Shut Up and Talk: James Rolfe

Doug sits down with the Angry Video Game Nerd himself to talk games, movies, and family.

Check out AVGN’s channel here –

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  1. If only this wasn’t with Doug….

  2. I was lucky enough to make it to a Chicago screening of the AVGN Movie. It was a lot of fun.

  3. Thanks so much for doing this, Doug. I’ve been a huge fan of James for over 9 years and it’s because of him, I discovered you and this site back in the day.

    I hope James continues to make more movies. I loved The Deader the Better and he should do something along those lines or do a funny modern day remake of his Snix films.

  4. I look at Rolfe and I say ‘That’s a man who made a movie.’. There’s something in the eyes, the something that seperates fresh-faced film school students from the John Carpenters of the world.

  5. Real thoughts on the AVGN movie?

  6. I really liked James’s bit on not limiting the imagination.

  7. How can you feel the impact when there are cones made of paper flying? It’s clearly not there, it’s clearly a model.

  8. How about this scenario? The AVGN vows never to swear in front of his kid. If he does, he has to pay a penalty. When he fails he bows in head in defeat and calls the NC to meet him on the highest floor of the Willis Tower & throw him through a window.

  9. I always like James Rolfe when I see him in videos about himself but I usually just can’t stand AVGN unless he’s opposite someone else. I think it’s because after a while, he curses so much that it’s not funny anymore. Still a good video.

  10. FataMorganaPseudonym

    “and his friend Mike Mattei”


    Yeah, I bet Mike Matei really loves seeing his name misspelled like that.

  11. The default image makes it look like the nerd is giving a hand job to the NC.

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