Shut Up and Talk – Don Bluth and Gary Goldman

All the questions you want answered are here! From hits to misses, DVD sequels to future movies, Doug talks with the animation giants!

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  1. OMG, I’ve been waiting for this!!!!

  2. thatchickwithlonghair


    Damn, I really want to know who Don’s favorite character is. Though when you ask other artists and writers that, they normally say “That’s like picking your favorite child. I can’t.”

    Mine are Charlie and Mrs Bribsy though.

  3. And now James Horner is gone. *sad reminders*

  4. Please please please let Bruce campbell be the one to voice dirk.

  5. Family reunion. I never noticed this running theme in their movies, but now I notice it more. Whenever I watched Anastasia (And I watched it a lot.), I was sad at the end that Anya left her grandmother soon after reuniting to go elope for the romantic ending. There was a lot of power in them meeting again near the end that I thought was brought to life in a really strong way. This was a wonderful interview! Of course as an animator, I hoped for more technical/art talk, but the questions chosen were still very much enjoyable to hear answered. :))

  6. Why can’t I favourite this fifty times?

    I want to favourite this fifty times.

  7. I don’t understand the kickstarter site says it’s been cancelled as of Nov 24th, anyone know whats up? I was more fired up about this than any other film i had heard about in years and my hearst really gonna be broken if this isn’t going to fall through =( !

    • I see after doing some looking that they switched to indiegogo and that they raised over half the projected cost in a month so ( fingers crossed) this looks like it’s going to happen! I love Don’s quote ” I don’t want you to feel bad for me, i don’t need your pity, I just need your money”, this guy is a national treasure!

  8. The following ideas, by all means feel free to think ‘nah that’s stupid. We won’t do that.

    *Have some refferences to Time Warp, maybe show the evil wizard’s brother being trapped in a time machine, but never turn it on or let Dirk sit in it, have it (so to speak) sitting behind the Wizard’s couch somewhere untill the direct-to-dvd sequel

    *The Wizard should be a bit more complex. Have him still do everything he does in the game including the way he laughs, but I think he needs…. I dunno, trajedy or something. Dirk’s obsession with Daphnie is pretty self-explanatory but I think trapping a girl in a bubble and/or marrying her with a ring that turns her into a monster, that needs more explanation.

    *The castle is an enormous place with a wide variety of creatures and ghosts living there. Presumably, it must have a long history, “It used to belong to the tentacle eye things, then the Orks built a fortress here. B it they were slaughtered by the lizard guys who then built a mother fortress on top of it. But then, it got infested with giant spiders who killed them all, except the eggs, who had no idea anything outside the 2 level fortress exists and so never left and now have their own King. But then humans built a 3rd level on top of that, and it has become haunted due to all the MacBeth/Game of Thrones backstabbing shit going on. But, even before the eye tentacle things there was already a cave full of lava men…” But you only need to touch briefly on all that. Don’t show the whole thing have someone briefly mention bits of the history, even if they don’t know all of it or they’re actually wrong.

    *Have Dirk get injured and scream like a coward a few times, but let him survive.

  9. Doug Bluth….. Nice. xD

  10. It’s nice that Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner were talked about, all good.

    But those great men are both dead. How about we talk about the living?

    Graeme Revell deserves just as much praise for writing his one hour long orchestral score to Titan AE. It is an amazing piece of work, definitely worth owning, and it deserves more love.

  11. I now this would be a great interview and it was. Possibly the best SUAT so far.

    One thing did bother me though. Much as I hate to disagree with a legend, I found Don Bloth’s statement about Inside/Out to be somewhat…well upside-down if you’ll pardon the pun. The emotions in Riely’s head weren’t controlling her. They were all small part of her own mind. The idea wasn’t that emotion decide our actions. It’s that our action are guided by emotions.

    Still his point about the power to choose where you go in life is a good one. Which is why I’ve long felt that a sequel or spinoff should focus more on Riely resolving conflicts with other people, rather than conflicts with the emotion themselves. They seemed to have grown and formed a better working relationship by the end of the movie and I what to see more of her growth as person as she has to make tougher choices that come with adolescence and how her decision effect them. An Outside/In in you will.

