which case… I can’t decide if that’s lazy or clever.

  26. TJe only thing I think was missing in the Psych parody was the Henry Spencer character. Seems like a role that’s perfect for Rob.

  27. Deductive reasoning in Scooby Doo? No. Just find the character who has the least amount of screen time and he/she is the guilty one. I figured that shit out as a little kid.

    • Oddworld Inhabitant

      I don’t know about that; I recall a bunch of random partiers in “A Tiki Scare Is No Fair” who turned out to be innocent despite only appearing in one scene. Not to mention all the times it turned out to be someone we’d never even met before. You rule as a few holes, is all I’m saying.

  28. I think these movies are guilty pleasures for me. Yes, I agree that they’re stupid, but I can’t help but feel nostalgic when I watch them.
    With that said, this was a funny review. I actually do like the subtle hints throughout; I did not notice them, save for the “Jules” clue. So, yeah, like the video and I can’t wait for next week’s Editorial.

  29. Strangefacts101

    I regret seeing this POS in the theaters.

  30. to be honest, I never really liked Scooby Doo. I can completely understand why some people liked it, but I could never get into. the only mystery shows I remember watching growing up were either Ghostwriter and a few other shows here and there. I also agree that we should go back to using practical effects in movies because CGI is getting lazier and lazier. hell, Spinal from Killer Instinct looked far more intimidating than both the effects for this movie & the new Ghostbusters combined. speaking of which, I sent you an email Critic about making a custom DVD for you for Nostalgic Commercials 7. my offer still stands if you are ever interested. ^-^

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