Sibling Rivalry: Avengers – Age of Ultron

Welcomed improvement or repeat of the first?

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    There there,Doug… We all wanted Spidey in there…

  3. Well of course people are gonna complain when it’s SO similar to the first one, because they want something new. This is my – by far – biggest gripe with it. It’s a lesser version of the first film.
    I wanted to see something new. Or at least something a bit more different. It’s one of the reasons I liked The Winter Soldier so much.

    Good things:
    The party sequence.
    Everything with Hawkeye – especially his speech towards the end.
    Funny most of the time.

    Bad things:
    Too similar to the first Avengers (and not as good).
    Very unoriginal plot overall.
    Ultron’s minions are SO WEAK! They make the Chitauri look like super elites.
    Ultron himself is a weak villain. Never felt like a threat. I also expected someone more badass, and not another witty villain (another similarity to the first Avengers!).
    I got really sick of all the jokes and one liners (which I surprisingly didn’t get in the first film, even though it has just as many).

    There’s more I didn’t like, but I don’t want to post any spoilers.

    Overall, I thought it was less than ‘meh’, I thought it kind of sucked.

    • Very unoriginal plot overall.
      Ultron’s minions are SO WEAK! They make the Chitauri look like super elites.
      Ultron himself is a weak villain. Never felt like a threat. I also expected someone more badass, and not another witty villain (another similarity to the first Avengers!).

      All of these apply to Avengers 1 which literally had no villain with a motivation and absolutly hilariously weak aliens.

      • I agree, they do apply to the first Avengers, and they are the weakest aspects of that movie. But the Chitauri weren’t quite as weak – still weak though. And as I said, my biggest gripe with AoU is that it is too similar to the first Avengers. It should have tried something new, like The Dark Knight Rises did. Sure, I definitely don’t like it as much as Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, but at least it did something else.

        Also, I thought Loki worked much better as a villain than Ultron. While he never felt like MUCH of a threat, I thought he posed more danger than Ultron.

      • I honestly felt that while it may have been pretty similar to the first, they did just enough better to make it entertaining.

    • Those are some of the lamest “bad things” i’ve heard about, please if you’d be so kind go sit in the corner while the adults talk, mkay?

    • I agree with your points, Kenikki. For the record, I enjoyed the movie, but to fangasm blindly is irresponsible. Loki was a far better villain. Ultron in the trailers felt more sinister and daunting than what we got in the actual movie. In the final battle, his Ultron-bots felt like they were made from paper mache, after Ultron’s initial fight scene made them appear formidable.

      Lots of fun moments, but AoU pales compared to Guardians of the Galaxy and Winter Soldier. To be fair, it also has a bigger “responsibility” to feed the ongoing MCU plot points and spin-offs. We’ll see if it holds up to repeat viewings.

      • I agree there, but GotG and Winter Soldier are a really high bar to reach. It still belongs into the top half of the MCU movies, and if not for the stupid romance, I would have given it the spot above The Avengers in a heartbeat.

    • You obviously didn’t pay attention. Ultron didn’t have any minions after Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver figured out what he planed. All those robots were Ultron. That’s why they had to destroy all of them, if only one survived, Ultron would have survived.

      And I think they did something new. Yes, the concept of the dangerous robot is an old one. As is the idea of forcing humanity to evolve in some way. But I have never seen a robot having this kind of thought, they usually go for the destruction of humanity. And I have also never seen the fire-against-fire solution…the closest to that is Terminator 2, and there it was handled totally different.

      • The “mini-Ultrons” are basically the same thing as minions.

        Like you said, dangerous robot (+ machine/AI uprising) is an old (decades old) story, and it’s been done in many variations (The Matrix is the first to pop up for me), and so has the “I’m/we’re gonna destroy mankind so there won’t be any more wars/pain/destruction of nature/etc”, without the involvement of AI.

        • Yeah, but Ultron didn’t want to destroy mankind, he wanted it to evolve. Just that his idea of evolvement would have resulted in destruction.

          • Let’s see, what was his line? “When the dust settles, the only thing living in this world, will be metal.”
            His idea of ‘evolution’ was the destruction of mankind and AI like himself would survive. No human was meant to live.
            And Vision was originally his own evolved self. Not a new breed or anything.

