Sibling Rivalry: Amazing Spider-Man 2

What the Hell do you say about this film?

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  1. Never got into the Raimi Spider-Man movies. But I really enjoyed Webb Spider-Man ones. Though my mom liked the Raimi Spider-Man movies, all three of them.

  2. GodotIsWaiting4U

    The weird thing is that, as a fan of the comics, I actually LIKE the new series more specifically BECAUSE it does things differently from the comics: it hits the right thematic and emotional notes, which is what really matters, while also re-imagining how best to do them. While I didn’t much care for the new approach to Harry Osborn, I LOVED the reinvention of Electro, and the new version of Gwen’s death was absolutely heartbreaking, all the more so because I saw it coming and was waiting for that sickening “snap”.

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