Shut Up and Talk: Tommy Wiseau

Yes…THAT Tommy Wiseau. How well can Doug behave himself?

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  1. Okaymoveonnextquestion

  2. ShadowsTwilight

    How the hell did you keep your composure so well throughout all of this? I would have either busted up laughing halfway through or facepalmed so hard that I would invented a new Mortal Kombat Fatality

  3. I have officially seen everything.

  4. footballmchuskerpants

    I’m actually now a lot more impressed with how good The Room is. Unless the other people working on the film could understand more of his ramblings than I got here, it’s *amazing* they successfully got anything shot.

    • I never thought of it that way, but y’know? I agree. It must’ve been quite difficult for the actors and crew to work on that movie, and I do get a new level of appreciation for them.

    • You should check out the How Did This Get Made episode about the Room (ep 23), they had Greg Sestero on for it. Apparently they spent like 6 days trying to get a 3 minute shot. Everything was just pure chaos.

  5. Very interesting. It is nice that Tommy did actually talkk to you. Though, he did do this ‘next question’ thing quite a lot. And, is it only me or was it rrreally hard to get what the guy was saying? For me, as a german, some people were always hard to understand but the fact that this was recorded not from him directly but via phone/whatnot made it super hard. Or I guess it’s that. I may even rewatch this to get some things.
    Also it quite amused me that tommy Wiseau asked you to use this picture of all things xD

  6. It’s great that you were able to interview Tommy Wiseau but PLEASE tell me you were able to do a SUaT with Erod while he was at your studio, because you know it could be a while before you get your next chance.

  7. I cannot wait for the live Riff.

  8. Yep, that’s the kind of interview you’ll never get again.

    Actually, you can see why everybody gets so interested in just what’s up with this guy. Every time it seems like he’s totally flown of the rails, and there’s nothing left to do but make fun of him, he retorts with something just aware enough to make you wonder just what actually goes on in his mind. (Like how he doesn’t bite when Doug asks him if The Room might’ve had anything to do with decreased drug sales.)

    Apart from being very eccentric, I think he might be one of those people who has a better idea of what he means than he does of how to put it into words, someone who tries to find just the right words to use in a tough spot but losses all perspective of how they come across when he says them.

  9. This was very big of Tommy, respect to him in all honesty. I am amazed you kept it together so well Doug. I hope you provide additional comments on this soon.

  10. Oh wow. Rumours were true. He is much worse than he is in the movie O_O I had a harder time understanding him than I do with my crazy grandmother (who only speaks broken Italian, and my Italian is limited).

  11. Oh HI Tommy.

  12. Doug, you are one clever son of a gun! Merely the sly way you worded the questions made me laugh. This is just… Wow. Wow.

  13. Oh hai Doug. Dats bullshit, you did naht hit her, you did naht.

  14. Okay, next interview needs to be with Uwe Boll.

  15. Doug is so full of it in this video, It’s amazing that Wiseau doesn’t notice.

  16. It’s really great that you got this interview, but could you maybe include some subtitles?

  17. I find it strange that Tommy refuses to state where he comes from. I’ll bet he’s wanted on criminal charges in whatever country that is.

    Also, how the hell did he get enough money to make The Room??? Seriously. How the hell was that movie funded? That’s what I want to know.

    Anyway, Doug’s and Obscurus Lupa’s reviews of The Room are among the greatest internet movie reviews of which I know.

  18. Poor guy. First Lisa tears him apart, now Doug is pulling his legs.

    Look at it this way: there are horrible people who do cruel, despicable things to their fellow human beings (some of them inexplicably re-elected by their constituents). This guy, on the other hand, worked hard to bring the world his vision of reality and made a film none of us will ever forget. As unintentional as it may be, this man brought a little bit more joy into the world. Grant him that.

    • That’s a really good attitude to have.

    • I know, man! I myself own a copy on DVD, and it was one the best experiences I had watching a movie. Not to mention, it brought The Disaster Artist (which was a great book to read after a nasty break-up). What makes The Room different from standard bad movies is the effort and sincerity put in, and that’s something that’s obvious in the way the film looks. No one could ever replicate it. Technically a bad film, sure, but there was love and effort.

  19. I listen and wonder how he gets through life. Tommy goes to the Bank
    Teller – Hi Tommy
    Tommy – Oh Hi Karen, I received a check
    Teller – Do you want to cash it or deposit it?
    Tommy – You know Karen it is not about me or you it’s about the world around us.
    Teller bangs her head on desk.

    I feel the same way about most commenters i.e. YouTube, they don’t address the topic at hand and drift into unrelated areas.

  20. Vader_the_White

    I was already planning on seeing it on the 6th at my local theater.
    Also, I can’t believe you actually interviewed him. That is amazing.

  21. I can’t wait for the day when celebrities/directors look forward to talking to people like Doug. I want to see Doug get bigger and better!

  22. When you mentioned about this interview at the Midwest Media Expo, I expected just a straight audio track, but I love that you did it with “Shut Up and Talk.” A very enthralling interview.

  23. “Do you know the expression ‘Plastic is cheaper than wood’?” I literally had to rewind and make sure I had heard that right.

    I don’t know if this interview made the movie make more or LESS sense…

  24. I had to make an account just so I could reply to this. The thing that scares me the most is, I think I actually understood what Wiseau was saying. I mean, I didn’t literally understand everything, but I think I got what he meant.

    Even the part about the spoons! I’ve never heard “plastic is cheaper than wood” used as an everyday expression, but with cooking spoons it makes sense. Wooden ones hold up a lot better and are more resistant to damage than plastic. So I guess maybe it’s a metaphor for Johnny’s life or the people in it or…?

    Yeah, still doesn’t make the movie make much sense. But just understanding Wiseau that much makes me worried.

    • I would in all honesty be really tempted to accept the “plastic is cheaper than wood” reasoning behind the framed spoons… except for the fact that the spoons in those frames are not plastic or wood, but metal.

      Oh Wiseau…

      This interview couldn’t have made me happier, both for it’s wtf-ery and its moments of sincerity. đŸ™‚

    • Massakre8492nd

      Apparently in Bloodborne item named “Madman’s Knowledge” is named after a man who understood Tommy Wiseau, His name was Micolash, He became a Host of Nightmare and wore a birdcage on his head.

    • Well, it seems as though whatever understanding you may have achieved of Tommy Wiseau’s thought process, it is now beyond description or reach for anybody… they’ll have to go through the door themselves, and when they’ve done so they won’t be able to express the they’ve seen on the other side…

      In all seriousness though, crazy ramblings by eccentric / schizophrenic people (not saying the two are anything alike) are fascinating to me, because I’ve been known to ramble crazy nonsense when getting woken up by the phone, and it made sense to me at the time.
      Whatever incoherent words come out someone, they’re somehow tied to a series of images and connections that aren’t necessarily completely expressed, and certainly would be more comprehensible if viewed directly.
      So yea, I’ll probably try to figure out what he may mean by all these at some point, and I won’t be “worrying” if I succeed – so why should you?

      Anyway, sorry for the pretentious teal dear and all.

  25. Doug you are my hero! I can’t believe you pulled this off!!!

  26. Do a review with Uwe Boll. He was pretty nice when Josh Hadley got him on Radiodrome.

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