  4. Is Doug aware of the deal Sony & Marvel Studios struck to share Spider-Man? It was kind of a big deal when it happened.

  5. No. Please NO black widow movie.
    I doubt anyone but scarlet johanson fans would like that. She isnt even a superhero.

  6. Daemian Lucifer

    Oh god,can you two please stop being such snobs?Cheap cgi?*eyeroll*

    • They say it gets better as the film goes on (you kinda gotta admit that the cgi at the beginning is pretty lame). Besides, they call out the actual snobs by saying that they enjoyed the movie while still acknowledging its flaws.

  7. I think that Guardians of the Galaxy and the first Avengers are tied for the rank of best comic book movie. I can’t wait to see this movie. I’m pretty sure that I will like this movie. All I ever care about in movies is cool visuals. Also… no after-credits scene… my mind is blown and not really in a good way… I think that might be my biggest complaint about this movie. LOL.

  8. Can’t say I’m feeling them on their criticism of the first movie’s characterization. You have to take previous movies into account when you make a sequel (which is why it would be bad storytelling to reiterate what we already knew about their personalities), and the first Avengers continued to portray them perfectly in character from what we already knew and using it to explore their group dynamic. The reason it doesn’t focus more on backstories or the like isn’t because it’s neglecting a key component. It’s because that’s not what this particular chapter is about.

    That said, since I still have to see Age of Ultron, maybe I’ll agree with them that it’s no more of a problem the second time around. (But I kinda doubt it. It sounds like it’s a little cluttered, where the first movie never felt too rushed or unfocused when it came to the stuff we were invested in.)

  9. RedMilleniumRanger

    Uh…guys, you are aware that it was Scarlet Witch that gave Tony the vision of the avengers dying and not the Chitauri Scepter right?

  10. TerminalSanity

    The critical response isn’t surprising its because the first movie had a great deal of build up and was the first team up superhero brought to the cinema it had more wow factor so doing about the same movie nearly beat for beat it just doesn’t inspire the same sort of awe so all the cracks in the story just standout that much more.

  11. I think this movie was the weakest of the marvel cinematic universe.

    The good: ultrons actor was really good, the two running jokes were funny, character interactions were great

    The bad: cgi really dates the film(just like it did the 2000s spidermans and fantastic 4)

    Ultrons motives are lame and his tactics are stupid(why does he need humans to help him when he has all the knowledge that people do)

    Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were really not compelling and their accent seemed like a homage to wesley crusher.

    Black widow in this movie wore an outfit that had lights on it, which is incredibly stupid.

    Scarlet witch can sneak up on thor, captain america, and black widow by just playing with her hands in a silly way, but for some reason cant do this from afar. Scarlet witch threatening ultron at the end is the worst, robots cant feel pain.

    Ultron himself was dumb as all hell, guy sends his whole being to fight the avengers and doesnt have a backup anywhere(I know we have to suspend disbelief, but for crying out loud he is a super intelligent computer and never once did he think maybe, just maybe Ill have one of my bodies chill out in like Antarctica or somewhere)

    The reason people are saying that the avengers was better is because Loki was just a funner villain and it had less character development. Lets be honest here no one sees a superhero team up movie for character development. We have their actual movies to find out about their characters. I dont think many people care about hawkeye and quicksilver had what 4 lines of dialogue for use to form an emotional attachment towards him. The romantic subplots were a good portion of the film and really slowed down the pace, its like the characters forgot that ultron was trying to destroy the world during these scenes.

    Another reason this movie is being heavily criticized is because guardians of the galaxy also came out last year and it was way better. The cgi looked better, the plot was better, the villain was way worse, the action was better, the romantic stuff was better, the humor was better, and the characters werent developed. They had pretty standard character roles, but we didnt care because thats not the point of a team up movie. The original avengers knew that, and while I personally think the avengers was overrated, I cant say the sequel was as good as the first.

    Also this movie is way more a setup for the black panther movie than civil war. Since a lot of the vibranium subplot was focusing on his villains and his country.

