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Thanks to his new roommate, The Cinema Snob has to sit through the 2008 movie version of Sex and the City.

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  1. It’s about time one of my favorite internet personalities got around to review the Sex & the City movies. When my house use to have HBO, I watched a bit of the show, because I was learning about sex at the time, AND I had nothing better to do. Nowadays, all the characters make me wanna chop off my dick and pour hot wax inside my asshole.

    1:09- You make some really weird friends, Snob. You should go out there and meet some better people, like a lounge singer, or a made scientist version of yourself, or a guy who dresses and acts like he’s from a different decade. …Wait.

    4:46- Yeah, why in the fuck are both of these movies 2 1/2 goddamn hours each. This is Sex & the City, not a Marvel or DC movie.

    5:18- I wish Charlotte WAS a horror character, that way I can see her die in the end.

    7:42- Color you, movie!

    10:06- I also blame the writing on the show and these movies. The writers always find ways on making the supporting cast and the guest stars appear more horrible than all four of the leading ladies, or The Four Whores as I like to call them.

    14:09- …I was in the middle of eating a steak for dinner when this scene happened, AND I no longer feel hungry. Thank you so much, CrazyEyes ShitPants.

    Speaking of Mannequin 2, any chance you’ll review THAT movie.

    21:31- And people keep bitching about the humping dogs in Revenge of the Fallen, which has a BETTER relationship story than this one.

    It’s a good thing I thankfully passed on seeing this movie, especially in theaters. On the weekend this came out, I went to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull again.

    • The Real Silverstar

      “Or a made scientist version of yourself”

      ‘Made scientist’? Now I keep thinking of guys in lab coats with mob ties.

      • Oddworld Inhabitant

        “It’s a memo. String theory sleeps with the fishes.”
        “I’m funny how, funny like I’m a flat earther? I amuse you? My theory makes you laugh? My thesis is here to fuckin’ amuse you?”
        “Say hello to my little friend!” (Pulls out microscope slide.)

  2. Oddly enough Kristin Davis made her film debut in a 1987 slasher movie called Doom Asylum

  3. It took me too long to catch on that those voice overs weren’t from the movie–to the point where he said they copied his joke.

    I didn’t expect an actual female voice for the fake ones.

  4. Never watched the show. I thought the movie was okay. I thought the breakup with Mr. Big was well done. I was still annoyed by how long it was. It’s not that complicated of a story! A “Friends” movie could work.

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