Shut Up and Talk: Tommy Wiseau

Yes…THAT Tommy Wiseau. How well can Doug behave himself?

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  1. Doug was probably thinking “What have I done?” throughout the entire interview.

  2. i’ve met drug addicts, i’ve met alcoholics, i’ve met good people, i’ve met bad people, i’ve met smart people, i’ve met dumb people. I still have no idea where Tommy Wiseau falls, or where he is from.

  3. Am I the only one who didn’t get most of what Tommy Wiseau said in this interview? That said, it is definitely a feat to actually complete a film, so yeah, I think he deserves props for that. There’s something special about The Room, and I’m amazed Doug was able to get this interview.

  4. “If your company, Rifftrax or my work, we give smiles to people then I think we did a good job.”

    Incoherent, rambling self-parody of a man he may be, but he makes a good point.

  5. AutoInfanticide

    Tommy makes Doug seem intelligent and well spoken by contrast.

  6. baticus_moronicus

    I love how much fun Doug is having! I bet he spent ages thinking about these questions because he knew how many Tommy would dodge. Though I know Doug was interested when Greg Sestero told him the title comes from The Room having originally been written as a play set in one room, I kind of love that it can never be so simple as that with Mr Wiseau! (also is it just me or does Tommy seem pretty pissed at Sestero for telling people that?)

    Well I think there’s one thing we can all say about Tommy Wiseau-he is proud to be an American. Next question! (…he says, before Doug has even asked him a question yet. Percect. :D)

  7. Loudmouthontheinternet

    I’m disappointed you never asked him how his sex life was

  8. Subtitles please!
    this video needs subs sooo much,
    this video

    also is it me, or did we Not get an answer to any question?

  9. Zombie Krishna

    In all seriousness I can say that this is one of the best interviews I have sat and listened to.

  10. “Ok, I think I followed that…”

    “Some see it as a dark comedy, some see it as a drama, some see it as an alibi…”

    Doug, you were already my hero but this just cements you’re place. YOU ARE AWESOME FOR KEEPING A STRAIGHT FACE DURING THIS…

  11. I never thought that this would be happening. I couldn’t read the mood of this interview. Also, wow, I never thought that anyone could be more odd than I am but we have found someone!

  12. Wow, what a wasted opportunity.
    How often do people actually get to interview Tommy Wiseau?
    We could have really learned something about him finally, if you hadn’t been such an arrogant troll the entire time.
    This was just a chance for Doug to wag his ego in Wiseau’s face as retaliation for him taking down his precious review years ago (though, he’s said nothing since. get the fuck over it). The image that he chose to use as a thumbnail is proof enough of that. He makes faces like a clown the entire time (his greatest talent) as if he can’t understand what Tommy’s talking about, when anyone who’s really paying attention can make sense of it. Am I the only one bothered by the fact that he’s essentially taking advantage of a man’s limited understanding of English to mock him? Come on, he’s never treated anyone else he’s interviewed like this.
    You know, I’ve been watching Doug for years, and I just can’t believe what an egotistical dick he’s become. Please tell me I’m not the only one that sees this. That fact might even be forgivable if he was half as funny as he used to be, but he has clearly long since expended all the fucks he has to give about being the nostalgia critic. All these years, I’ve watched, but never really felt the need to comment. I’ve created this account solely for this message: Doug you’re a sell-out bitch. Enjoy sucking Disney’s dick.

    • You’re the only one I’m afraid – you just lack irony. This was playful in a mutually aware sort of way – on the one hand, Tommy is eccentric in every interview and you can see it in the reactions of many interviewers; on the other hand, they have a history together, Tommy is ambiguously aware of people considering his film bad, and Doug knows that he’s aware of it and welcomes some irony directed at his work.