    • I’m guessing that Ultron didn’t see the need for a physical backup anywhere as he was all over the Internet. But whenVision grabbed the main Ultron’s head during the final fight he deleted him from everywhere online and stopped I’m being able to go back. At that point Ultron was too caught up in revenge to think straight. Also there was one robot that he tried to have escape at the end but wo Vision found and destroyed.

      I agree that it was too similar to the first but I still found the movie immensely enjoyable. Hopefully Marvel take these criticisms onboard and work on fixing those problems for the two Infinity War movies. And having two movies for that story should mean that it doesn’t feel as rushed as this one did in places.

    • On the subject of Scarlet Witch threatening Ultron, she was playing upon his fear of death, not any physical pain he feels.

  12. Yeah, the few problems the movie had the first Avengers had too.

    I feel the same way about all the sequels the internet has a circlejerk hate boner for. Dark Knight Rises, Crystal Skull, Star Wars Prequels, Jurassic Park III, people hate these movies for doing the exact same thing.

  13. The Mysterious M

    Ultron is a mundane, 2-dimensional cardboard cutout character. It’s one of those cases of bad (or in this case, meh) character, but PHENOMENAL casting. Let’s face it, if it was ANYONE other than James Spader, he wouldn’t have been as enjoyable to watch.

  14. Kind of disagree about tony’s motivation being weak. guilt has always been the driving force behind his character, he’s a classic Atoner trope.

    I would agree that ultron could have used his jack o’lantern hellmouth face though. I like they referenced it whenever he got angry and his cheek whorl things retracted to make his head a bit more skull-like, but I think something less human-looking would have worked for his final form. suppose it would have worked a bit contrary to his motivations though, and would have made no sense for him to make vision for his idea of a perfect body if it were the case

  15. You actually bought that Spider-Man thing? Seriously?

    • I didn’t even know about that fake Spider-Man thing until after Doug mentioned it, but I definitely would have believed it if I saw before I saw AoU. Because whilst I was waiting for the end credits scene I kept chanting to myself “Please show me Spider-Man, please show me Spider-Man”.

      Sadly, I saw no Spider-Man :*(

  16. This is the same thing as Transformers:

    People loved the first movie and then hate the second.


    Because they have almost the exact same premises only the sequel doesn’t have as interesting of a villain and has less interesting action.

    • You’re forgetting that Revenge of the Fallen also had terrible dialogue, messy action, incoherent storytelling, and foul, intolerable humor. Oh wait that’s whgy the first film sucked too. See, this is why the Transformers movies aren’t the best thing to use for comparison. If anything, Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises are better for comparison.

  17. Doug and Rob I really really and then I you’ll get the avenger hype think you should watch and think about this:

  18. You made some good point but the story the avengers movie there not about the plot there character piece. Oh and doug you keep say tonys not acting smart in these movies I well he’s tony stark brash, cocky, and not a stable dude and that’s before he go’s in to space and almost dies I wound really like to talk with you about this in like a video call here my e mail if that sound interesting to you.

  19. You guys really didn’t see a difference in the quality of the action? Gah, AOU was shot with so many quick-cuts, shaky-cam, too many moving parts, changes in viewpoint… it was just chaotic and busy and I was trying, but I had a really hard time following it. The first movie was shot so simply, and so clearly, with those really great tracking shots that followed one or two main characters at a time throughout the fight, showing them pass the action from one to the other. You could see when the blows landed, you could see where they were in relation to their surroundings, you could see the scale of the damage and you had space and time to take it in. The pacing for the whole thing was a bit off, honestly with Ultron’s creation and motivations being super rushed, and the Vision’s nature and abilities barely covered, but those things didn’t bug me as much as being frustrated by the fights and not being able to follow them.

  20. Marvel’s Avengers movies are hit or miss IMO. SOme are great like Iron Man, Captain America 2, and Guardians or the Galaxy. Some are average like Avengers, Thor, and Captain America. Some are shit like Iron Man 2, Thor 2 and Iron Man 3. I don’t like them as much as most people because they have had a couple of duds.

