Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse – Midnight Screenings

Brad and Violet see this forced meme of a so called movie.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    So if this is one of the worst movies worst then vacation and hot tub time machine 2 then I predict that it will be in your top 5 worst movies of the year at least(well if other worse movies come out than probably not but it depends on the movies you go to go see). Man Im totally skipping this flick and good news for you brad it bombed at the box office so thank god(people must have heard your opinion just maybe)!!!!

  2. What would Atticus think if he saw Scout doing this.

  3. I just wished they used the Scout aspect of the movie better. No jokes about Scouts honor, or being in shape to run from all the nature walks. It never warranted the title of Scouts Guide other than to make shit jokes and make them outcasts. Which could have been done with different premises like” “LARP’s guide to the Zombie Apocalypse” or ” “Heavy Metal guide to the Zombie Apocalypse”. But then again I would still be disappointed in the use of premise. Title I would have given it was ” Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse for Dummies” and even that would be funnier.

    Also totally agree that it felt like they were setting up Denise to end up with Ben. (Even through I didn’t want it, it would have made sense. I feel like it was written so he would end up with Denise but the director shot it so he would end up with Kendall.

    Clearly the director and writers of this stale script were the actual embodiements of Carter

  4. Violet, dcould you please stop using the camera like a hand mirror and leave your face/hair alone for two seconds? You look fine. Calm down. Relax.

  5. I never had any desire to see this movie. In this movie’s defense, some people don’t know that retarded is not PC. I know that I didn’t know that until I was like 13 or so. Oh, also, I like Violet’s shirt.

  6. This movie was directed by Michael Landon’s son????

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