      True chance for him to understand Wiseau? Doubt that, it would take someone with special imagination / access to eccentric thought to do that, ordinary people ask him questions and get exactly these types of answers.
      You got everything he said? K, might be the only one on that one 🙂

      • I don’t lack irony (whatever that even means), I lack the ability to agree with everything someone does because I like some videos they made. Tommy was there more than likely as a means of plugging his rifftrax, not to be mocked. I don’t doubt that he was aware that Doug was trolling him; that was obvious, as was his irritation. How can you claim to know what Wiseau’s intentions were, yet claim not to even understand what he was talking about in the same breath? I understood what he said, because I was going into this viewing him as a human being that I find genuinely interesting, and actually LISTENED to what he was saying rather than viewing him as some bizarre meme that I came to laugh at. Granted, it takes a fair amount of interpretation due to his apparent difficulty conveying his thoughts in general, much less in English, but it’s not impossible. I’m aware that Tommy Wiseau more than likely knows that his movie is viewed as a joke, but it doesn’t make him a joke. There is a difference between mocking someone’s movie and mocking the person them-self. Perhaps, you should watch this again. Also; no, I never said this was a “true chance for him to understand Wiseau”, I said this was a chance for us to learn more about him. I sincerely doubt Doug has any interest in understanding Tommy Wiseau.

  13. Wow. Tommy got really sidetracked in this interview. A lot!
    “So why did you have the drug sub-plot?”
    “We acted in this film as if we were acting in a play.”
    Um, OK.
    And he explained the wrong part about why the movie is called “The Room”. He explained the “The” part, but what we want to know is the significance of the “Room” part!

    I just Googled “plastic is cheaper than wood” and found no sign of that being an expression, so I searched it on the Urban Dictionary and found nothing there, so I offered the definition “A nonsensical expression Tommy Wiseau, director, producer, screenplay writer, and star actor of The Room, invented during an interview with Doug Walker, the Nostalgia Critic.”

    And if I were you, Doug, I would have found out what country Tommy’s originally from by asking him about his family background. But from what I gathered about him in this interview, he probably would have misinterpreted the question and rambled about his parents and siblings.

    • He clearly doesn’t wanna talk about it so I find it uncomfortable when people try to get it out of him with that context in the backgrond – what if he somehow got tricked into it and then regretted it, what if he has some legimate reason for his secrecy other than having stolen a spoon and cops chasing him?

      Not trying to be protective here, if he says where he’s from that’s his responsibility, but I don’t see the appeal in pressing on.

      Anyway, I thought Doug was rather making a “we’re all living in America” joke rather than trying to get an answer – it was kinda way too obvious for that.

  14. Doug, you scamp. I liked how oblivious he was to your mockery, but also that you did genuinely give him some respect and due credit for making a movie at all, and for being kind enough to do the interview. It sounds like he really has softened his stance on people using his movie for comedic purposes, so that’s encouraging. As for where he’s from… I’m guessing the future, and his heavily-accented rambling only sounds like incomprehensible gibberish to our old-timey primitive brains.

  15. Guys, guys — all you commenters are missing the MOST IMPORTANT POINT OF ALL!!

    “set up by the guys at RIFFTRAX”!!!!

    So c’mon, Doug, LEVEL. Are we going to be seeing you guest-riffing over there in the near future??

  16. Ogre Samanosuke

    This is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. I can’t look away, but I don’t want to see the carnage.

  17. SailorRustyBacon

    …Wow. It’s like they’re trying to troll each other.

  18. TheHappySpaceman

    Surprised he didn’t say, “Anyway, Doug, how’s your sex life?”

    Or maybe he did and I just couldn’t understand him because of his thick accent.

  19. Huh. This actually happened.

  20. Holy damn cow ? Really ? He’s talking with the REAL Tommy Wiseau ?

    …that’s like when the Ghost Busters are finally crossing the beams in the movie !

  21. Here’s a rough transcript (best I could do with the audio quality and without being able to see him speak) of Wiseau’s responses, leaving out a lot of the pauses and stutters:

    Hi, Doug. How are you?

    Well thank you, too. I mean, the reason I’m doing it is because, you know, I think people should understand that I’m pro-freedom and that’s why, as you know, we approved the Riff Track [sic] idea about screening and talking about The Room. I always say you can laugh, you can cry, you can express yourself, but please don’t hurt each other. There’s nothing wrong with it if somebody uses somebody’s material, making fun of it, as long as they pay for license. Questionable, right? Move on, next question.

