Scooby Doo the Mystery Begins – Nostalgia Critic

The third Scooby Doo film goes back to when the gang first met, but the Critic doesn’t think it can break the bad Scooby movie curse. Let’s see how it plays out!

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  1. Please review the 1986 film Dangerously Close! I really hated that film!

  2. Another mystery to solve for you critic: Where did all the content creators go 😮

    • “What are you talking about? There is nothing wrong. Nothing wrong at all. Meltdown? What meltdown. There is no meltdown at channel awesome. Everything is peachy.” I’m sure this is pretty close to what is being said behind the scenes. Ignore a problem, and push on long enough without comment, and people will inevitably forget what the problem was in the first place.

  3. It feels like the last few episodes have been still good, but very low key. Is everything okay guys? *worried face*

    • Apparently there is some huge scandal going on concerning the owner of channel awesome.Hes not a Content creator himself as far as i can see.Ive never heard of him.

      Something shovenistic or the like.And now everyone is leaving Channel awesome.
      And no one cares about the Reviews anyomore and is just insulting Doug fpr some Reason.
      I want to hear a response from him,because this is apparetly a big deal but i dont see why people are being sadistic and hateful about it…towards him.

      Im glad hes still making videos however theres a glooming shadow of assholery above it,which makes it hard to enjoy.

  4. There’s a 3rd one? THE FUCK!

  5. The sad part is, I had no idea who the main villain was up until the end.

  6. 24:40 really? i mean wow! lol!

  7. I didn’t know there was a third movie. So odd.

  8. #ChangeTheWallColor

  9. Nice topical 2009 joke about CN Real.

  10. Each new review gets less and less comments.

    • That’s because the system to login is fucked up.

      • Looking across the past few NC videos, there has been a downward trend in fan interaction. Not saying this video in particular has a low amount of comments. So we have two scenarios 1) There is a downward trend in people giving a shit about NC do to the behind the scene drama that has thus far not been properly commented on. OR 2) There is a system error that is preventing people from logging into the site to comment, and it has not been fixed (as noted there has been a downward trend, so it seems that if this was the issues it would be affecting more and more people over time as new videos come out, so it should have been something fixed) You can pick whichever likely scenario you like to justify this dumpster fire raging out of control.

        • Even before all the fuss, comments here range from 300 to 10.

          Look at youtube. You get both views and comments. I did a quick view comparison between this and the older jungle book review. If you take into consideration that 2nd video has been out longer they there’s roughly no change.

          • Thats…a hell of a range. Also I think the crux of my statement was missed. Yes, some videos have gotten low fan interactions before. But it’s hardly ever been so consistently low. It would fluctuate from review to review most definitely. But never has it ever been such a string of videos with little to no fan interaction. As for Youtube, I most certainly will not be going to look at Channel Awesome’s youtube page because I don’t wish to give my computer cancer. So I will take your word for it that he gets more comments there, since I don’t really care. I was speaking mostly of this website, HIS website where videos are normally posted a little earlier if memory serves.

  11. Was there a huge banning recently?
    What happened to all the users said Doug was quitting?

  12. i challenge you to review shape of water

    • I feel like you could get the same effect by reading the dozens of fish-penis jokes in an increasingly shouty voice. If you ever watched Renegade Cut or Lindsay Ellis, they’ve both covered it very well.

  13. Does Doug not know what Netflix and Chill means? Didn’t think he was this out of touch.

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