  21. I think the reason that people are giving real critique to Avengers 2, but didn’t with the first one was this…

    The first Avengers was Big and Pretty. It was a huge project. And people were just in awe of that. It didn’t have much to offer beyond that. Like if Jurassic Park had actually had a weak story, people would still have loved seeing dinosaurs.
    Or you were to date someone hot but stupid. It’s cool once, but when you wake up next to it it just doesn’t hold up.
    The second time around, the weakness shines through because Big and Sparkly doesn’t stand on its own for long.
    And if movies like The Dark Knight, Winter Soldier, and Guardians can be made, maybe we finally are at the point that we expect GOOD instead of just flashy.

  22. I thought the movie was both a small improvement and also a repeat of the first. The one major problem this movie had was that it did not have a (in my own words) ‘holy-sh#t-did that-just-f###ing-happen’ moment. Like for example, back in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (spoilers), the movie had SHIELD fall apart in the end and that was a game-changer. Even the Dark Knight had a game-changer at the end of its movie. But the point is this, the movie didn’t have a ‘game-changer’ moment that made me feel like the stakes were raised. If the movie had ended with the world questioning the Avenger’s actions and maybe even had one of the members die (like Black Widow or Hawkeye), along with Ultron’s actions having a larger impact on the unknown future that is to come, then this would have been a lot better and would have been the game-changer it needed to be.

  23. I’m dumbfounded. People here are trying to sound like critics and shooting all these reasons to hate the film…why? Everyone’s trying to be soooo fucking critical about the movie. It is good. It accomplishes what it needed to and in some aspects it was better than the original. It’s not better than Avengers, it’s definitely NOT better than GotG. But for f*cks sake, it’s not the weakest in the freaking franchise. Don’t be so blinded by the hype and overly nitpicky critics, this is what killed Frozen for many people.

  24. I just watched it a few hours ago, so it’s still sinking in. I think… for me the gripe is that it’s starting to get a little over-crowded here. I understand that comic books are full of dozens and dozens of superheroes interacting with each other. But in a 2-3 hour movie, there is a point where the roster gets a little too full. And everybody needs their moment. Everybody needs their thing. And when there’s like 25 main characters, that takes a hell of a lot of juggling. And the thing is, it seems like they’re going to just keep adding more. Like it’s almost a challenge now. “How many fan-favorites can we stuff into a single movie? IS there even a limit?” The answer is: yes. But I’m afraid Marvel’s gonna have to have its “Last Stand” equivalent before they figure that out. Now that Whedon’s not gonna be there to weave things together anymore, it might happen sooner rather than later.

  25. the Henry Pym version of Ant Man created the original Ultron, but since they’re using a different version of Ant Man for the MCU (Which is fine, because Hank “I’m not stressed, you’re stressed, *punch*” wifebeater Pym is kind of a scumbag.)

  26. So Rob your choice was listen to your Wife or listen to your brother and you choose your brother…in any situation…Flashes to a cave full of Grails in Indy 3…that aside unfortunately for you guys you were not aware that both Kevin Feige and Joss Whedon other then the tag(the mid-credits scene) there will be no post credits scene. It was about 3 weeks ago when they said that.

  27. Shouting Communist huh! what I shout Fascist!

  28. Oh my God you American critics are being enslaved by your Marvel Corporation Dictatorship with the House of Mouse, I like D.C based movies slightly better than Marvel but not for the same reasons, Marvel is too good and corporate doubled by Mickey Disney Monopoly (Mostly the Avengers franchise bugs and haunts me with their continuing success), no offense I just fear that millions of Super-Hero Comic book stories will take over Hollywood completely whether audiences and critics will get weary and like it or not. And yeah I forgot the “if” part above but come on people give other genres a chance to be good and great again, finish the C.S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia four other books into adaptations and why did Ultron sang that song “I’ve got strings on me” from 1940 Pinocchio? And by the way German movie theater chains in Germany boycotted the film because Disney raised the distribution costs from 47% to 53% which is still huge statistically, certain X-Men and all Spiderman franchises including the reboot are fine to me.

  29. No strings on me.

  30. “I’ve got no strings to hold me down, to make me fret or make me frown, had some strings but as you can see there are no strings on me.”

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