    • Yeah I agree, in my view, everything happening with the emotions and inside her head is supposed to all be seen as a big metaphor, she lost her joy, because of her refusal to accept sadness, you’re supposed to look past the whole thing with the emotions being portraied as living beings, and you got to think about it abstractly, hell, the movie even references this itself when they go into the chamber of abstract thought or whatever it was called again xD

  12. Aw, I’ve wanting to give to their Indiegogo but I’m so poor. I’ll see what I can do though because I know that I LOVE Titan A.E though. It was actually a big part of my childhood, as well as Land Before Time. I don’t quite believe the Yin-Yang philosophy in most aspects. However, all I know is that I hate completely sad endings. Also, LOL, you could tell that Doug was surprised when Mr. Bluth criticized Inside Out though.


  14. I’m so glad to see that Doug also likes Bartok, I rememeber watching it so many times as a kid, and I actually rewatched it again a few weeks ago, and I still loved it! xD

  15. Yeah your darkness and light themes are great but you’re not that good with child characters, human child characters Mr. Bluth and Mr. Goldman.

  16. Did you or they Don and Gary know that Great Uncle Walt Disney was kind of a pure Capitalist jerk douchebag if his management methods were exposed today, the Disney Animator’s Strike of 1941 was the longest running labor dispute in American entertainment history and I got a certain old 90’s documentary about why it happened called “The Secret Lives of Walt Disney,” look it up on wikipedia. Here’s the short version which is not easy to tell as well. Trade Unions as you know were not allowed much of any industry in the 1930’s because you Americans really hated Communism and Pro-left causes almost as much as Fascists. after Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Walt constructed his perfect animation studio in Burbank, Los Angeles suburb and okay 1500 animators moving there with women only inking and painting is fine, but Uncle Walt read a book on psychology, well long story short he took all the awards, made tremendous pay-cuts, he promiased bonuses after Snow White to his employees, but then “salary adjustments, and to add to the frustration, Nazi German Blitzkrieg’s in Europe developing World War II cut-off 40% of foreign markets, (It’s still very weird to me why Bambi was first premiered in London, Great Britain in 1942 at a time when the Third Reich still occasionally bombed Southern and even Central England on a regular basis, also V1 Buzz Bomb Rockets were tested and flown to pound London that year only to be replaced with worser V2 Rockets two years later mind as well had it’s premier in Moscow, wartime half-occupied Soviet Union). Anyway Walt Disney would refuse all the striker’s fairly reasonable demands for working often overtime like dogs for the return of salary bonuses, I guess better working conditions, but most of all an artistic trade union of their own which was and still is every USA worker’s right no matter what or where employed. Walt’s brother Roy eventually resolved the crises while Walt was on Preisdent FDR’s Good Will Tour in South America making Saludos Amigos, Walt Disney would later brand his other top animators besides the famed Nine Old Men like Art Babbit, James Algar, Vladimir Bill Tytla who was Ukrainian, David Hilberman, and Cy Young who was Chinese as ungrateful Communists as Walt testified before Joseph McCarthy’s and J. Edgar Hoover’s HouseUn-American Activities Commision in 1947 which he stated they were. And you what he was wrong, they were Communist party members at all (even if they were somehow Communism believers, does that make them sub-human or something?), a lot of great American movers and shakers were Left-Wing Political belivers and fighters, all they wanted an cartoonist’s union that’s all and were threateningly denied by Uncle Walt himself and these clearly underpaid people were the best of the best in their craft, they worked wonders with Walt’s attention to detail and 3d backgrounds for the multiplane and rotoscoping, so now I hope if anybody reads this, will be more educated about this history because obviously these robber baron boss methods wouldn’t fly these days.

  17. I’m glad you still had to do the customary final questions, following the camera’s zoom fixing itself (although, I mean, where else would the “final” questions end up; but it’s good they’re there). Because without the two questions, it would have come across as if you had already finished the interview (I forgot, for a minute, how each interview ends, and thought “Dragon’s Lair” was going to be the final topic), but then everyone realized afterwards, “hey, we forgot to pitch the movie!”, and then went and shot additional footage, just to market the “Dragon’s Lair” campaign – regardless of whether it really was brought up simply to market the IndieGoGo page, or asked only due to genuine interest in the project, or a – likely – combo of both.
    (Not that it would really matter, though. I wouldn’t care, personally. But it’d look kinda weird – like, “hey, were the ornaments on the tree always red?….and was Don always wearing a monocle?” – at worst, kinda tacky.)

  18. flamethrower-guitar

    Great interview! These two are truly masters and I enjoy learning from them however I can. I’m looking forward to the Dragon’s Lair movie!

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