    Well let me say this: I’m not a fan of the Riff Track, however, let’s just straighten out records here, I support them. The reason for it because, some people, including myself, were pioneers of a new entertainment in Hollywood. And I think people don’t grasp this, you see. And America’s about to express themselves, so I think that you as well, Riff Track people, you are part of… you’re on that certain entertainment where people will say, “Hey, that’s funny” or…or “let’s just do this.” The studio system right now that say “Wait a minute, I should make this for entertainment.” My movie will never be produced by the studio system, let’s face it. Let’s be realistic here, that’s a fact. Okay, good, there you go. People don’t realize the concept of The Room, what was behind it, but anyway, it’s your floor, so next question. Whatever…

    I think it’s flattering and the way it’s described right now, yeah, of course. We have many talented film makers across the world, especially in America, but the fact also is that I believe original material…I always say to any person who tries to be a filmmaker, “Well you may be making fun of my movie, fine, but guess what: on the end of the day – as you said – it’s original material; the answer’s yes.” You know sometimes it could be, also, not flattering, as you know, but you have to accept it, you know. You have to be optimistic. That’s where I come from, and that’s why we have this interview because I think that we live in America. I think we like to put what we want to say about our lives sometimes and sometimes it’s just too much when people are misleading as probably know about it… about my life, and I’m American; yes I do have an accent. So what? So be it? Move on, next question.

    Well, they’re missing something because this again, this is the thing with the parody concept, sometimes I say “It’s okay, what you’re going to use for a three minute parody or something,” but I’ll be honest with you, Doug, I’m straightforward against when people use the original material without…when they don’t pay for license. That’s my straightforward view. However, it’s a grey area where people don’t understand, that there’s nothing wrong when people say, “Hey, I don’t understand what the…what is this, what is The Room about?” so I see some of the audience that have some other things that say, “What did I watch right now?” you know? So Hollywood was not ready for something different. We changed the crew four times, not three times, not two times, four times. We changed the actors… we can talk about further for two hours but I want to…I just don’t want to talk about myself. It’s your floor. You’re the reporter, so…

    You are pulling my legs, Doug. But I… But let me tell you this way. This is good question about drugs, why I put the drugs, why we put it in: It was supposed to be a play. Okay? I condensed everything to 90 minutes and I won’t have everything there, so you have a little Caesar salad but there’s not room for that. So to respond to your question I do not know. I know one thing: that two is better than three; three’s a crowd. That’s what I know.

    Oh, absolutely I do. Absolutely. But I’m just saying I do not know if my movie influenced that people are much more aware about drugs issues. I know one thing: that when people watch anything twice, it is wrong when people start hating, and we have a couple of bit apples, as you know, but it, again, this the thing what you have to accept it. It’s different cookie cutter from Hollywood. That’s The Room.

    Right, well, The Neighbors is slightly different than The Room. I learned from my teacher – she’s probably eight, ninety years old, something like that (she’s still alive) – very simple thing: the more colors you have. The question is how you put the colors. (Colours, what I mean, reactions between people, you know.) In The Room’s case, situations. I go by emotion. I studied…I’m an actor, professionally. I always think the stage is my house. I love stage. I really do. And it’s two minutes, sometimes, I don’t get enough jobs, but it’s… I’m not here to complain. You as a filmmaker, you need a vision. If you don’t have vision to get a whole thing, you know? You may copy somebody but it’s not the same. I had a vision seven years ago, you can see some of the start on YouTube, but I changed because…I changed because I wanted different. I want to have a, you know, a…some kind of culture and in America we have a great kind of culture, as you know.

    Actually, actually no. I said many times that I would tell you: The Room is a special place. That’s why I say the room; it’s not a room, English 101. It’s a special place, you who is in charge, you who decided what to do. You don’t get a traffic ticket, whatever. That’s why it’s called The Room. It’s too bad again that some people…like you go to sites like IMDb, whatever, that just… When I started doing The Room, it was only one title: The Room. And eventually it had like twenty-thirty titles, so some of the douchebags what I would say to you is shame on you. Shame on you that you do not have the respect for Tommy Wiseau. I encourage you to look at behind the scenes on DVD as well as the Blu-Ray. I think you’ll learn something; you’ll educate yourself. Do you know I did a lot of research? I’m a very detail-oriented person. I like it when people ask, that challenge me. Life is full of challenges, you know? Every single day. Anyway, move on, next question.

    Ask whatever you want, Doug. Say it again? America, you see? Well, you know, I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, but you’re pulling my legs again. Move on, next question.

    Well, no. The spoon, you know, is again, you know…Do you know the expression “plastic is cheaper than wood?” A long time ago, actually, you have a spoon, you know, wood spoon. Now you have a plastic. The reason we put it is because it just symbolizes somewhat but now the spoon come out we’re throwing, etc. It’s again, this is the thing that people don’t understand, that I submitted The Room to the Academy Awards and then I was forced actually, after two weeks to take the movie out. I don’t know if you know the story. We got in trouble with the fire marshal because I got a lot of emails that people wanted to see my movie and I say, “Okay, let’s just meet at the Wilshire, we’ll meet in the room there,” and we got into trouble. So long story short I called theater and said “You want…can we work with you guys?” and I received great support from them and we screened the room back to the theater and that’s where everything starts. So it’s not in-coincidently that what happened happened. Yeah, certain [incomprehensible] happened, but a lot of people want a credit for something that don’t even deserve it. Move on, next question.

    That’s a good one. That’s good one, actually. Well, you know, I’m actually from Bay area and it was pretty hard for me because at the time I was filming The Building. Long story short, we were flooded with water and I almost fell down from the roof and that was…it was disaster. I never forget that the wind could be so strong. We don’t even realize until we actually observe nature. I was very depressed and I was very… say “Hi, wow,” how much of nature do I have to do, you know? But another thing is The Room, you know? It’s affected me somewhat but I always think positive so to respond to the second part of the question, you know, when you think positive, you’re optimistic about life, that’s the direction I think a lot of people should go. That’s where I’m going. So whatever people say negative I always try to turn to positive, you know? That’s all we have. We’re living, it’s fun, it’s very short time. I think it’s very important to… if you, for example, your company, or RiffTrax, my creation and we give some smiles to people, I think we did a good job. I think that’s what America’s about. Also I would like to say thank you for supporting The Room, hopefully we will see you… I will see you at The Room screening and as you know we have a RiffTrax 700 theaters across the country, USA and also Canada, May 6.

    I am proud to be…to create The Room, to be honest with you, and now The Neighbors. I am very proud of it will be for the rest of my life. And I’m proud to respect people. That’s the reason I’m talking to you and others. I think that’s what America’s about.

    Same here. Thank you very much, Doug. And I love you all and go to [sic] as well as [sic]. I love you all.

  22. Zoey Posthuman

    Tommy seems like a really, really nice guy.

  23. I’m a little confused, was this a guy from Rifftrax pretending to be Wiseau, or was this actually Wiseau?

  24. Tommy seems like such an interesting and nice person.
    Gotta respect how he is still proud of something like The Room.

    I’m amazed Doug was able to keep his composure throughout the whole interview.

  25. “I submitted The Room to the Academy Awards”

    *Doug Screams Internally*

  26. Oh boy what an artistic super-weirdo. Boy what a guy that Tommy Wiseau!

  27. Sure Tommy W. comes from France, Poland, or Czechoslovakia “America” in the USA, I sort of see what you did there Doug, but still all this nonsense talk about spoon angles even on wikipedia I still don’t much about this guy’s origin. Well at least you Doug interviewed him after nearly five years since you reviewed his “The Room “Masterpiece.”

  28. As much as people laugh at him saying stuff like “Hollywood wouldn’t accept something different” when referring to his movie, it’s almost clearly not the ‘pretentious failure lashing out at the critics’ case that it resembles – he clearly has a very… individual view on things, his perceptions and sensibilities are probably quite different from that of non-eccentric people, so from his point of view, The Room may very well appear as a genuine drama and self-expression.

    Come to think of it, aside from the technical flaws with it (wasn’t exactly a smooth production, it seems), it’s really much more eccentric than “bad”. Or maybe in the way that most “bad” movies are slightly “eccentric” in that they came from a mind that had different sensibilties and would maybe appeal to a species evolved somewhat differently, or a different culture – however, this is so far removed down that road that I think calling it “bad” makes less sense than the alternative.

    Or maybe I’m way too intrigued and should get back on the ground again, but that’s just kinda my impression.

    • I agree with this completely. I think you have the right idea. Though, I must admit I’m surprised to find you feel this way. You’re an interesting guy.

  29. omg…this…is gold. hahahahahahaha…… i can’t even…

  30. So just a follow up….am I only the one who has no idea wtf he is saying when he answers? Like I think either he is on drugs or I am…… He answers like a politician like doesnt answer the question and changes the subject.

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